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April 30th, 2003

Added Chapter 5 of Incommunicado by Mercer & Hill.


First, yesterday I forgot to give Ali Vali's email address to contact her. It's

Second, I understand there is an need for encouragement for one of the first bards I ever read. Ella Quince needs people to let her know we are still here and still reading. Apparently there was a plea for donations to keep her website around and she only got one response. Let's show her how much we care about keeping sites around! You don't have to donate to just drop an encouraging line and let her know there's still interest!

Where you can e-mail Ella Quince
Ella Quince's Altered Stories
Ella Quince's The Blue Quill
A Writing Reference for Xenaverse Bards, Beta-readers and Editors

April 29th, 2003


-From Ali Vali
Hey guys. Yahoo in cahoots with my computer saw fit to delete all my contacts in my address file today - ALL OF THEM. Why is she telling us this, you ask? Well if you'd like to hear form me every so often for udpdates and such I need to hear from you. Please drop me a line so I can rebuild my files. Somthing wonderful will happen if you do, beginning with my great appreciation. Thank you all for y'all's support and I hope to hear from you.


Gabrielle's Faith by PhantomBard *revised version*
This is the story of Gabrielle's life following the disastrous mission with Xena in Japa. A badly disillusioned Gabrielle travels the known world, searching for something to restore her purpose and her faith in life. Along the way, she becomes aware of a threat to the eternal destiny that she was to share with her soulmate, and a future too horrible to accept. Bound to her destiny with Xena is the destiny of her descendants, her ancestors, and the Amazon Nation. She must use all the lessons she learned from her teacher, become all her soulmate tried to be, and serve the Greater Good on a scale that even her beloved Xena had never imagined. The innocent farm girl from Potidaea will become the greatest hero the ancient world has ever seen.  (Revised Version 4/2003, Original Version posted 5/2002)

Added part 13 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires


April 28th, 2003

Free Falling Fate by Wizzy
Sequel to Steel Free Fall. The continuation of Brieannah and Tarie's story — a love story filled with the passion and fire we all desire in our relationships — but with all the pitfalls that can betray love.
This sequel is the continuation of what our two beautiful women companions' life and love bestows upon them. Children come into the picture, along with the mix of emotion and business. Will Tarie have her way in this before the story ends?
A powerful entanglement too enticing to miss!

New Ebooks
Sweetwater — Mickey
Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing — debkey
Amazons of Fletain Valley — Cormwel
Trouble — StaceyX
Balances — Shadowriter
Conquered — Leslie Ann Miller

April 27th, 2003

Added Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of the BardCon Round Robin.

Added part 15 of Fate by Kaia

April 26th, 2003

Here are two more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series.
Angel's Heart
Life in prison becomes interesting for Angel when she meets a young imate who needs her help.
Living on the Edge
Kylie is making a routine delivery when a sudden snow storm and mysterious woman disrupt her plans.

Spirit of Murder by Katia N. Ruiz [original/unfinished]
Sequel to Murder For Sale. Two FBI agents are hot on Ixtchel's trail, and she doesn't know it.
Special Agent Rhiannon Marlowe is in a quandary, she doesn't know whether to be glad the abusers are getting put down one by one, or be angry at the fact that she cannot find the killer. She KNOWS Ixtchel did it, and why, but her sense of what's right and wrong continues to plague her.

April 25th, 2003

Added part 9 of Jules Matthews' Learning to Trust

Added part 22 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas

Added part 2 of Time Traveler: The Pursuit by Liv Simms


April 24th, 2003

Added part 9 of Denic's Something I Said

April 23rd, 2003

Announcement from Orlando Bardcon-

Chapter 6 of the roundrobin is now up.

Speaking of Bardcon, the Academy/Bardcon 101 Story Premises or Premise, Premise Everywhere And Not A One Complete or Whole Lotto Stories Going On is up and being voted on. What a GREAT group of stories! Make your vote count!

