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Pulp Fiction

March 31st, 2002

Easter Egg

Happy Easter!

Let's welcome another new author to the Academy - A Big Hello to Killing Joke!

The Auction by Killing Joke
This is a short story (about 5 pages long) I wrote for some contest for DAHX (Dutch Association of Herculeans and Xenites). It ended 2nd and wasn't published anywhere, so it's safe to say I can post it here among you fine fellow Xenites. What would happen, who would show up when our dear beloved warrior princess would be auctioned off to support an orphanage...

55 Words by Killing Joke

Added part 15 of Queenfor4's Snowbound


by Poni

Blood Red

by Killing Joke

Watching a Warrior Cry

March 30th, 2002

Happy 2nd birthday Academy of Bards!

Tales of the Kirgeur by Blue Dragon [unfinished]
When slavers attack her village, a young, untested warrior, Torienne, must team up with Salenia, another young and untested warrior to rescue those taken. The Quest leades them farther than any of their tribe have been in recent memory. They will make their legacy on the journey, or die trying. It's all for duty. After all, they are kirgeurs.

Added Part 6 of Tie Break by Bonnie

Added the part 8 (the conclusion) of GabGold's Wall of Silence

Added the conclusion of Lynne Norris' The Road Back Home.


March 28th, 2002

Added So Close, So Far part 3 by Dimples

Added chapter 6 of KC Kirkwood's Women on the Rebound


Focus - Idryth
Crying in the Rain, Dancing in the Sun - Leigh McEoghan

March 27th, 2002

Added Part 16 and Part 17 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring.

March 26th, 2002

Here is Part 7 of Houdini's Box by Girl Bard

Immortality and Greek Wizardy Part 2 by Patricia Winterburn
This story is a continuation from Immortality and Greek Wizardy Part 1. In a final fight with Alti and Ares, the wizard learns a little something about love and friendship. Sometimes it only takes 3000 years.


Duality - Emily Mills
Rising into Consciousness - Emily Mills
Reflections of Passion - Chariots of Fire
Reflections of Passion II - Chariots of Fire
Dolls, Dames, and Skirts - Tragedy88
Endless Twilight - Rainbard


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Irresistible Seduction
Corporate Raider
Constant Reminder
Bundle of Joy

March 25th, 2002

Only You by Nancy Hill and KatLyn

Added Day 3: Part 2 of Heatwave by Midgit

Added Part 29 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added part 7 of L. A. Tucker's The Inside Out

Added part 2 of Imperfectly by BardBQue

Added the update for the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks


by Nancy Hill

Love's Purpose


Emotion by Idryth
Golden Time of Day by Portia
Ashes to Ashes by Cherokee

March 24th, 2002

Imperfectly Part 1 by BardBQue
"...i've been offered love in two dimensions before and i know that it's not all that it's made out to be/let's show them how it's done let's do it all imperfectly" ~ ani difranco

This story kinda revolves around those four lines. well, i think it does anyway. read it and find out!! (it's currently unfinished, more segments are on the way)

Added part 14 of Queenfor4's Snowbound

Added Part 2 of SB Zarben's A Soldier's Peace

Added Part 1 (revised) and Part 2 of Christina Anton's Meeting of Heroes


by Nancy Hill

The Lighthouse

March 23rd, 2002

Added part 18(conclusion) of Maderlin Bidmead's The Binding Tie

Lyrical Ballads: Hero by damnation
How do you react when someone you barely know asks you to leave everything behind? If you take a chance in life, would it all work out one way or the other?

March 22nd, 2002

Welcome to a new bard to the list!

Golden Time of Day by Portia
It is a Post FIN (Alternative) story and centers on Gabrielle's life after Xena, her continued spiritual journey, and her quest to create a place for herself in the world. This story is heavy on Gabrielle with very little Xena in it.

Added chapter 5 of KC Kirkwood's Women on the Rebound

Added Part 5 of Bonnie's Tiebreak.

March 21st, 2002

The paperback version of The Road to Glory by Blayne Cooper (Advocate) and T. Novan is now available for purchase. This book version includes a new ending and back cover art work by the very talented Lucia. --

Openbook ltd --

(Note: Their bulk shipment order is on the way and should be there in a matter of days, so your book will ship once it arrives)

Barnes and Noble -- --

The book is also available directly from the RAP webpage at


Welcome Cherokee to the Academy!

