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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Xena/Gabrielle Conqueror maggiemerc Hopeful Bard
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Norsebard Hunt for Cecrops' Emerald (The)
??? ??? Norsebard Harrison-Starr Detective Agency (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rachel2 House on Redmen's Hill 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick J. S. Stephens Helen of the Plains (1) 
Past Is Prologue (2) 
Puppy Dog Blues (3) 
Marching For Our Lives (4) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Visitor Hardest Lesson to Learn (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Roo Home Fires (1)
      Slow Burn (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Kris Herstory 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ArdentTly Heat Wave
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Humanity (The)
Barbara/Chela Doctor comes to Cuba and meets sex worker [1990] Ana Ortiz HabŠname
Donovan Detective [90s] Meredith McEuen Halcyon
Payton/Reagan Shipping CEO/half-sister [50's/60's] Brigid Doyle Halfway to My Heart (1)
Brigid Doyle What Child Is This (2)
Amanda/Jackie Tour guide in wax museum [90ís] Ri Hall of Killers
Xena/Gabby See future lives [SciFi] Erica Friedman Hall of the Mountain Queen
Cerys/Annie Vampire warder/ horror writer [Fantasy] Hunter Ash Hallowed Crossing,%20frau%20hunter%20ash.html
Gillian/Sara Cop/ news anchor attend a strange party [90's] Tara Kerry Halloween to Remember (A)
Tabitha/ Isabella Witching night finally brings lovers together Dragonjuls (JM Dragon) Halloween Tryst
Bernadette/ Jump Construction foreman/ surf shop owner[90ís] Lucid Hammer and Nails (1)
Revised version
Lucid Strong Foundation (2)
Louise/Gin Best friends grow up together [50's-80's] Zuke Hand In Hand
Stella Womanís lover dies in Iraq [90ís] Lou Alexander Hang Tag
Susan/Sandy Cop/agent [90's]  Creme Brulee Hapless Romantic (The) (1)
Creme Brulee Hapless Romantic (The) revisted (2)
??? PWP Emstyer / Okie Happy Anniversay
Jen/Evaline Waitress/ FBI Agent [90's] Mavis Applewater Happy Birthday Jen
Liora/Gena Woman gets a live birthday present [90's] Mavis Applewater Happy Birthday to Me (1)
Mavis Applewater True Hearts (2)
Coy/Cole Couple are snowed in [90's] FlyBigD Happy Captives
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals [parody] Nalysia Hardcore Nutcrackers
Autumn/ Stephanie Ex-ADA/writer [90ís] W. R. Haley Harbour House
Elise/Carolyn Farmer/ urbanite [90's] G.E. Birch Harvest
??? PWP BluDreamscape Hate Storm
Lane/Lawman Professors meet spirits [90's] L.B. Anderson Haunted Past No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Erin/Gillian Construction worker/ landscaping designer [90's] Larisa Haunted Past
Tommie/Jillian Cabinetmaker and partner renovate a mansion [90's] Lena Haunting in New Orleans (A)
??? Lusting after Cinderella, instead gets a cop [90's] UncagedAmazon Have a Disney Day
Cole/Angel Cowgirl/ brother's wife [90's] Janice Haven
Maggie/Lynne Cop returns home/ bookstore owner [90's] Skippy Hawk Run Chronicles (The): Welcome Home
Nicki/Lisa Time travel at Xmas [90's] Patty S / Andy Head Hopping for the Holidays
I/Headmistress ??? Felioness Head Mistress (The)
Kaelin/Celia Professionals with different healing methods Zoe Healing Touch (A)
Xena/Gabrielle Immortal vampires [90's] Enoon Erehwon Heart For Masquerade (A) (aka Darker Hearts)
Alexi/Shawn Welder/ engineer [90's] Stoley Heart Knows (The)
Alex/Casey Doctor/ fearful woman [90's] MelJanice Heart Of A Cowboy No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Xandra/Ginelle Two leopards [Fantasy] Verrath Heart of a Leopard (The) (1)
Verrath Eyes of a Cat (The) (2)
Chas/Ally Young woman fights poachers and commericalism [90's] G. S. Binkley Heart of Africa