April 22nd, 2003

Rest in Peace, Meleager

The remainder of this month's Academy of Bards is dedicated to Meleager. He was one of the most outspoken advocates of fanfic and feedback to the bards I've ever met. - Steph

April 21st, 2003

The BardCon/Academy Combo Challenge (number 8, if you are counting) is now up. We have 36 stories of various kinds for your amusement. We have romance, adventure, westerns, sci-fi, comedies and we crammed them all onto one page. Cool, no?

Anywho...these be the roools for voting...

What? Was that a groan I heard? Hmmmmm?

Oh come'd knew there would be roools...there are always roools. Roools...OZ....OZ...Roools...they go together like...well peanut butter and jelly...but not quite as sticky. <.g.>

What? Okay, who just whispered the comment about peanut butter being appropriate since I'm nuts? Sheesh.

Okay...the roools... We have two categories of entries:
1) those bards who will be having lots of fun going to BardCon in May and
2) those bards who are making a big boo boo not going to BardCon in May <.g>

The Category one entries are highlighted in SUNNY FLORIDA HAPPY YELLOW on the link page, Category two entries are highlighted in PALE "I GOTS THE BLUES, CAUSE I CAN'T GO" BLUE.

Voters may vote for ONE entry in each of the categories. ONE entry in each. TWO total votes. Any subsequent votes cast in the same category (mistake or on purpose) after the first one will be discarded. Time stamps will determine which ones get counted.

Voting period runs until May 9th.

I'm a Floridian we have a good understanding of the voting process. <.bg.>

The link to the roools is on the bottom of the contest page. Failure to follow them either as a voter (especially roool 7) or as a bard (especially roool 5) will get you disqualified. of you bards...I shall not name names...skirted roool #6...the smack-happy BardCon member will probably pay you a visit in Orlando. You know who you have been warned. <.g.>

And while I am off the subject just a minute...what was the fascination with #13...I think we had 8 people ask for that premise number. Anywhoooo...

Winners will be announced at BardCon first and then will be announced online.

The top two votegetters in each category will receive a prize packet. The category 1 winners will receive theirs in Orlando during BardCon. THEY MUST BE PRESENT.
The category 2 winners will have theirs mailed to them.

We have some incredible prizes in these packets...much more than were listed originally. All 4 winners will be receiving some items, in the packet, with our official winners circle BC#8 puppy dog logo.

This merchandise will be available to the other participants and the general public after the voting period ends (and without the winners circle designation) in the Academy Marketplace.

Once again, I would like to thank the Bards for participating. Lori for devising the incredible premises. AND the munckins for all the hard work making this work. Y'ALL ROCK!

Now...go read...go vote.

OZ 33 Days to BardCon

Sweetwater by Mickey
Jesse has been forced to find her own way in life when her parents literally sell the family ranch out from under her. Jennifer has followed her dreams and traveled over a thousand miles to avoid living the life her father had planned for her. When their paths cross in the small frontier town of Sweetwater, Jesse is being framed for rustling cattle and soon finds herself facing a lynch mob. Jennifer feels compelled to come to Jesse's assistance, a woman she barely knows. Can they uncover the evidence to clear Jesse's name in time to save not only her life but also the chance to explore the growing feelings they are experiencing for each other?

April 20th, 2003

Added part 4 of Spring Break by Lady J.

April 19th, 2003

Added Part 11-24 (conclusion) of Balances by Shadowriter

Added Chapter 4 of Incommunicado by Mercer & Hill.

April 18th, 2003

TimeTraveler by Liv Simms
Cleopatra is forced unconscious inside a prototype time machine and is sent back to the time of Xena and Gabrielle. This is the first part of a very long series.

Added part 5 of Colliding Edges by J. W. Heart

New Website

DS Bauden has a new site, it's
Bookmarks will have to change since it is no longer hosted by

April 17th, 2003

Get those Challenge stories in! Tonight at midnight Pacific Time is the deadline!

Added part 7 of GirlBard's Homestretch

Added part 12 of Hidden Desires by Vertigo

April 16th, 2003

S X Meagher will be signing copies of I Found My Heart In San Francisco at Creative Visions Bookstore in New York City on Saturday, April 19th from 4:30 to 6:30. The store is located on Hudson, just north of Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. S X is also happy to sign books purchased elsewhere and any other paraphernalia you'd like to bring along.