Ashes to Ashes by Cherokee
Leaving the land of the Pharaohs and making that long journey homeward to return her fallen warrior's ashes to their final resting place in Amphipolis, Gabrielle meets a stranger and finds answers to questions she didn't ask, and questions to answers she didn't expect.

Added part 11 of Jules Kurre's The Guardian (do not read at work!)
One more part to go.

Added Caution Under Construction chapter 23 by Vertigo


Last Night - Lariel
Knew it was You - Heartbrkn Bard
Pendragon Cove - Barbara Davies
One of those Days - Xenalicious
Passions Plaything - Sally Budd
A Once & Future Journey - Temora
The Cat's Meow - BardBQue

March 20th, 2002

Montana Journey Part 2 - Mountains to the Sun by Amelia Sedley
A gang of poachers is causing big problems in Mountains to the Sun National Park. Annie and Jesse are assigned the job of stopping them. They quickly discover poachers aren't their only challenge as they join a pack trip of dudes in the park.

Added a revised chapter 1 and new chapter 2 for The Reality in Dreams by A. Tietz

Added part 20 of Snap's Tempting Trouble


by Tommgrl

Angel Light

March 19th, 2002

The Cat's Meow by BardBQue
This is a little tale of murder and intrigue. Well, no not really. It's just a short story about love and... stuff... told from a cat's point of view.

A Soldier's Peace part 1 by SB Zarben Uber, Alt
Picture this: What if there was a researcher/reporter whose current job was the only way she could make ends meet after her own plans for the future went spiraling out of control. And what if she was handed one of, if not the largest story of the year? Dealing with a failed Naval mission that resulted in the deaths of many, many people. What if her main source of information was the leader of the Navy unit involved, who also happened to be blamed by almost every paper and form of media in the United States? What if this story slowly started becoming important to her, or more importantly, what if she found yourself becoming friends with the Navy Captain? What if someone else didn't want her to crack this story? What would they do? What would she do? What would you do? This is Captain Dean Ransom's and reporter Ranelle Maloch's story.

Added Part 6 of Houdini's Box by Girl Bard

So Close, So Far part 2 by Dimples


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Slipping Away
Answer Me That
My Place in the World
Mommy's Little Boy


Second Chances by Ken Rogers
Enter the Dragon by Ken Rogers
Heart's Desire by Idryth
Careful What You Ask For by RD Elliott

March 18th, 2002

Welcome another new bard to the Academy. And for all you angst lovers, here's a hurt/comfort story.

Careful What You Wish For by R. D. Elliott
Xena wants Gabrielle to keep quiet and do what she says and gets that wish with devastating results for both of them.

'I Sing of David': Session Two at Sappho's Couples Counseling Service by Ximena
Xena and Gabrielle return for follow-up counseling with Dr. Love to explore issues of trust and intimacy.

In Part 1, Xena experiences a fit of jealousy over discovering a secret scroll of Gabrielle's called "I Sing of David," evidence of yet one more person of the male persuasion that Gabrielle has allowed into her heart, and this leads her to read Gabrielle's private diary; caught in the act.

In part 2, Xena gets dragged back to Lesbos as Gabrielle insists they pay another visit to Sappho to discuss Xena's jealousy and ongoing distance issues, but due to an expectedly early arrival of the muses for the annual Muse Council, Dr. Love is forced to cut the session short, but invites the troubled pair to spend the night at her villa.

In part 3, we enter the luxury of the bedchamber and the scented bath that Sappho has appointed to her guests, and we learn what really happened to Gabrielle in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," what really caused her to turn into a Bacchae.

In part 4, after a delicious love fest in the bath, good food, and good wine, Gabrielle talks about the loss of Perdicus and says that all she has ever really wanted from Xena was to be filled with her love, and with a little help from Midas and Aphrodite, they both get their golden wish.

Stay tuned for Part 5.

