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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Joseph Connell Sound of Distant Thunder (The) (1)
Macedonia (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick LjR Sentimental Journey (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick IseQween Scroll In Time (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick DJ Belt Slow Dance of Love (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Conqeror Yorksbard Slave Conqueror
Xena/Gabrielle Conqeror DJ Belt  Sort of Conqueror Saga (A)
??? ??? Rea D. Madgon Second Sister (The)
??? ??? Ladyhawke Shadows (1)
??? ??? Ladyhawke Inferno (2)
??? ??? Lady D Solitary Love
??? ??? Norsebard Sarah's Choice
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Whitefearn Ship of Dreams No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Vivian Darkbloom Stars Fell Down (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Tiggster She's Mine 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick The Ashen Sex, Lies, & Parchment
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Tane Sais of Azarhan
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Skylark Seems Like Old Times
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rooks Search (1)
Discovery (2) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Stranger in a Strange Time (1) 
Stranger in My Family (2) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Ri Solstice Gift for You (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Switched Up
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Ms. Auggie Stay Near, Keep Close
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Katrina Summer
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick JayBird Sword of Ares
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick C. L. Bactad Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort: You've Never Been Nowhere
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bard of New Mexico Southwestern Scrolls (The) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Sex Scene (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Should I Stay, Or Should I Go
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Sword of Hephaestus (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Spear of Penthesilea (The) (1)
The Treasury of Magan (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Scroll (The)
Morgan/Shannon  Detective/Social Worker  J. A. Zollicoffer Sands Of Change
Taylor/Quinn  ER Doctor/Homeless Woman  J. A. Zollicoffer Street Life
Zoe/Maggie Pre-med student/ writer E. M. Hamilton Saargar
Frankie/Crystal Childhood friends reunite [90's] D. S. Bauden Sacrifice For Friendship
Reese/Tory Deputy Sheriff/ doctor [90's] Radclyffe Safe Harbor (1)
Radclyffe Beyond the Breakwater (2)
??? ??? Kim Pritekel Safe Word
Sal/Sam Gardner/ tourist visit Salem [90's] Sheri Salem's Secrets
Ashley/Katia Police trooper/ college student [90ís] Red Hope Salisbury University Student #137058
Samantha/Kim Memorial to dead woman Susan Smith Samantha
Zina/Ella Singers at Lillith fair [90's] D. Joan Lieb Same Song Different Lyrics
??? PWP Lani Radack Sanctuary
Tee/Caitlin Soldier dreams of Christmas at home [90ís] LadyHawke Sand Angels
Lil/Leedee Aunt & niece discuss what love is [90ís] Sias Bryant Sandra Deeís Lips
Brice/Dink Collectible store owner/ garbage collector [90's] Larisa Sanitation Engineer (The)
Steph/Carrie Christmas conference yields surprise [90's] Tovie Santa Conspiracy (The)
Shane/Android Consumer/ artificial [SciFi] Wishes Satisfaction Guaranteed
??? Women meet in pawn shop [90's] Tovie Saturday Night Special