Added part 6 of At Last by GirlBard

April 15th, 2003


The Academy of Bards is *very* happy to announce the latest Swollen Bud Winners! All but one of the stories can be found hosted by our site! Congratulations to S.X. Meagher, Linda Crist, Cate Swannell, Gerri Hill, Ana Ortiz, K.G.MacGregor, Meghan O'Brien, Zuke, Ali Vali, Amber and Dani Sheldon!

April Showers Bring ... Swollen Buds
Just in time to reward those who have dutifully filed their tax forms -- and to distract those who are looking for yet another excuse to avoid dealing with them... we are pleased to announce the Swollen Bud Awards of April 15, 2003!
It's taken awhile -- and when you check out the awards site at you'll see why. There are 11 awards in all this time around -- including three novel-length stories and an award for a trilogy of novel-length stories. The tales being honored this time around include works by Ana Ortiz, Cate Swanell, Gerri Hill, KG MacGregor, Meghan O'Brien, Zuke, Linda Crist, Ali Vali, SX Meagher, Amber and Dani Sheldon.
Swollen Bud Awards are announced whenever exceptional fan fiction comes to the attention of the group of dedicated fan fiction readers who comprise the Swollen Buds Committee. Stories do not compete with each other for recognition, but against a standard of writing excellence. Accordingly, awards may be presented to more than one story in a category or not presented in every category every time.
X:WP Fan fiction of all types (alternative, general, traditional, and/or uber AND ranging in explicitness from G and PG to NC-17) is eligible. (The provocative names of the awards program and of its categories were chosen for the purpose of catching readers' attention, not to signal graphic content. <g>) Whatever their nature, stories are NOT considered for awards until they have been COMPLETED.
Finally, after you check out the winners and enjoy them, FEED THE BARDS!
The Swollen Buds Committee
"There have been many circulations of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud." -- Mary Ann Evans, aka George Eliot


Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing by dabkey [original/alt/finished]
On a ski trip in the mountains of Colorado, a chance encounter with the Scott family changes Darcy Max‚s life forever, despite unpleasantness between Darcy and Kim Scott. Five years later find Darcy and the Scotts together again, with Darcy and Kim working to make amends for past misunderstandings.

The Amazons of Fletalin Valley By Cornwel [alt/über/finished]
summary pending

April 14th, 2003


- From Bardcon Chapter 5 of the Round Robin is now up and we have a What's New page as well

Also if you are planning to make reservations at the hotel it is filling up fast. The new room rate is $84 and you can find the information at

- From Blurb I'm happy to announce that we're back to Zeen and the Gabwhacker Reviews. She's put her sights on a couple of Mel & Janice pieces this week, as well as a G&X first time. Check them out here... - A First Time For Everything by Amazon

- Who Was Going To Miss An Angel Or Two, Anyway? by The Fallen

- Home Fires by Roo
We'll be back to our regular staff next week, so until then...

- From Julie Dragon:

Due to an oversight the voting has had to be re-started. There were more stories added. We thank you and the readers for your patience. The reader's will be able to vote till the end of April. Thank you. Please go to, read them and vote!

Added Part 2 of Incommunicado by Mercer & Hill.

Added Chapter 3 of Elana's Legacy by Pat Winterburn.
In this third and continuing journey of Elana, certain truths are revealed to our young warrior and her mothers. The Gods have meddled once again, leaving Xena and Gabrielle unsure how to protect their daughter.

April 13th, 2003

Announcement from Steph-

Don't tell Phil about this but I'm extending the deadline for the Academy/BardCon Combo Challenge. Because of the amount of premises still out and the time I have available, I can't get to the coding until Thursday I figured why not let these writers have a few more days. After all, Phil's running scared and hiding somewhere <g>.

Since we've had quite a few entries already who made the deadline, I'm gonna offer a deal. For any of the submissions turned in *before* tonight at midnight, you get 2 free votes. There have been many times 1 vote makes a difference, so...if you want the free votes, turn it in tonight by midnight Pacific Time. If you need the extra time to spiff your story up, take the time, you have until April 17th at midnight. I'll do my best to have them up as soon as I can after this date.