Enter The Dragon by Ken Rogers
The most feared and hated warrior in the east keeps an uneasy peace, which is threatened by a northern horde. (Post FIN) 

Second Chance by Ken Rogers
A nightmare vision of the future changes the future. (FIN III)

Added part 10, a new title page and a new glossary for Cate Swannell's King of the Beach

March 17th, 2002

Added part 13 of Queenfor4's Snowbound

Added part VII of Cruise's Provenance

March 16th, 2002

The newest edition of the Muses' Sandbox by Eileen Marks is up! This episode has authors such as Vivian Darkbloom, CN Winters, Roo, ArdentTly (aka Trish Shields), Enginerd, and LZClotho interviewed.

Added part 5 and part 6 of L. A. Tucker's The Inside Out

March 15th, 2002


Return to Form by Jay and Silent Dee
Immortality & Greek Wizardry by Patricia Winterburn
Going Home by Patricia Winterburn
Ares Last Sword by Patricia Winterburn
Lyrical Ballad: Eyes on Me by damnation

March 14th, 2002

Immortality and Greek Wizardy by Patricia Winterburn
This story is a what would happen to Xena and Gabrielle, if they were stuck in the 21st century after Send in The Clones.This is also what happens when your really bored at work and your obsession, fantasy and insanity start to become a reality.

Ares' Last Sword by Patricia Winterburn
A tribute to Kevin Smith. This is Xena and Gabrielle's last favour for the God of War.

A Warrior Returns Home, Part III. The conclusion to the Final Chapters Series by Allyson Heisey

Lyrical Ballads: Eyes On Me by damnation
Let's face it: life outside the world of fiction sucks. So, when struggling writer, Chase, tries to make something out of her lot, she wasn't expecting to go very far. Then, at a place she least expects, she finds her inspiration.

Added part 7 (the conclusion) of WindStar's Southern Cross

Added part 14 (the conclusion) of JLynn's Storms of War

Added part 5 of Houdini's Box by GirlBard

Added part 3 and part 4 of Bonnie's Tie Break

March 13th, 2002

Welcome Patricia Winterburn and her story, Going Home. [X&G/finished]
Patricia wrote the following about her story:

Like most Xena fans, the ending upset me. I just couldn't let it go. So, I wrote a short story depicting my feelings on how Gabrielle would continue her journey and find a way to bring Xena back. It's always nice to have friends in "high" places.

Heart's Desire by Idryth [Uber/Alt/Finished]
When danger threatens the land of Rhyllen, two childhood friends must face heartache and peril to obtain the greatest prize of all.

A Return To Form (five parts - complete) by Jay and Silent Dee
This story covers the tail-end of "A Friend In Need" and the six months that follow, as The Battlin' Bard and the late Warrior Princess get out of Japan and find themselves in more trouble in the Land of The Pharaohs...

Ever by Grit Jahning
The third part in a postFIN series

Added part 5 of Habaname by Ana Ortiz

Added part 7 of GabGold's Wall of Silence

March 12th, 2002


There is news circulating that yahoogroups will be down from March 15th through 17th. Please check the What's New page for updates during this time since we will be unable to send out t he announcements .

Bards- Please try and send us your updates prior to March 15th. We can hold them for you if you wish for posting on the 15th, 16th, or 17th. If Yahoogroups is down, we will be unable to receive any submissions to the AcademyofBards yahoo address.

If you have an on-going story update, go ahead and send it to for this time period.

Thanks, Steph


The next installment in David J Duncan's Dubois Chronicles series,Don't Talk to Strangers
Dahak's looking to make still more trouble for the Duboises and their friends. Thus, he allies himself with the Spirit of the Abyss (from Andromeda) and a sorcerer for the first of three strikes at his enemies. In Round 1, the Spirit sends the Magog to Earth. Can the combined efforts of Xena, Gabrielle, and their friends in addition to those of the Andromeda crew prevail? Tune in and see.... And what's happening with Eve? An unwelcome visitor makes her presence felt as well.

THE REALITY IN DREAMS By A. Tietz --chapter 1 has been updated

Added part 22 of Vertigo's Caution: Under Construction

added Part 15 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring.

