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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Joseph Connell London Blitz (1)
London Blitz (2)
London Blitz (3)
London Blitz (4)
London Blitz (5)
London Blitz (6)
London Blitz (7)
London Blitz (8)
London Blitz (9)
London Blitz (10)
London Blitz (11)
Immortal Xena With the surge of interest in the Titanic disaster, new evidence comes to light and an Immortal remembers. Protek Longing (1)
Protek Longing (2)
Protek Longing (3)
Protek Longing (4)
??? ??? Dark'n'Light Love Story (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Yellowjacket Lion of Amphipolis (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick T Wylan Long Fall of Shadows (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Tane Lady Boadecia's Destiny
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick The Ashen Love and War
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Susan A. Rice Little Xena Scrolls (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Sarah Miller Last Scroll (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Scout Long Way Home (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Nance Gice Legend of the Falls
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. B. Anderson Limousine Ride (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. Graham Lost In the Translation No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Lela Kaunitz Lost and Found
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick C. N. Winters Little Moments: A Day In the Desert
Jess/Kim ER chief/ psychiatrist [90's] RJ Nolan LA Metropolitan (1)
Sam/Riley Cop/ trauma surgeon RJ Nolan In A Heartbeat (2)
RJ Nolan Entwined Lives (3)
Madeline/ Julianne Women in French Revolution [1789] Lisa S. L'Ame
??? PWP L. Crystal Michallet La Otra
Marissa/Ariana Editor/ Piercer [90's] Xenalicious Lack of Providence No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Alexia Woman disguises herself as a male soldier [1650] S. Derkins Lad of Moss
Various Mud wrestlers [90's] JM Dragon Ladies Night
Jack[Sabrina]/ Abigail Young woman abducted on her way to marriage Mavis Applewater Lady Dunnesbury
??? ??? B. Soiree Lady Litiagators
??? ??? Melissa Wild Lady of the Harbor (The)
??? Autobiographical story [90's] Fantasy Lady and the Redneck (The)
Wraith/Merlynn Black elf/ healer [Fantasy] Leslie Ann Miller Lady, Warrior, Healer, Thief
Alex/Samantha Therapist/ Medical Transcriptionist [90's] Carole Giorgio Laguna Nights (1)
Carole Giorgio Sedona Rain (2)
Carole Giorgio California Gold (3)
Coven needs Sam's help Carole Giorgio Witching Memory (A)
??? PWP Cate Swannell Laid Bare
Taryn/Brin Friends find love at lake [90's] Littlespit Lake (The)
Charlie/Lainey Deputy sheriff and her partner [90's] Shannon Lakeview Saga (The)
Mason Mercenary [SciFi] Melanie Rutman Landing (The)
Sella/Jesse [Kaylee] Archaeologist stumbles into past and meets a dark warrior [Sci Fi] Shortbard Language of Love
Sister Augustine/ Gwen Nun/scholar [90's] angharad governal Languedoc
Desiree/ ??? Birthday gal receives a special gift [90's] Redhawk Lap Dance
Laqeeta Daughter of a warrior RexSquido Laqeeta
Aj/Michelle Military woman mourns loss of love in hijaacking [90's] Wolfsword Last Call
Tyler/Elena Unexpected stop yields results [90ís] Annie Fuller Last Chance Licker