Get those stories in! The life you save might be Phil's. <bg>


Announcement from Radclyffe-

1. Love & Honor is due to be shipped from on Monday. Signed, numbered Collector's editions; autographed volumes; or unsigned volumes are available.

2. In Pursuit of Justice is due for official release May 5th. I am going to place an order this week for the signed, numbered Collector's editions which I will be personalizing and shipping privately. All of you who have contacted me will be getting an announcement with the details later. If there is anyone interested who has not contacted me, this is the last chance for these volumes. Email me privately at to be included.

3. Love's Melody Lost will no longer be available from Limitless D2D. A third printing under new cover will be published by BookEnds Press and released by within the next few weeks. Signed copies will be available from the StarCrossed website, as well as in combination with the Romance package including Love's Tender Warriors.

Added the prologue (revised version) of A Call to Arms by Laststarlite

April 12th, 2003

Announcement from Phil-

The Bard Challenge #8 is winding down...deadline for entries in the Academy/BardCon Combo Challenge is midnight tonight.

If you have a premise and are still writing...and need just a little more time...please drop me an email and tell me. I might be able to cut you a LITTLE slack. Maybe. Steph is already gonna kill why not give her another valid reason. <.bg.>

If you asked for a premise and have since decided that you didn't want to write a submission or that RL has intruded, please drop me an email and tell me. So Steph and I stop looking for it. We have a lot of premises out there.

Contest entries go to
All other emails to Remember the deadline is MIDNIGHT.

An announcement from Julie Dragon:

The stories sent in reference to Dragonjuls' Challenge have been posted, please go to, read them and vote!

Added part 20 and part 21 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas

April 11th, 2003

The Academy yahoo mail was down from mid-afternoon Wednesday until Friday morning. If you sent in a submission during this time, please re-send it.

Participants of the Bardcon/Academy Challenge, don't forget the deadline is tomorrow at midnight!

Trouble! by StaceyX [alt/finished]
Xena and Gabrielle and a PWP.....

Added part 8 of Learning to Trust by Jules Matthews

Added part 4 of Blindsided by Colleen

April 10th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy - Sarah!

Untouchable [über/general/finished]
This is the story of Nyx, a girl who, at a very young age, finds herself alone and fending for herself in a hostile environment where not only the people, but the planet seem to be fighting against her.
Can a lifetime of prejudice and hatred ever lead to trust? Billie becomes the one person that Nyx opens her mind to, as they build a relationship in the midst of a hostile alien invasion that threatens to end the world once and for all. Will Nyx ever find the stability and solitude she longs for as she becomes caught up in a battle to save the very people who tried to destroy her? Will Billie ever understand why Nyx is only fighting to save herself?
Environmentally, socially and economically, the earth is crumbling, in the final stages of dying. With the remaining inhabitants either immoral elitists or subhuman foragers, is there any hope of survival? Escape? Redemption? The story follows Nyx's journey of self discovery, as she struggles to uncover the secrets of her past and learn the reasons behind her world's destruction.

Added part 6 of Pathfinder by Windstar and sparky

Added part 13 of Murder Has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley

The deadline for the current Academy/BardCon Combo Challenge is approaching. You have until midnight Saturday, April 12th to turn in your entry. All the info about the challenge, including the Roools™ page is here: Academy/BardCon Combo Challenge #8
We have some very cool prize packages up for both categories. The list of prizes on the web page does not begin to cover what's in the prize packets..we have added some things since it went up. I think all the winners will be very pleasantly surprised. Entries must be in by midnight April 12th...send them here:


April 9th, 2003

Added chapter 11 of Hidden Desires by Vertigo 

Chapter 4 of the Round Robin story for the Orlando BardCon is up:

Added part 6 of Homestretch by GirlBard 

Added part 5 of At Last by GirlBard 

Added part 3 of Lady J's Spring Break 

New Ebooks
The Greatest Gift ­ Carrie Carr
Something to be Thankful For ­ Carrie Carr
A Royal Proposal ­ Carole Giorgio
Life¹s Little Edge ­ Roselle Graskey
A New Day - Phalkon

April 8th, 2003

An announcement from Mullaney aka Phair
In a shameless act of self promotion, I'm forwarding the following announcement.
The Aethereal Sea by Marguerite Mullaney is available for pre order at Barnes and Noble
If you go to Barnes and Noble online and type in my book title, The Aethereal Sea, or author name, Marguerite Mullaney, my book should pop up. 