Added It's Only a Game Show, chapter 5 by S.Eliot


The Tomb by DJ Belt is now up.
Revolutionary by SB Zarben (complete)
The Sun Went Down by Ken Rogers
Clones Alone by Aah Shee
Sad Moments by Ken Rogers
All the Way to Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games by S. Berry
Camping with Joxer by Oversoul

March 11th, 2002

Welcome the latest bards to join our ranks. A big welcome to Oversoul and Aah Shee

Camping with Joxer by Oversoul
This story had been lost and thanks to Lunacy, we've brought it back to the web. "A story which CLEARLY reveals why the warrior-wannabe should NOT be traveling with a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Lots of humor in this and lots of heat - none of it due to a campfire mind you ;-) Do not even THINK of glancing at this at work - don't do it! I warn you! >:-)" (synopsis courtesy of Lunacy as well)

Clones Alone by Aah Shee
Xena and Gabrielle face the 21st Century as clones and try to adjust to their new surroundings. But, just as they begin to settle into a peaceful existence, old adversaries rear their ugly heads and wreak havoc upon their lives. A soulful vampire, named Angel, must come to their assistance. In the process, Gabrielle and Xena must reflect upon their past relationship and try to forge a new bond in this "Brave New World"! This is a first time story, within a story.

Sad Momentsby Ken Rogers
Gabrielle's feelings take her into depression then finally overwhelm her when Xena makes a callous remark. (Post FIN)

The Sun Went Downby Ken Rogers
Gabrielle is unable to accept Xena's death and shuns her spirit. Xena is in anguish over what she has done to her soulmate. In desperation Gabrielle seeks a way out. (Post FIN)

Added Revolutionary Part 4(conclusion) by SB Zarben

Added part 3 and part 4 of L.A. Tucker's The Inside Out


by Terry Lyn Stanfield

Guilty by Association
Riding the Wind
Love Heals the WoundsMarch 10th, 2002Welcome to yet another new bard who is joining us!

The Tomb By D.J. Belt [finished/Mel & Janice]
Mel and Janice (with a bit of help from their friends) discover and open the tomb of Xena and Gabrielle, but with a twist: unanswered questions are popping up all over, robbers attempt desecration of the tomb, a ghost (?) appears, and the God of War (who is really ticked off) is trying to wreak his vengance on them as they attempt to spirit the remains to Athens. After all, who better to figure out what finally happened to X and G than their twentieth-century alter egos, Mel and Jan?

Added part 12 of Queenfor4's Snowbound

Part 3 of Companion Peace by MelVee (NOT by Jules Kurre, but based on characters created by Jules Kurre <g>)

March 9th, 2002

Added part 13 of JLynn's Storms of War

Added part 4 of Miri's BF4EVR

Added chapter 4 of KC Kirkwood's Women on the Rebound

March 8th, 2002

Added part 4 of Houdini's Box by GirlBard


by Ellie Maziekien

Pay the Piper

By Terri Lyn Stanfield

Led By Destiny
Painfully Alone
Midnight Craving
Bleeding Soul
Empty Existence

Pulp Fiction contest entries in eBook format:

Tall, Dark, & Deadly by Tara Kerry
Sin City Confidential by Cephalgia
Bad & Beautiful by Girlbard
Two to Tango by Anon2
Kiss Me Deadly by angharad governal
Kiss of Death by Dimples
Sorority Sisters by Dawn Lemanne
Babes Behind Bars by Halls
Dress Blues by Amelia Sedley
Hell on High Heels by AJ
Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill by Creme Brulee

March 7th, 2002

Welcome to the newest bard to joining us!

THE REALITY IN DREAMS By A. Tietz [unfinished/über]
A CIA assassin is having reoccurring dreams of a beautiful golden haired woman. She gets a big surprise when one of her marked victims resembles her dreams and she finds it hard to kill the person. The story follows what this assassin does when faced with her dreams possibly becoming a reality and challenging her past, present and future.

Added part 2 of Bonnie's Tie Break

Added part 11 of Queenfor4's Snowbound

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

March 6th, 2002

We are all caught up on submissions. If you have sent us something and don't see it here, please, send it again due to the Yahoo groups problems.

Added part 14 of Mavis Applewater's The Brass Ring

March 5th, 2002

LYKOS Chapter 2: FREAKS by Katharsis Nine
Following Xena's abrupt departure, Toris finds himself looking after Gabrielle, a task which may prove difficult. Meanwhile, Xena tangles with an old enemy and stumbles across a sinister plot.