Jane/Dora Elder couple reminisce [90ís] C. J. Harte Last Dance
Jordan/Bailey Paramedic/ social worker [90s] Amy Boatman Last Good Day (The)
??? Warrior prince marries for state reasons [fantasy] Carola Eriksson Last Letter (The)
Charlie/Emily Copy editor/ young partner in car accident [90's] Lariel Last Night
Bernie/Lucky Rail commuters meet [90ís] J. Gormley Last Stop to the Thames
Ginny/Lindsay Factory worker/ drifter [1890's] Blayne Cooper [aka Advocate] Last Train Home (The)
Shawn/Caryn Candy cravings and more [90ís] Alcandre Late Night Cravings
Chloe/Erin Women meet doing laundry [90's] Mavis Applewater Laundry Day 
Ripley/Cassidy Writer bemoans her construction-lovin' partner [90's] Mayhem Incarnate Laundry Day
Cody/ Katherine Ex-Pirate/ magazine reporter & traveler [1860] Shandy Le Diable's Woman (1)
Shandy Relic (The) (2)
Leah/Chastity Inmates of psychiatric ward [90's] Lani Radack Leah and Chastity
Leah Woman's spiritualism Lani Radack Leah's Musings [2]
Rowena/Tamsin Earl's daughter/ stable hand [Fantasy] Jane Fletcher Leap (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Modern day college students bondage [80's] joan the english chick Learning the Ropes (1)
joan the english chick Limb Too Slight (2)
Helen Mother teaches daughter EM Mills Learning To Bake Bread
Chase/Sam Fender bender brings them together [90ís] Marisa B Wiseman Learning to Live
Jace/Taryn College director/ grad. Assistant [90's] Jules Matthews Learning to Trust
Kiera/Jordan Leather is attractive [90's] S. Berry Leather
Raven/Kris Security Chief/ ambassador's daughter [90's] Greek Warrior Leather and Lace
Chance/Tracy Bikers to the rescue [90's] Dana L'Wood Leave It To Chance
Frieda/Diane Fortuneteller finds evil Sarkel Leave Well Enough Alone
Darcy/Kim Materials engineer/ confused teen dabkey Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing (1)
dabkey Phone Numbers, Lies and Octopi (2)
Greanne/ Dariellen milkmaid/princess [Fantasy] Lyraine Left of Center
Terri Military Assassin Doris Rose Legacy
Blair/Isolde King/ trapped maiden [Fantasy] J. Falconer Legend of Isolde (The)
Copper A western legend [fantasy] Dusty Swayed Legend of the Yearning Curse
Logan/Mattie Hiker/ local hermit [90's] K. Darblyne Legends in Time
Cat/Barbara Assassin/ storyteller [SciFi] Shadowbard Legends I - III
Raven/Joana Photojournalist/ actress [90ís] B S Raven Length of Joy (A)
Chase/Dagny College student/ psych TA [90's] Kim Pritekel / Alexa Hoffman Lessons
Tobie/Kellie Call girls [90ís] Mavis Applewater Lessons Learned (1)
Mavis Applewater Making the Grade
??? PWP R. D. Wylder Let Love Endure
Michaela/Grace Rancher [security specialist]/ personal assistant [90's] T.M. Blakeley Let This Moment Linger
Xena/Gabrielle Modern day lovers Red Hope Let's Give Them Showers to Talk About
Red Hope Let's Give Them Movies to Talk About
Grace/Florence WWII woman flyer writes home [40's] Creme Brulee Letter Home
Erin/Cecile Pirate captain/ French woman [1703] V. Anderson Letter of Marque
???/Risa Refugee writers letter to American friend [90's] Emily Duncan Letter to America
??? Woman recalls her lover [90's] S. Lee Letter to My Lover (A)
Trent/Jo Soldier writes letters home [90ís] JL Nickey Letters
Nina/Gabriela Letter writers Kawcrow Letters to Nina
Rbin/Marla Women split Kira Chase Letting Go