Crystal/Lauren Women meet because of ill son [90ís] Cephalgia Heart of the Matter (The)
Emma/Kyra Schoolteacher/ VP [90's] Lois Kay Heart's Choice
Jo/Cadie Ex-hitwoman/ socialite Cate Swannell Heart's Passage [aka King of the Beach] (1)
No Longer Available -- published as a book
Cate Swannell No Ocean Deep (2)
Laura/Emma Woman recalls her journey to love [90ís] fingersmith Hearts and Flowers Border
Lily/Rose 2nd chance at life [90s] Mavis Applewater Hearts, Flowers & Snickerdoodles
??? PWP Kelly Aten Heat and Hunger
Chris/Dani Pub owner/ vacationer [90's] Midgit Heatwave
Margaret Woman awakes from dream [90's] Dreamr Heaven
Monica/Sandy Students struck by tragedy [90's] Minerva Heaven and Hell series [1-2]
Penelope/Emma Young gentlewomen [1816] Nene Adams Heaven in Her Face
Kennedy/Dawn Priest/bishop [90's] Julia Ford Heaven on Earth
Xena/Gabrielle Professor/ psychiatrist de Bonheur / Nene Adams Heils Wells
Darcy/Cass Publishing CEO/ working girl [90s\ anex Heiresses & Harlots
Helen/Brigid History professor/ high school student [80's - 90's] J. S. Stephens Helen of the Plains (1)
J. S. Stephens Past Is Prologue(2)
J. S. Stephens Puppy Dog Blues (3)
J. S. Stephens Marching For Our Lives (4)
J. S. Stephens Good Old Argo (5)
J. S. Stephens Fight the Good Fight (6)
Calpurnia/Baby Civil war story about two ladies [Horror] Nene Adams Hell Come A-Walkin'
Anne/Amelia Naval sub cpt/ CIA operative [90ís] Nene Adams Hell For a Pastime [I ĖIV]
Giselle/Elaine Pulp Fiction: sexy woman attracts [90's] Carrie's AJ Hell On High Heels
Zee/Christie Deputy sheriff/ young woman [1880's] Barbara Davies Hellcat series [1-6] final
Brittany/Hannah Unbalanced woman recalls past life [90's] Ambrosia Hello Stranger
Madeline/Fox Business woman falls for boss' wife [90's] J D Jenkins [aka Lisa S] Her
Julie/Sam Teacher/ business exec [90's] Stacy Her
Ruth/Claire Friend disrupts a wedding [90's] Vivian Darkbloom Her Majesty's a Pretty Nice Girl
Kate/Carling Sheriff/ forensic pathologist [90's] B.S. Raven Her Sole Desire
Lori/Katie Bride at party/ waitress [90's] Mavis Applewater Here Comes The Bride (1)
Mavis Applewater Bride Wore Blue (The) (2)
Madalyn/Renee Gymnasts / campers RedStar288 Here Today... Where Tomorrow?
Cassandra Troubled woman enticed by artifact [90s] Adam Chiron Here We Are Again
Alexandra/ Casey Head coach/ assistant [90's] X2 Here With Me
Cody/Mason Writer / hardware store mgr. [90's] Teagen2 Hero series [1-4]
Nicole/Elizabeth Pub owner/ Episcopal priest [90's] Mayt Hesed (1)
Mayt Agape (2)
Noreen/Darby Boss' daughter/ V.P. [90's] Mavis Applewater Hidden Agenda
Cayden/Brooke Pet shopkeeper/ office worker [90's] Vertigo Hidden Desires
Veronique/ Allison Mountain climbing guide/ stock broker [90's] Bel-wah High Intensity
Victoria/Holly New girl and good one in high school [90's] Listener 15 High School Years
Kay/Susan Student / asst. professor [90's] Teagen2 Higher Learning
Geri/Joanna Police detective/ sculptor [90's] Rosalind Higher Orbit (A)
Tara/Lauren Woman gets 2nd chance [90's] Mavis Applewater Higher Power (A)
Brigid/Bess Robber/innkeeper's daughter [Fantasy] D. Jordan Redhawk Highwayman (The)
Bess/Mary Innkeeper's daughter/ highwayman [Fantasy] JediPrincess Highwayman (The)
Sawyer/Erin Lawyer who hikes/ inn owner [90's] Fritz Hiker (The)
Raith/Goran UN Security spec. / Doctor go to W. Va. [90's] Larisa Hill Jack Conspiracy
Hannah/Rachel Nurse/doctor meet again [90ís] Lois Kay Hindsight (1)
Lois Kay Breathless (2)
??? Assassin/ victim [90's] JD Jenkins Hit (The)
Alex/Gwen Architect/ history professor [90's] Bongo Bear Hitch Hiker (The) (1)
Bongo Bear Price of Innocence (The) (2)
Bongo Bear Conspiracy Theory (3)
Xena/Gabrielle Dominatrix/CEO [90's] Janice Ho! Ho! Ho! 'Ho'!