Added part 8 of The Edge of Nowhere by Annemaart

So Close, So Far By Dimples [unfinished/über]
summary pending

Added part 12 of JLynn's Storms of War
March 4th, 2002

Welcome to another new bard in our midst: Jamie James by Arkonia [uber/alt/finished]
Can a rock idol find love and happiness after a tragic accident destroys her life?  Will she ever stop running and listen to her angel?

Passion and Romance by Kris Johnson
Xena must stand aside when the destiny of a bard must be fullfilled when Passion and Romance is all the world has left.

Added Part 3 of Women on the Rebound by K.C. Kirkwood

Added Part 54 to Jenah's Our Reunion

The following ebook is now up:

Revolutionary by SB Zarben

March 3rd, 2002

Welcome to a new bard: Part 1 of Tie Break by Bonnie
Anne Patakis and Shana Wilson are best friends and have a serious problem with timing. They love each other, but never quite get around to mentioning that. There's a lot of Angst in this story (or so I've been told) - so beware. A love story mystery drama, for lack of a better description.

Added Queenfor4's Snowbound Part 10

Added Carole Giorgio's Sedona Rain Part 19

Added part 4 of Phair's Countertransference

Added part 3 of Houdini's Box by GirlBard

March 2nd, 2002

The Inside Out by LA Tucker [unfinished]
Sequel to the Uber, The Light Fantastic. Will be updated weekly, in parts. Chloe, Sara, Marcy and a cast of oddball characters the author has trouble keeping track of return to wreak mayhem in the small lakeside town of Stonecreek, PA. Now it's an insufferably hot summer, the golf course is struggling, and Sara and Chloe are getting on each other's last nerves. Screwball romance always goes bump in the night, and day, in Stonecreek.

Added part 21 of Vertigo's Caution:Under Construction

More stories from Darkone, some with a synopsis:
Kiss And Tell
Gabrielle finally mentions the part (from "Comedy of Eros") about Joxer kissing her

Soul's Winter

Road's End
Xena and Gabrielle run an Inn

Xena and Gabrielle get married after "The Quest"

The Vision
Xena and Gabrielle fast for 4 days while on a vision quest and learn more than they ever expected

Warrior's Heart
[Uber-Xena]  X-Files crossover. Ares is after a rock singer's lover who looks like a certain warrior princess.

Without You
Gabrielle is dead and Xena has a hard time dealing with it

Xena & Gabrielle Do the Dating Game
Dating Game scenario with Gabrielle choosing between Callisto, Ephiny and Xena

The following eBooks are up:

Lost Stories
Darkone - Masquerade
Darkone - Leave A Light On
Darkone - Xena & Gabrielle Do the Dating Game
Darkone - Ritual
Darkone - Road's End
Darkone - Soul's Winter
Darkone - Kiss & Tell
Darkone - The Vision
Darkone - Warrior's Heart
Darkone - Without You

Wednesday Afternoon Series
Mavis Applewater - Laundry Day
Mavis Applewater - Do Not Open Before Christmas
Mavis Applewater - Happy New Year
Mavis Applewater -Cupid's Arrow
Mavis Applewater -Deuces Are Wild
Mavis Applewater -Miss. Larilies Lesson

L. Crystal Machallet - The Winds of Change
L. Crystal Machallet - The Winds of Change II

Kris Johnson - Passion and Romance

March 1st, 2002

Congratulations to Creme Brulee for winning the story portion of the Pulp Fiction contest, and Geraldine Clanton for winning the graphics portion. Our runners up are Cephalgia in the story contest and Invidere in the graphics part. Although, I can honestly say for myself, it was *SO* hard to pick just one! Great going all of you!!!!


Here are three more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series.

In Miss. Larilies Lesson a young shop girl and the new school teacher strike up a friendship. In Deuces Are Wild (Part Two of The Queen of Hearts) Regina tries her luck at in a game of chance. In Cupid's Arrow (Part Five of The Home For The Holiday's Series) Lindsey and Tressa celebrate Valentines Day.

This is part 18 of Seeing You Again for the First Time Colleen

We are happy to have some of the stories from a classic bard. Darkone is one of the veteran bards in the fandom. He was contributing stories on the Xena Campfire Girls list as far back as 1996. A number of his stories reviewed at this URL:

On the way to a masquerade, Xena and Gabrielle are joined by Hercules and Iolaus

Leave a Light On

We will be adding more of his stories over the next few days.

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