Rest in Peace, Kevin. You will truly be missed.

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February 28th, 2002

The Newest God of Olympus by L. M. Townsend
Ares asks the other gods to allow the actor who portrayed him to join them on Olympus. The gods discuss the TV series which has brought them back to the attention of mortals and try to decide if this is reason enough to reward the mortals who portrayed the characters in the show with a place in the sacred residence of the gods.

The Winds of Change, Part 2 by L. Crystal Michallet.
This story takes up where The Winds of Change ended, with Xena and Gabrielle, as immortals, living in modern times. After many years together, Xena and Gabrielle must overcome a misunderstanding or risk losing each other.

Part 2 of Companion Peace by MelVee (NOT by Jules Kurre, but based on characters created by Jules Kurre <g>)

Added part 11 of JLynn's Storms of War

In parts twelve and thirteen of The Brass Ring by Mavis Applewater, Jamie and CC become closer.

February 27th, 2002

Added part 24 of Minerva's White Nights

Added Part 28 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added Women on the Rebound (Part2) by K.C. Kirkwood


by Madison

All I Want
The Journey
Le Desir du Soleil

by Nancy Hill

Rest In Me

February 26th, 2002

Added part 22 and part 23 of Minerva's White Nights
Added part 2 of Houdini's Box by GirlBard
Added Storms of War - Part 10 by JLynn


by Nancy Hill

A Morning in New Orleans

Isolation by Ellie Maziekien


Cephalgia - The Great Voice
Windstar - North Star
Leigh McEoghan - There is Something About Dairy
Cephalgia & MJ - Connecting Hearts
Advocate -- Crimson Snow
L. Crystal Machallet -- Noctem Aeternus

February 25th, 2002

Added Ana Ortiz' Habáname Part 4

Women on the Rebound (Part 1) by K.C. Kirkwood
Alex Harrison-Reider has a pretty cynical outlook on life. Forced into a loveless marriage, she adopts the role of a somewhat unconventional housewife, solely devoted to being a thorn in her husband's side. Richard, unable to tolerate his wife's infuriating antics, devises a supposedly cunning plan to sanction her. Unfortunately for him, being institutionalised does nothing to placate the headstrong Alex and only serves to hone her rebellious streak. Pushed to the edge and seeking escapism, Richard immerses himself in his thriving business and resorts to hiring a 'baby-sitter' for his wayward wife. While the cat's away, the mice will play, but taming a wary Alex is no easy task. Has the enigmatic Kerry Chapman, still reeling from an earlier ordeal, found an unlikely ally? Or does Alex possess the power to destroy her completely?


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

A Lifetime of Love

Private Paradise

Shallow Lover

Separated by Love

February 24th, 2002

Added Queenfor4's Snowbound Part 9

Added part 9 of Storms of War by JLynn

Added a revised version of part 18, part 19, part 20 and part 21 of Minerva's White Nights

February 23rd, 2002

Announcement is now carrying Carole Giorgio's Laguna Nights. It's a wonderful story and now easier to get! Go here for details -


by Poni

Death's Calling

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Passion's Fire
Secret Love
Red Handed

February 22nd, 2002

Houdini's Box (Part 1) by Girl Bard
This story is the continuation of the story of two strangers that have met, fallen in love, formed a friendship that can withstand just about anything, and may or may not live happily ever after. And not necessarily in that order. Sequel to "I Know This Bar."

Added part 7 of Annemaart's The Edge of Nowhere

Added part 9, part 10, and part 11 (conclusion) of Ali Vali's All it Took was You

Added Queenfor4's Snowbound Part 8

February 21st, 2002

Noctem Aeternus by L. Crystal Machallet
While camping, Xena is plagued by prophetic nightmares of death. She must solve the mystery of the dark rider or become his victim.

Added part 10 and part 11 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring

Added part 4 of Lifetime Employment by Crow ">

February 20th, 2002

Added part 7 of PsycheB's Mountain Love

Added part 20 of Vertigo's Caution: Under Construction

February 19th, 2002

Added part 8 of Storms of War by JLynn

February 18th, 2002

Added Queenfor4's Snowbound Part7

Added part 3(conclusion) of Windstar's Finding Honor

Added part 4 of Niki's Second Half

February 17th, 2002


As you by now know, Kevin Smith has died as a result of the injuries he sustained ina  fall in Beijing, China.  Kevin leaves behind a wife and three young sons.In response to fan request that we do some kind of memorial for Kevin, Sword and Staff will be taking donations for Kevin's family. I know there is talk of a Foundation being set up, and if and when that happens, the funds will be sent directly to that foundation. In the meantime, anyone wishing to donate can do so by sending a check through Sword and Staff for that purpose.
Checks or money orders should be made payable to Debbie Cassetta and sent to:
Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002
If you prefer, you can send the donations via PayPal. Please send the PayPal donations to  You can use PayPal by logging on at Please do not make checks payable to Sword and Staff (as it is not a legal entity). Also, please note that these gifts will be going directly to Kevin's family and are therefore not tax deductible as a charitable expense.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at