???/Aeryn ???/housekeeper [90's] Amber Loe Holding the Hands of Love  No Longer Available Ė Beg for a copy
Sarah/Sue Women spend nite at grandma's house [90's] anon  Holiday Havoc
Katrina/Victoria Vacationers on tour [90's] Stoley Holiday In New Zealand
Xena/Gabrielle  Past meets present at a party [90's]  Minerva Holiday Tales series [1-4]
Rae/Terri  Bookstore owner/ clerk [90's]   
Reese/Randi  Investment banker/ teacher [90's]   
Leah/Anne Coach/ Coffee Shop Owner [90's]  
Laura/Sarah Woman/son remember [90's] Muzza Holiday To Remember... Again? (A)
Various Family members clash [soapopera] Fluir / Vlamme Hollywood Dreams
Kelly/Susan Regional Dir. Saks/ social worker [90's] DS Bauden Home [aka A Saving Solace]
Nancy/Kelly Lovers fight [90's] eo Home
Alexandra/Margaret Russian woman travels to Paris & meets French ward [1904] V. Anderson Home Again
Augusta/Carrinna Businesswoman/ caring clerk [90's] Xavier Home At Last
Jen/Sandy Lovers and Christmas [90's] Insane Englishwoman Home for Christmas (1)
Insane Englishwoman Until I Kissed Her (2)
Tressa/Lindsey Childhood friends reunite to return home [90's] Mavis Applewater Home For The Holidays series [1-9]
Joy/Cora Homeowner/plumber [90's] Mavis Applewater Home Improvement (1)
Mavis Applewater Cora's Gift (2)
Nan/Celia Roommates detour on way home [90's] Mavis Applewater Home Stretch
Dena/Gen Horse trainer/ jockey [90's] Girl Bard Homestretch (1)
Girl Bard Christmas Foal (2)
Joran Disowned princess/ [Fantasy] JTD Homecoming (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Ryan/Janna Cop/ musician Janet Lynne Homecoming (The) series [1-3]
Julia/Liddy Letter writer / soldier Katrina Homecoming
Jen/Kelly Woman returns to home meets old friend [90's] R.G. Heller Homes Don't Really Exist
??? PWP C. J. Harte Honestly Love You
Leigh/Erin Thief /Insurance Investigator [90's] Sage Hamilton Honor Among Thieves
Ellie /Philippa Singers on blind date [90's] PC Card Hopeless Romantic
Fea/Hollie Lottery winner/ medical practitioner meet on cruise [90's] JM Dragon Horizons
Piper/Desiree Kidnapper/ student [90's] Ambrosia Hostage of The Heart
Alex/Gina Cop/ history student [90's] Reneegade Hostages No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
??? PWP JLNicky House Call (The)
??? ??? Carola Eriksson House of Dolls
Tamara/Leah Friends enter haunted house [90's] Cheeya House on Hangman's Hill (The)
Carly/Justine A return home with consequences [90's] KG MacGregor House on Sandstone (The)
Peg/Allison Lawyer/ Real estate agent [90ís] Anne Laughlin House Shopping (1)
Anne Laughlin Past Tense, Future Perfect (2)
Emily/Sherrie Legal assist. House and sister sits [90's] Mavis Applewater House Sitting
??? PWP Moon Dancer Hot Tub
??? PWP [accident & doc] JL Nicky House Call (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Cowgirl/ writer [Time Travel] Red Hope How I met a Cow Girl
Vick/Rachel Musician/ old friend [90's] Redhawk How Could I?
??? Musings [90's] Emily Duncan How do I love (thee)? Let me count the ways...
Harry/Desi Ortho Surgeon/ battered wife Ali Vali How Do You Mend A Broken Heart (1)
Ali Vali Revised Edition
Attend Halloween party as ghosts Ali Vali Belle of the Mist (2)
??? Ali Vali All It Took Was You (3)
Mrs. Chalk/Aunt Giselle Elderly women fight off cultists [Parody] Mr. Valentine How the Evil....
Xander/Lori Recently ill woman balks at going home with her partner [90's] Alexiares How to Celebrate Solstice in the Appropriate Manor
Nat/Kate Art expert-crimonologist/ socialite [90's] Ri How To Steal A Million Revisited (1)
Ri Million Dollar Baby (2)
??? Self-explanatory [g] Invidere How to Write an Uber
Kate/Ruth Deputy Sheriff / thief [1880's] S. Derkins How You Play It [version 1]
S. Derkins How You Play It [version 2]
Jess/Grace Journalist/ diner owner [90's] Cephalgia Human Interest (1)
Cephalgia Human Interest - Recovery (2)
Jody/May Hunter/ Stranded hitchhiker [90's] Teagen2 Hunt (The)
??? Erotic fairy tale [Fantasy] Xena's Little Bitch Hunt of the Unicorn (The)
Ryan/Leigh Vacationers in PA. Woods [90's] Jules Kurre Hunt Safely  No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Quinn/Ariel Bodyguard/ writer [Sci Fi] Helen Smith Hunting Season (1)
Helen Smith Family Values (2)
Helen Smith Perfect Gift (3)
Jessie/Nicole Hurricane threatens [90ís] LC Jordan Hurricane Room
Delia/Victoria Vestal virgin intrigue [ancient times] AH-Ladis Hypatia's Shadow