Eve-R-Clear by Chelle [classic/finished/alt]
"This is my best guess as to how Eve learned of the death of her mother, Xena, the Warrior Princess. It's a musical, set in Indus. As you can imagine, it's a happy tale with some internal dialog." 

Added part 5 (conclusion) of Life's Little Edge by Roselle Graskey

April 7th, 2003

Added part 4 of Tag Team by Shirley Roberts

April 6th, 2003

Incommunicado by J. P.  Mercer and Nancy M. Hill [original/alt/unfinished]
Incommunicado is an intriguing story of lies, deceit, and death that spans from the U.S/Mexico border and the panoramic beauty of the unforgiving Sonoran Desert to the contrasting magnificence along California's coastline and the Santa Barbara wine country.
The story revolves around two strong, independent women, one a lawyer who was born to rule the prestigious Cipriano Vineyards, the other a forensic pathologist who has made her work her life. Both live in emotional isolation, emotionally scarred, afraid to live, afraid to trust, to love. Until they encounter each other against the backdrop of murder. Will their walls begin to crumble? Will they survive the menace of unscrupulous Mexican coyotes and drug traffickers, and family betrayal? Or will love elude them, silenced and lost amid the expectations of life? 

Reposted -

Something to be Thankful For by Carrie Carr [original/finished/alt]
Randi Meyers returns to her hometown to attend the funeral of an uncle she barely knew. During the graveside services, she's beseeched by a young boy to follow him into the woods to help his injured sister. After coming upon the unconscious woman, Randi realizes that the boy has disappeared. She brings the woman to the hospital and finds out that the woman's name is Kay, and that her brother Jared was killed five years earlier by a drunk driver. Kay has a broken ankle, but is otherwise fine.
Although the two women quickly become friends, circumstances and job loyalties force them apart, sending Randi back to her home in Ft. Worth, while Kay starts a new job to support herself. Will the two ever get together? Sequel to In the Blink of an Eye, originally done for the Academy of Bards Halloween Special 2001

The Greatest Gift by Carrie Carr [original/finished/alt]
Finally happily together, Kay and Randi have started their new lives. But will outer forces pull them apart, or bring them closer? Is love the Greatest Gift, or the biggest heartache? Sequel to Something to be Thankful For 

New eBooks
Echos of a Lost Soul — Silence
Elemental — jtd
This is a First Time Story — Temora
Everlasting Love — Erin Jennifer
Making Up — Jaden
Eternal Night — Red Raven
Love Amazon Style — Anais & Idryth
A Long One — Ardently
My Dearest Friend — Barderella
Gabrielle's Destiny — Candideyes
Little Echoes — Carole Eriksson
My Cup of Tea — dikern
Motherhood Revisited Again — Lena
Man Who Killed Xena — Richard Frankie
Missing You — StaceyX
Midnight Musings — The Norm
Miss Amphipolis - Xenalicious

April 5th, 2003


New Review from Judith's Just Like Buttah reviews-

Chance Encounter by littlespit
Gillian a successful writer and Jacqueline a restaurateur have a, yes you guessed it, Chance Encounter of the best kind:} 
littlespit writes the budding romance in a way that is Absolutely charming! 
In a world that has lost the art of courtship and tends to lean towards vulgar and coarse, this tale is Thoroughly romantic. Genteel, if you will. Deliciously mushy. But not without a bit of heat. I found littlespit's style to be Very readable. You might call this an old-fashioned romance. That is something we need to see more of in this reader's opinion. 
Will they make it last? 
Will the fates conspire to keep them apart? 
Is this friendship too good to be true? 
Will something drastic come between them:} 
I am not telling, that is for you to read and discover. 
I will say... 
I loved all the long, wet, intimate kisses. 
An exceptional late night phone call<g> 
For this reader's sensibilities there was just enough sexual content to titillate but not overwhelm with too much information. 
Just a very nice read. 
Please don't forget to write the bard and let them know you liked it, and thank them for sharing.