Elish/Aisling Community Center Mgr./ accountant Weebod Sausage Sizzler  [aka Conflict of Interest]
Kendall/Brady Adventure tour guide/scientist phair Savage
??? PWP S Anne Gardner Savage, In the Jungle of the Upright
Silver/Rebecca Half-breed/ homesteader [1760's] Larisa Savage Winds
Taylor/Gabrielle Martial arts expert/ journalist [90's] Tiggster Saved From the Darkness
Ashley/Jemma British Secret Agents [90's] Barbara Davies Say Goodbye to Boston (1)
Barbara Davies View to a Kiss (A) (2)
Barbara Davies Spy Who Killed Me (The) (3)
Naomi/Corey Bank mgr./ security guard [90's\ Mavis Applewater Saving For Tomorrow
Kate/Samantha Reader/ fanfic writer [90's] DJ Wood Scars
Devon/ Victoria Business owner [90s] Jynaki Scarz
Tessa Film producer & two kids [90's] Jessica Casavant School Day
Jamie/Nicole High school students in love [90's] Dimples School Days No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Lariel Students in school shoot-out [90's] Kamouraskan School's Out
Andy/Chris Students help each other [90's] Mindwalker 78 School's Out
Cheryl/Grace Neighbors meet [90ís] Penelope Street Scents of Heaven
Althea/Shelley Publisher/ biologist & poet [90's] Medora MacD Scream (The)
Colleen/ Abigail privateer/ governor's daughter [1670's] Vada Foster Sea Captain and the Lady (The)
Laurie/Evelyn Engineer/ military investigator meet on a moon [SciFi] Mark Annetts Sea Moon
Alex/Rachel Artist/ engineer student [90's] Rooks Search series [1-2]
Part 2 of Series No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Taylor/Kiara Executive/ writer [90's] Damnation (aka Nick Slick) Search (The) (1)
Damnation No Matter What (2)
Damnation Remembrance (3)
Tiana/ Kylee Rescue worker/ victim [90's] XenitBiker Search For All Time (A)
Jessie A youth's journey [90's] Muzza Search for Inspiration (The)
Adrienne/June Bikers meet [90's] JenX Searching
Kat/Jamie Catering help/ drug-addicted woman [90's] Cheeya Searching For You
??? PWP Boudica X Season of Loss (A)
Rachel/Joanna Women brought together through their daughters [90's]  Sunflower Season Twist
Lenora/Ebony Cattle rancher/ innkeeper LB Anderson Seasoned Love No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Robbie/Janet Actor-Director/ widow-teacher [90's] Anne Azel Seasons series [1-5]
Bobby/Rachel Two baseball players meet in an inn  F. C. Barnes Season's End No Longer Available Ė beg for a copy
Jesse/Jennifer Bikers [90's] BikerBard Second Chance
Melanie Talent agent/ singer [90's] Sunflower Second Chance
Xena/Gabrielle Agent/Writer  [90's] xfbard Second Chance at Forever
Kenya/Roslyn Security guard protects against stalker [90ís] Sandra Barrett Second Chances
Alex/Regina Trauma Chief / Trauma resident [90's] Lynne Norris Second Chances (1)
Lynne Norris Road Back Home (The) (2)
Jordan/Sarah Lawyer/ poet [90's] Tiggster Second Chances
Alex/Bren Attorney/ high school dropout [90's] Alex Tryst Second Chances
Casey/Pam Ex-Pro Basketballer/ Lawyer [90ís] M.E. Tudor Second Chances
Angela/Elise Separated friends daughters meet at school [90's] Victoria Traw [aka Littlespit] Second Generation
Rayna/Zoe Club goer/ waitress [90's] Bekah Kennedy Second Guessing
Kyra/Dani College soccer players [90's] Niki Second Half
Anne/Melanie Lovers reunite Summer Lynn Forester Second Rate Dreams
Anton/ Gwynneth Warrior attracted to brother's bride-to-be [Medieval] A.K. Naten Second Son
Dan/Bryn Surgeon / Infectious Disease doctor [90's] Revan Second Soul
Christine Intenet chats provide relief G. S. Binkley Secret Journal of X. Stand deNair
Jordan/Kel Young woman lusts after friends date [90's] GESPaws Secrets and Secrets Revealed No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Michelle Aristocrat/ musician deBonheur Secrets of the Hoary Deep