Will You Remember Me by Helen MacPherson
What happens when you attend a reunion after 20 years? Have you waited too long to receive an answer to the question that has been plaguing you all this time? Will You Remember Me? tells the story of Rhiannon and Angela who, after so many years apart, meet again at their 20-year reunion. The answers to the questions they seek and the trials and tribulations they face in attempting find their place in each other's lives will weave a tale that will have you reading till the end.

Added part 16, part 17, part 18, and part 19 of Vertigo's Caution: Under Construction

Added part 2 of Windstar's Finding Honor


Monogamy by S. X. Meagher


February 16, 2002

Companion Peace by MelVee [unfinished]
Sloane Denton, head editor at Tandem Publishing, is all work no play. Dealing with obnoxious writers, overly-enthusiastic staff members, and pig-headed executives on a daily basis keeps her busy. Not that she minds; life is good and being a bitch has its moments. But when law student Gracie Sheridan sets her inquisitive mind on something, even wisened up old battle axes like Sloane don't stand a chance...

February 15th, 2002

It's time to vote on the entries in the Pulp Fiction contest. This has been a great contest! I have enjoyed all the entries immensely. Thanks again to Nene Adams for coming up with the terrific idea! Thanks buddy.

Monogamy by S.X. Meagher!
This is the halfway point of the wonderful books detailing the lives, love, and passion of Ryan and Jamie and their friends and families.

If you want to get the full stories as one file, click here

All the Way to Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games By S. Berry
A shy, closeted girl goes to a party because her object of obsession is going. Sound familiar? But wait, there's more. Throw in a secret society, a conspiracy, and a baker's dozen of Kansans and you get a happy ending or an infomerical, I forget which.

Added A New Warrior Emerges, Part II of the Final Chapters Series by Allyson Heisey

Added Part 7, part 8 and part 9 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring.

February 14th, 2002

Just for Valentine's Day we have a new Sandbox by Eileen Marks. This one is Tea for Two...with T. Novan, Advocate, Lariel,  CN Winters, Karen Surtees,  Nann Dunne (aka PruferBlue), Cassandra & Bik.

Here are four more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, The gals from Home For The Holidays are back with two more stories, Do Not Open Before Christmas & Happy New Year.

In Laundry Day fluffing and folding has never been so much fun.

In Sophie's Game Part Two Cal and Sophie go on a trip.

Two Hearts by Colleen
A short Valentine's Day story

Domesticity by Friend
Summary pending but had one of the best submission letters to date <g>

Finding Honor by Windstar [unfinished]

Temple of Rage by Leslie Miller
(Set in the modern Xenaverse, Berkeley California) In order to become one of Ares' elite Arms Masters, Harmonn Sharpe must kill the leader of the local Elijian Campus Crusade for Peace, Erin Kincaid.

Added Blue Dragon's All That Jazz parts 28, part 29, and part 30 (the Conclusion)

Added part 3 of Miri's BF4EVR


by Beth

The Rising of the Sun
I Can Feel


Amber --- Freedom's Heart
Kerry Hurley --- Finding My Way Home
Ken Rogers --- Where You Go
Crystal Michallet --- The Winds of Change

February 12th, 2002

Forbidden Fruit By Dolph.[unfinished]
Life is always a challenge. Especially to young Torina Montgomery. Her life takes a turn for the better when she and her family move to a new house, a new town....damn, and even a new country. But these aren't the only new things that the quiet, introspective girl experiences. Love can appear under the most innocent of circumstances. Wanting someone is one thing, but actually taking them is another. Particularly when what you really long for is totally taboo....and totally forbidden.