??? PWP Anonymous Letting Go (The)
??? Lover laments her loss [90's] Shadylady Letting Go (The)  (1)
Shadylady I'll Be Coming Home (2)
Ginny/Patricia Med secretary gets help from neighbor [90ís] Gun Brooke Liberated
Brynn/Hart Town librarian befriends a scarred stranger [90ís] T Walker Librarianís Tale (A)
??? Library research [90's] Emyster Library (The)
Taylor/Sam Cop/research doctor [90's] Mythe (J. Obra) Lies Among Us
Tina/Abby Surfers [60's] Moondog Life's A Beach
??? Woman muses on her sexuality [90's] Emily Mills Life Androgynous (A)
Dale/Cat Teenagers mom connect [90's] Littlespit Life Class
Rae/Evon Lab manager /choreographer [90's] Debox Life In Her Eyes (The) [aka Love Is A Ballet Dancer]
Hunter/Sam Day walker/ wife [vampires] Wolfie Life or Death
Josey/Annie Woman finds old love in witness protection [90's] Teagen2 Life's Full of Choices
Callan/Terri Ex-Army & biker/ waitress [90's] Roselle Graskey Life's Little Edge
Lacy/Katie Actresses [parody] EpTalk / Gypsy Life's Twists and Turns
Skye Chance to do over Robin Alexander Life Worth Repeating (A)
??? Stranger accost fellow riders [90ís] A.H. Ladis Lift
Carter Cat burgler [90's] JuneBug Lift to the Scaffold
Justine/Noel Youngster in rural Louisiana Willowluvyr Lifetime Commitment
??? PWP Black Cherry Light and Sweet
Xandra/Gayle CEO/ Personal Assistant [90's] Dragonjuls Light At the End of the Tunnel
Sara/Chloe Ex-actress/ librarian [90's] L.A. Tucker  Light Fantastic (The) (1)
L.A. Tucker Inside Out (The) (2)
L.A. Tucker Kussen Die Banditen
??? Xena visits Sara sorta [SciFi] L.A. Tucker Foursome (The)
??? Rendezvous on the shore Petra J. Collins Lighthouse (The)
Jess/Kaylee Rancher/ alien [SciFi] Kodi Wolf Lights of Life
Jasper/Robbie TV actress/ writer ['90's] Anon2 Like Porcupines [Revised: The Actress]
Lily/Caroline Cold woman shatters [90ís] Nene Adams Lily White
Julia/Tamara Architect/ limo driver [90's] Mavis Applewater Limo (The) & Tamara's Turn
Sloan/Abbie Homeless accountant/ service worker Minerva Linger
Jac/Christi Banking Mgr./ travel agent [90's] Lois Cloarec Hart Lion (the) and the Lamb
??? PWP Summer Lynn Forester Lips of Passion
Pam/Lisa Ghost haunts a woman [90's] Heruda Lisa
Casey/Adrian Woman has recurring dream about a jumper [90's] Mayhem Incarnate Little Bird Told Me (A)
??? PWP Maderlin Bidmead Little Bit of ...Nothing (A) 
??? PWP Damnation Little Black Book (The)
Moose/Gabby Poetic story angharad governal Little Gabby and the Moose 
Anna/Lysia Love at 1st sight [90's] ßara Little Heaven
Laura/Jean Assistant meets boss sister [90ís] JM Dragon Little Helper (The)
Victoria/Eden Aristocrat/ real estate agent [90's] Midgit Little Piece of Paradise (A) (1)
Midgit Handful of Heaven (A) (2)
None Ship looks after her captain [fantasy] Xenile Little Ship (The)
Alida/Felicity Woman pays the ultimate price to reclaim her love [Horror] Nene Adams Living Doll (A)
Meg/Jen Woman receives cryptic message [90's] Eveh Living In a Broken Dream
??? PWP Siel DeLain Living in the Shadows
Kylie/Tracy Driver picks up traveler [90's] Mavis Applewater Living on the Edge
Brooke/Sheila Woman accepts a dare [90ís] Mavis Applewater Living the Life
Peri/Dionne Guest/ inn owner [90ís] Mavis Applewater Lodge (The)
Lone/Ellie Rider/ saloongirl [Western] Zuke Lone Stranger (The)