Charlie/Laura Married woman is seduced [90's] S. Anne Gardner Seduction of Laura (The)
??? Halloween tale Kamouraskan Seeing Things
Mac/Davis CEO/research scientist [90's] Blue Seeing Through the Ides of Love
Selene/Nix An orb unites a society [fantasy] Windstar / Zee Selene and Nix (1) 
Khelin Warrior seeks to rule all [fantasy] Windstar / Zee Blood and Thunder (2) 
??? Unrequited love Bo Merg Selfless Love
Ronnie/Brennan Marine Sgt/ recruit [90's] Larisa Semper Fi
Skylar/Franca Student/ high school English teacher [90's] Nyxie September (1)
Nyxie Love in February... (2)
Nyxie Dreams In June (3)
Nyxie November Rain And Clear December Skies (4)
Nyxie March 1st (5)
Angel/Belle Singer/ social worker [20's] Palomine Serafina's Song
Katalina/ Christine vampire /clothes mender Panther Serchu Nos
Ariel/Charlie College students meet at party [90's] J. Peterson Serendipity
Rory/Amy Businesswoman/ airport traveler [90's] Rocky Serendipity
Kris/Ryanne Sergeant/ cafť owner [90's] C. E. Gray Sergeant of the Heart
Gina/Lily Service rep/ admin. Assistant [90's] BJ Gale Service Call
??? Woman / cable girl [90's] SuzyRNC Service Call
Dana/Gay & Allison Prison Leader/ ex-journalist & inmate born in the prison [SciFi] Willowluvr Seven Circles of Hell (1)
    Willowluvr Final Solution (2)
Kira/Morgan Two women meet via internet [90's] ROCS Seven Words
Sharran/Hazel Nomad warrior/ healer [Fantasy] Snow Raven Seventh Path (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Dev/Cassie creative director/ ad agent [90's] K. Simpson [aka ROCFanKat] Several Devils series [1-6]
remaining stories No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? Halloween interlude K. Simpson Half To Death No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Crbin/Sarah Casino mgr./ high roller [90's] KM Brown Severed
Piper/Alison Patient/ doctor [Sci Fi] GreekWarrior Sex Education
Ellie/Katherine CSI/Federal Agent [90ís] Lisa S. Shades of Death
??? Fighter pilots clash  Jurgen Anders Shades of Grey
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals [90's] Taleweaver Shades of Immortality
Kyle/Dane Leather women [80's] Radclyffe Shadowland
Jessie/Rowan Ex-drug dealer/ grad student [90's] J. D. Jenkins [aka GabTBard] Shadows (1)
J. D. Jenkins After the Darkness (2)
Lee/Kaitlin Women pay for their love [90ís] Ladyhawke Shadows
Kate/Lisa Financial mgr./ secretary [90's] Sal Shadows
Sadden/???  Vampire/ ?  [1600] Fiur / Vlamme Shadows and Dust (1)
Fiur / Vlamme Heart of an Angel (2)
Shadow/ Sunshine Dark cat befriends a young kitten C. Paradee Shadows In The Night
Anna/Lily Car dealer/ family lawyer [90's] K.G.MacGregor Shaken (1)
K.G.MacGregor Stirred (2)
K.G.MacGregor Strained (3)
K.G.MacGregor Anna's Christmas (4)
K.G.MacGregor I Told You So (5)
K.G.MacGregor Blood of My Blood (6)
Augusta/Dale Maestro/ injured traveler [90's] Leslie Ann Miller Shamrock Snow
Jo/Deborah Grocery clerk haunted by nightmares [90ís] Ladyhawke Shards
Chris/Carais A player meets her match [90's] Ladyhawke Shattered
Shane/Antonia Gang member/ schoolmate [90's] Tragedy88 Shattered Innocence
Susan/Natalie Woman turns to another when dumped [90's] Balticbard She Cried
??? Visitor watches woman sleep [SciFi] Tara Chen She Is A Beautiful Creature When She Sleeps
Lynn/Tori Tutoring pays off [90ís] Verda Foster She Loves me, She Loves me not
Sheena Woman gifted with psychic sight [90ís] Claudette Dillard Sheenaís Sight
Skip/ Flighty Shepherdess and friend [fantasy] Ellis Acton Bell Shepherd's Tale (A)
Sheridan/Lark Business tycoon/personal assistant [90ís] G. Brooke Sheridanís Fate