Hi Y'all...
Just a reminder that the 
BardCon/Academy Combo Challenge #8 "Whole Lotto Stories" deadline is approaching. The final deadline is Midnight April 12th in whatever time zone Steph wishes to invoke, since she and the munchkins handle the coding. <.g.>

The interest in this challenge has been phenomenal...and it is my only hope, that everyone who got a premise does not wait until 5 minutes to the deadline to turn the stories in...
Please, PLEASE, PUL-EEZE don't wait until the last minute. The life you save will be mine. :o)

If anyone who has not signed up for a premise, but still wants to give it a last minute me (with your pick of a number between 1-101) and I'll be happy to send you one.  Deadline is still the same, however.

The top two winners in each category will be receiving some really cool prize packages.  Matter-of-fact, I'm still adding stuff to them.  Some of the items in each prize packet will be merchandise from the Academy Marketplace.

All the details, prize lists and roools are available here: 
Challenge #8

Good Luck Everyone....can't wait to see the stories.

Royal Academy of Bards--
50 days to Orlando BardCon---


Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

April 4th, 2003

Added part 4 of Colliding Edges by J. W. Heart

New eBooks
All or Nothing — Leslaureate
Beaver Hunt — LZClotho
The Beginning of Forever — Nanaabelle
Angel in my Eyes — Paully Adams
Angry Man — Rab Donald
Destiny Conquered — Linda Crist
A Valiant Life - D

eBooks Fixed
Warrior, Witch, and Nightmare — Verrath

April 3rd, 2003


Chapter 2 of the Round Robin story for the Orlando BardCon is up:


As some of you guys figured out, our little April Fool's trick was to put up (after promoting it a bit on various lists) A Valiant Kiss by D which was about a 6 word story, although a very good one <g>. If you clicked on The End? you would have gone to the actual new Valiant Story which is A Valiant Life.

A Valiant Life by D
What the bard wrote:
They are on their honeymoon. If you need more summary, you don't need to be reading this story. <g>
What the OZ enhanced:
In this sequel, Randi and Gwen are on their honeymoon. Their looooonng-awaited honeymoon. If you need more info, you kinky critter, read the story. <g>


P.S. Send Help  Zoe C.

One God of War — Elad Avron

April 2nd, 2003


- from Lori Strobel
Not too long ago I saw a post on one of the lists that someone was trying to sell a few of their used books so the idea of a Book Exchange was born.
I have set up a very simple site with a classified ad system so that individuals can sell and trade their unwanted books for free. If the interest is high enough I will set up a better classified ad system that is hosted directly on the site. 


Added part 9 and part 10 of Jenna Dixon's The Reason

Added part 8 of Denic's Something I Said


eBooks Removed at Author's Request
The Blaze — Ardently
The Inferno — Ardently

New eBooks
I Drove All Night — KarthosXG
The Sad One — Verrath
Chance Encounter — Littlespit
My Guardian, My Friend — DS Bauden
Spells Really Do Come True — Di Kern
Trouble with Ancients — Cephalgia
Young and Innocent — Deb Barry
Wide Awake — Kim Pritekel
More Unlimited Sexual Favors — Cephalgia & MJ
Spark of Hope — Patsbard
Solstice to Forget — Panda 

April 1st, 2003

A Valiant Kiss by D
This is the latest offering in the Valiant "Alphabet" Series following the wonderful A Valiant Interlude. It's no secret that this writer is a favorite of many; I defy anyone to say that this particular piece is less than spectacular. WOW! Classic opening and it keeps you on the edge of your seat right through the fairytale ending. The piece is short, but believe me, this storyteller makes every word count. 

My Guardian, My Friend by D.S. Bauden
Every good butch needs a story written about them and everyone needs a protector at least once in their lives.  This is the first of a possible series. 

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