Max/Piper Cook/ waitress [90's] Nyxie Lonely Peasant
Samara/Briana Model/ teacher [time travel] Sian McEwen Long Ago and Far Away
Alexa/Melissa Horsewoman / ex- veterinarian [multi-generational] T. Wylan Long Fall of Shadows
Vansen Soldiers time travel to Greece [time travel] Socom9 Long Mission (The)
Sarah/Gwyn Woman protects another from demons [Fantasy] Windstar Long Nights (1) 
Windstar Flight of Shadows (2)
Sean/Jenny bookstore owner/ abused wife [90's] Kim (KP) Pritekel Long Road Home (The)
Tara/Emily Friends cross paths [90ís] JS Stephens Long Road to Love
Lara/Kate Anthropolgy Prof./ Grad. Student [90's] Chakan Long Road to Morning
Shelby/Sarah Tenant/ widower [90ís] Cate Swannell Long Time Coming (A)
Mindy/Cleo Friends work together A. Tietz Long Valentine (A)
Woman dreams of a pair separated and reunited [90's] Kel Long Way Around the World (The)
Anecita/Rayna Vampire in search of a companion [90's] L. Crystal Michallet Longing (The)
Elizabeth Homeless & penniless woman Maderlin Bidmead Loneliest Number (The)
Jordan /Annie Cyber-security officer/ telepath [SciFi] Frost Look Into My Eyes
Amelia/Cory Police officer/ stranger [90's] Ri Look Out (The)
???/Moira Has-been/ bartender [90's] Geist Looking Backwards
Regi/ Rachael Architect/ fanfic writer [90's] Anj (Azurenon) Looking For Love
Kate/Jill Contract killer/ college student [90's] EJK Yuja Looking for the Silver Lining
??? PWP Lani Radack Looking Perfect Either Way
Cody/Amanda Business consultant/ producer [90ís] Greek Warrior Loose Ends
Tevi Warrior [Fantasy] Jane Fletcher Lorimal's Chalice
Alex/Reese Gifted child/ friend [70's - 90's] J Obra Losing It
Ainjel Unwanted girl returns home [90's] D. Davis Loss
Carol/Jack Meeting has impact on life [90's] Erin O'Rielly Lost (1)
Erin O'Rielly Jack: The Seduction of Carol (2)
Chance/Sarah eccentric marine cpl./ waitress [90's] Larisa Lost
Jamie/Helen Vagabond receives kindness Summer Lynn Forester Lost (The)
Bedelia/ Lykopis Airplane crash survivor/ princess [1949] Mavis Applewater Lost Amazon Tribe (The)
Tessa/Alex ??? Xenaís Girl Lost and Found
Sandie/Alex PWP Insane Englishwoman Lost and Found
Dee/Patty Old lovers reconnect [90ís] Lois Cloarec Hart Lost and Found
Becca/Stacey An abused child and sheriff's daughter grow to become artist/doctor [60's - 90's] Fantasy Lost and Found series [1-11]
Fantasy Lost and Found: The Golden Years series [1-3]
Faith/Vicki Archaeology student/ magazine photographer [90's] Damnation Lost Faith
Di/Mickey Teenagers reunite [90's] Michelle Galea  Lost Friends
Megan/Marshall Newcomer/ Townie [90's] PatsBard Lost Heart
Kris/Nicole Stuntwoman/ photographer [90's] WolfDragon Lost Heart series [1-4]
??? Holidays and loss [90's] Erin O'Rielly Lost In the Space and Time of You
Sandra/Gayle Serial Killer/ psychologist [90's] DJWP Lost Soul Walking
Laura/Ash Memories plague lover [90ís] Ladyhawke Lost Souls
??? PWP Athenian Bard Love Avowed
Kate/Danie customer/shop clerk [90's] Tara Kerry Love and Cheesy Poofs
???/Laura Stranger chases young woman [90's] FallNot Love Bite
Reeve/Nevin Reporter meets mysterious woman [90ís] Alex D. Taggart Love Bites
Various characters And situations Various authors Love Bites
Yeliel/Grace Musician/singer [90's] A.G. Sanchez Love by Grace (1)
A.G. Sanchez Broken Vow (2)
Kelly/Starr 2nd change for mourned lover [Fantasy] Red Hope Love by Life