Xan/Gabrielle Outlaw/ nobleman's daughter [fantasy] L. Graham Sherwood series [1-3] No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Rebecca/ Catherine Vice cop/ psychiatrist [80's] Radclyffe Shield of Justice (1)
Radclyffe In Pursuit of Justice (2)
??? Ninja reflects [Fantasy] Carola "RyŻchan" Eriksson Shinobi
Rebekha/Sarah Patient/ cybernetics specialist [SciFi] Lorien Patton Ship Who Remembered (The) I & II
Ashley/Leeann Friends on vacation [90's] Mavis Applewater Short Vacation (A) (1)
Mavis Applewater Coming Home (2)
Katherine Slave vows revenge Tianna Shepherd Shot Down
Sylver/Amber [SciFi] Rocky Shot In the Dark (A)
??? Woman muses [90's] A. Hawk Should I Lose Her
Chase/Micah Writer realizes there is a 2nd chance [90ís] Ambrosia Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
??? Sexy shower [90's] Sparx Shower Scene
Kate/Clare Tennis athlete meets a girl in a shower [90ís] A Tietz Shower to Remember (A)
JP/Lynne Smoldering show [90's] Shadylady Showered With Love
Frances/Katie Lawyer/ accounting student [90's] Katia Ruiz Sibling's Rivalry (A)'s%20Rivalry.html
Lillian Warrior noblewoman [fantasy] Leslie Ann Miller Seige (The)
Chris Search & Rescue/ writer [90's] Gerri Hill Sierra City No Longer Available -- published as a book
??? PWP Sandra Barret Signs
??? Woman welcomes the dawn [fantasy] Tuesday-Rose Steves Silence Of Her Soul
Rachael /Dilana Mute woman/ writer [90's] JM Dragon Silence of Love
??? ??? BS Raven Silence of the Mist (The)
Reed/Jae Actress/ director [90's] Llachlan Silent Legacy (1) [aka Glass Houses]
CiarŠn Llachlan Leavitt Blow the House Down (2)
Llachlan Directorís Cut (3)
??? Assassin talks about love karenk Silver Bullet
??? Werewolf/ young woman [Sci Fi] J Falconer Silver Bullet (The)
Samantha/ Danielle Architect/writer Dsea Silver Lining
Jynx/Nan Toy Retail mgr./ assistant explore possibilities D Simple Pleasures
Brandy/Megan Women meet in New World [1620's] Amy van Dyke Simpler Days
??? [Fantasy] Jessie Simply Magical
Lady/Echo Pulp Fiction: Vega P. I./ client Cephalgia Sin City Confidential
Parren emissary /[fantasy] S. Derkins Sinagua Skies
Camille/Audrey Woman on blind date meets piano player [90's] Mavis Applewater Sing For Me
Barbara/Aeron Research assist. / paranormal investigator [90's] At3sparky Singapore Illusions Or Skeeter and the Amazing Technicolor Ghost Hunt (1)
At3sparky Kansas City Nights or Skeeter Goes to Hell (2)
Jo/Shay Partners stressed over a car [90's] C. E. Gray Single Tear
Harriet/Nichola Bereft exec/ scientific researcher [90's] J M Dragon / Erin O'Rielly Single Tear (A) (1)
Harriet/Lauren J M Dragon / Erin O'Rielly New Beginnings (2)
??? J M Dragon / Erin O'Rielly Reconciliation (3)
Patience/Grace Witch seeks revenge [Horror] Nene Adams Sinister
Thorn Assassin warped to another dimension [SciFi] Maderlin Bidmead Sinner
Dana/Kym Orphan turned assassin/ singer [70's - 90's] Bored Pup Sins of the Past No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Hayley/ Rachel Bodyguard/ singer's security chief [90's] contest challenge KG MacGregor Sister (The)
Charlie/Belinda Bodyguard/ rock singer [90's] contest challenge zuke Sister (The)
Caison/Julia Step-sister fight and love [90ís] Kim Pritekel Sisterly Love
Torrid/ Monica/ Drelica Tattooist/ archeologist [90ís] Black Cherry Skin Deep series [1-5]
Sharon/Jackie Met in a bar/ kiss on a ride [90's] Jan Hull Sky Ride
Rona/ Evin Lord/ slave Wolfie Slave (The) (1)
Wolfie Lord (The) (2)
Wolfie Traitors (The) (3)
Wolfie Kiss (The) (4)
Jess/Ally Friends help each other J. S. Connolly Slave to Love
Alex/Cally Artist's dreams confuse reality [90's] D. K. Ward Sleep (The)
Briannon/ Devin Vampire tale [Fantasy] Crystal Michallet Sleep Comes Too Late