Added part 5 and part 6(conclusion) of Freedom's Heart by Amber

Added part 25, part 26, and part 27 of Blue Dragon's All That Jazz

Added Part 6(conclusion) of Connecting Hearts by Cephalgia and MJ

Added part 7(conclusion) of I Know This Bar by GirlBard

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks


by Ellie Maziekien

I Never Knew Her Name
Still No Snow


June Sky

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Eye Of The Beholder
Love Story
You're Not Wanted Here
Golden Girl


Warrior Nutcase - Just My Luck
Damnation - Lovestruck
Ana Ortiz -- Fiction
Verrath -- Warrior, the witch, and the nightmare
Verrath - Tell Me series

February 11th, 2002Added part 3 of Ana Ortiz' Habáname Where You Go by Ken Rogers
Gabrielle makes a decision against Xena's wishes, fighting a valiant battle to stop a warlord. (Post FIN) February 10th, 2002Added Part 6 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring.Added Part 6 of Cruise's Provenance.Added Part 6 of Gabgold's Wall of Silence.Added Part 3 of SB Zarben's Revolutionary.Added Part 5 of Connecting Hearts by Cephalgia and MJ Added Queenfor4's Snowbound Part 6Added part 7 of Storms of War by JLynnWelcome to a new bard: Winds of Change by Crystal Michallet
The story takes place after the XFile's episode, Nothing Important Happened Today, which Lucy Lawless starred in. It goes along the premise that Xena/Gabrielle never died in FIN, and are in fact immortal and still living today. February 9th, 2002Added the conclusion(part 8) to Fragments by Grit. February 8th, 2002StoriesFinding My Way Home by Kerry Hurley [XWP: Alt]
Our girls establish a new level to their relationship through somewhat ordinary circumstances...or as ordinary as these two can get.Candle In the Distance by Kerry Hurley [XWP: Alt/Unfinished]
Sequel to Finding My Way Home. Xena and Gab continue their relationship while trying to deal with the Amazons.Added part 22, part 23, and part 24 of Blue Dragon's All That JazzAdded Part 5 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring.Added part 3 and part 4 of Freedom's Heart by AmbereBooksLead Fox ---   ...Came a Seed
Jane Fletcher --- Queen of Magpies
Jane Fletcher --- The Leap
Vertigo --- Reese's Faith
Vertigo --- TetheredFebruary 7th, 2002Welcome a new bard to the Academy. Glad to have you aboard Ana Ortiz.Habáname (Havana [Verb Transitive] Me) An Original Uber-Fiction by Ana Ortiz [unfinished]
An unconventional doctor travels to the controversial island of Cuba to help solve a mysterious epidemic of blindness (based on true events in the early 1990s) where she meets an unconventional sex worker. Against the backdrop of a crumbling Havana that hasn't lost its heart, they have to decide where to place their loyalties. Fiction by Ana Ortiz
How do you make life meaningful once you discover you're a fictional character? Xena somehow has to manage this both for herself and Gabrielle in the wake of Friend in Need. Love Struck - [ Uber/Alternate/Complete ]
This sequel to The Day Lucy Broke Down picks up about four months after the original story. When Mach broke into a boat on a dare, spending the next five days with her ex-girlfriend was the last thing she had expected. Will they survive this journey together, or would they end up at each other's throats?Added part 3 of Phair's CountertransferenceFebruary 6th, 2002Just My Luck by WarriorNutcase
Set in the neon-soaked casinos of Nevada, where lady luck reigns with a warped sense of humor. A story to prove that sometimes you have to lose a little to win big. Freedom's Heart by Amber [über/alt/unfinished--well finished but posting in parts <g>]
During a routine skirmish against bandits, Jessica Da«Gran, the daughter of a local lord-knight, meets Kaleah, a recently released slave-turned-warrior. Sparks immediately fly. Jessica is determined to befriend the dark-haired stranger, and while Kaleah at first stubbornly refuses her kind overtures, eventually she cannot fight against her own desire for companionship. Their friendship quickly grows stronger and deepens into love, then desire. But there are problems each will have to overcome in order for their love to grow, and stirrings of war that will threaten the lives of those Jessica has sworn to protect. A New Warrior Emerges, Part I of the Final Chapters Series by Allyson Heisey: Alt/Post Finale Fiction
Gabrielle struggles with Xena's death and defines herself in her newfound freedom. She takes the lessons she learned while with Xena and puts them to use. She continues the task of helping others, and completes her path as a new breed of warrior. The depth of her love for Xena is rewarded with a surprising gift.Added Day 3: Part 1 of Heatwave by MidgitAdded part 6 of I Know This Bar by GirlBardPoemsby PoniWhen Fates Collide
Blood Lust
Just One Moment
Heart of DarknessFebruary 5th, 2002AnnouncementRenaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce that Blayne Cooper has signed to have her storiesCobb Island and Echoes From the Mist published under the RAP Imprint.Tentative publication dates are July 15, and Dec. 1, 2002.StoriesHere is Part 4 of Connecting Hearts by Cephalgia and MJ Added part 5 of I Know This Bar by GirlBardAdded Queenfor4's Snowbound Part 5Added Mavis' Brass Ring part 4Added part 3 of DS Bauden's HomeAdded part 17 of Colleen's Seeing You Again For the First TimeeBooksAnne Azel - Peruvian Encounter
Anne Azel - PNG Encounter
Maderin Bidmead - Sinner
DS Bauden - Did You Know
DS Bauden - A Fresh Start
ArdentTly - Barfly 
February 4th, 2002Sinner by Maderlin Bidmead [über/alt/might be finished, might be not]
In a land of magic, honor and deceit, where brother fights brother a war has been waged. To the victors the world, the universe. To the losers the shadows, waiting for their chance. Unwilling to let the evil that has conquered her world to spread into another, only one woman has the courage to try and fight it. In another dimension will she find the one who can help save her own?Added part 17 of Maderlin Bidmead's The Binding TieAdded part 20 and part 21 of Blue Dragon's All That JazzThe following ebooks are now up:

GS Binkley -- A Woman Like You
Crow -- Mel & Janice Meet An Amazon Princess
Vertigo -- Private Dancer
Anghard Governal -- Little Gabby & the Moose (and epilogue)
Anghard Governal -- Languedoc
Alexiares -- Deeper Waters Than Most Think
Alexiares -- It All Began With A Trout
Alexiares -- And It Continued With A Skunk

Encounter Series by Anne Azel
--- Egyptian Encounter
--- English Encounter

Murder Mystery Series by Anne Azel
--- Dead Funny
--- Dead RingerFebruary 3rd, 2002 A Woman Like You by G.S. Binkley
A WOMAN LIKE YOU is the second story in THE WOMAN I LOVE series. Lacy Levine and Gage Ballant continue their lives together while the actress makes a movie with the dashing Koda Kannon and Gage meets her partner's family. Unsteadily, Gage enters Lacy's tinseltown world as their relationship faces a turbulent sea of social stigma plus work and family concerns while several jealous storms rise. Lacy and Gage ride this rocky boat with Dani, Derek and the birth of the star's third child all the while holding steadfastly together. This story starts before the Epilogue in the first story THE WOMAN I LOVE.

Added part 4 of I Know This Bar by Girl BardAdded part 5 and part 6 of Storms of War by JLynnFebruary 2nd, 2002Meaningful Encounter by Jules Kurre
Can a chance meeting change everything?
Added part 14 of Malaurie Barber's Original SinAdded part 2 of Phair's CountertransferenceAdded part 16 of Maderlin Bidmead's The Binding TiePoemsBy Ellie MaziekienSnowless
Winter BluesFebruary 1st, 2002AnnouncementOrlando BardCon 2002 is being held May 25th at the Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort . The cost for the day is $52 which includes a lunch catered by Disney. We have arranged for a room block at the Port Orleans Riverside which is also on Disney Property for $129 plus tax per night.
In addition to the con we have several additional activities planned. On Friday evening we have an informal get together at the ESPN Club at Disney's Boardwalk. Sunday morning we will be having our BardCon breakfast at the Grand Floridian Resort's Citricos Restaurant for $35.
For more information about the con and to purchase tickets please visit our website at http://www.bardcon.comStoriesAdded part 3 of Connecting Hearts by MJ and CephalgiaAdded part 3 of I Know This Bar by Girl BardAdded part 6 of The Edge of Nowhere by AnnemaartAdded part 20 (chapter 48) of White Nights along with the 2nd part and conclusion to Heaven Can Wait called Hell is Here. Both stories by Minerva. Added Part 27 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris.
The following ebooks are up:
Advocate & TNovan -- Soul Searching
Advocate - Connections
ArdentTly  -- Passion Tense
Damnation -- The Day Lucy Broke Down
Ponigirl -- The Dixie Stampede
Tragedy88 -- Our Soul Series
 ---   Sing To Me
 ---   Destiny Waiting
 ---   Finally
 ---   And She Sang
Sam Ruskin - Up the River
Hermes - FIN: the Proper Ending
Hermes - Dear Diary
LZ Clotho - Home Front

ebooks fixed (I hope)
Kamouraskan -- Champion
JP  --  Blue Oblivion
Fritz  -- The Hiker
Helen Smith  --  Hunting Season

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