Dayzee/Dragon Yahoo friends become more [90's] Shadylady Love Connection (The)
Cody/Jenn IT Director/ network tech [90's] Warriorgab Love for Eternity; Soulmates Forever
Roseanne/Deb College romance goes awry [90ís] BacchusKiller Love Hurts
Wendy/Amber Women trapped in elevator [90's] Kandice Glasgow Love in an Elevator
John/Isabelle Businessman/ transgender male S. Anne Gardner Love in Gray Shadows
The Witch/Rose An old woman takes a flower to her love [90's] Zuke Love, It Is A Flower
??? Woman captivates all she meets [90ís] Lariel Love Lies Bleeding
Samantha/ Laureth Engaged woman/ wedding coordinator [90's] Tigerlily Love Look At the Two of Us
Jessica/Danielle College students [90's] Danielle Kearns Love Lost
Kelly/Starr Woman can't forget her dead lover [90's] Red Hope Love by Life
Erika/Cynthia Cop/Dispatcher [90's] Anais Love, Honor, Duty
Bailey/Etain Lovers evade cops SarkelBard Love on the Lam
Riley/Ashley Military Cpt. / journalist [90's] Dimples Love On The Line No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Jesse/Ann Teacher/ asst. hockey coach [90's] Stoley Love on Thin Ice
Sloane/Trinity Cancer reunites women [90's] Dani Love So Right...
Chris/Terry Women get help from X&G [90's] Amy van Dyk Love Therapy
Chris/Cory Mfg. Supervisor /kickboxing instructor [90's] Kelly Aten Love Thy Neighbor
Lucia/Cammy Woman meets babysitter's sister [90's] A. K. Naten Love Thy Neighbor _ltn.html
Sheri/Kate College students are roommates [90ís] JL Nicky Loveís Caress
Stella/Morgan Muses over lost love [90's] Tamster Love's Cruel Hand
Jay/Allison Sheriff's daughter/ mayor's daughter balticbard Love's Last Yearning
Bree/ Sirena Captain / 1st mate [1700's] XenitBiker Love's Majesty
Graham/Ann Musician/ student [90's] Radclyffe Love's Melody Lost
Jade Abuse brings friends closer ßara Love Out Of Fear
Allison/Grace Art dealer / struggling artist [90's] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Love's Rendition
??? Old Woman remembers ßara Love's Sacrifice
Chris/Cory Mfg. Supervisor/ kickboxing instructor become neighbors [90's] Kelly Aten Love Thy Neighbor
Nicki/Karen Unemployed woman meets wife of her neighbor [90']s Wolfsword Love Thy Neighbour
??? PWP NightOwl Loved by a Stranger
Alex/Allie Loner finds her match [06] Scribbing Bard 52 Loving Her series [1-5]
Tanith/ Freya Demon/goblin [Fantasy] Gem Lowest Hell (The)
Jude/Liz Ex-DEA agent/ reporter [90's] S. L. Bowers Lucifer Rising by (1)
S. L. Bowers Past The Point (2) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Bebo/Netta Pastor's daughter/ store clerk [90's] Nyrdgyrl Luck Be a Lady
Leila/ Phoebe College roommates & Computer games [90's] Mavis Applewater Lucky Thirteen
Jess/Janet Bank robber/ lady [20's] Dimples Luckiest Break (The)  No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Elsabeth/ Lucretia Freaks meet and fall in love [Fantasy Jordan Falconer Lucretia
Lulu/Butterbean Two Southern gals get into problems [Horror] Nene Adams Lulu and Butterbean series [1-5]
Shana/Anna Songfic parody [90's] Vree Lumberjack (The)
Aaliyah /Noele Two strangers meet [90's] Verity Lunacy is a Pretty Funky Word
Monica/Allison Luncheon delight [90's] Fantasybard Lunch Break
??? PWP Lessa Lust Fulfilled
Letch/Demanda Parody: of Destiny's Crossing  Carrie's AJ Lust's Journey