??? Woman unable to sleep [90's] Tania Ingram Sleepless Nights
??? Woman reflects [90's] Lost Forever Sleepless Nights Thoughts and Discoveries
Lindsey/Emily TV Reporter/ librarian [90ís] Kim Baldwin Slice of Heaven (A)
Slow/Elle Students find each other [90's] D. Jordan Redhawk Slow Movin' (1)
D. Jordan Redhawk Tutorin' (2)
D. Jordan Redhawk County Fair (3)
D. Jordan Redhawk Bleedin' Hearts (4)
D. Jordan Redhawk Slow Valentine (5)
D. Jordan Redhawk Birthday Gifts (6)
Alex/Tory Best friends become more [90ís] EvelynC Slow Rise
??? Night time musings Wolfvee Small Interlude (A)
Develas Smith gets help from magical cuckoo Alexiares Smith and the Cuckoo (The)
Melissa/ Jacquilene Southern lady/ yankee deserter [civil war] V. Anderson Smoke is Blue and Gray No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Tess/Nikki Photographer/ mayor's daughter [90's] MJ Snap Shots (1)
MJ Snap Shots (2)
Rachel/Elke Women in Nazi Germany [40's] M. A. Ward Snapshots of a Life Half-Lived
Mel/Jay Winter wonderland brings peace to a couple [90's] JB Snow at Christmas
??? Hot tub and sex [90's] T. Stratton Snow Dance
Snow creature [fantasy] Carola Eriksson Snowborn
Angie Snowstorm strands old acquaintances [90's] Margaret A. Helms Snowbound
Randi/Megan physician / detective story writer [90's] Queenfor4 Snowbound
Jordan/Mickey Women trapped in snowstorm [90's] Sheri Snowed In
Jay/Jennifer Rockers reflect [90's] Dimples So Close, So Far (1) 
Dimples Through Thick and Thin (2) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Various Femmes compare butches [90's] Blue Dragon Softer Side of Butch (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Drew/Jem Dying woman reflects on her 1st love DevenK Softly, The Rain Is Falling No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Dean/Ranelle Naval Cpt./ Reporter [89's] SB Zarben Soldier's Peace (A)
Mick/??? Engineer/ Red Cross volunteer [90's] F.C. Barnes Solemates No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? Time for remembering [90's] D Solitude
??? Holiday goes wrong [90's] Panda Solstice To Forget (A)
Jasmine/Vas Woman with eating disorder [90's] Verity Some Kind of Love No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? Woes of relationships Kimber Someone Else Not Me
Tanya/Gabrielle Two women meet in a diner [90's] Rab Donald Someone to Watch Over You
Sterling/Sam attorney/ realtor[90's] Anne Reagin Someone's Justice
Two Women Roommates [90's] Birdmom Something About The Eyes No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Kyra/Gillian Roommates visit sex toy shop [90's] Mavis Applewater Something Different
Shihan/ Annabel Security specialist/ heiress both with past lives [90's] Richard B. Kloosterboer Something Else
Conner Turette's sufferer [90's] Denic Something I Said
Tara/Sarah Neighbors share a hot tub with strange bath salts [90's] DS Bauden / kd bard Something in the Water
Annah(Jordan)/ Rivers Woman assumes another's identity [90's] J. Rose Somewhere in Hollywood
Ewan/Ty Musician/ astronaut [90ís] D Somewhere in the Night
Rachel/Elise Writer/actress [90's] [movie rewrite] DS Bauden Somewhere in Time
Xena/Ellie Warrior/ Doctor [90's] Friction Somewhere In Time
Gina & Lydia / Katherine & Laurel Couples play but which are real [90's] Sage Amante Song Interrupted
Anna [Stash]/ Lariel Detective & singer/ song writer Kamouraskan Song of the Candle (The)
??? PWP Lessa Song of Sorrow
Dark Warrior/ Sun Child Folklore tale Lariel Song of the Sun Child (The)
??? (Xena/Gabrielle) Elderly women; wheel chair / antique dealer [90's] Kamouraskan Sonnet
Sophie/Caroline softball coach/ English teacher [90's] Mavis Applewater Sophie's Game (1)
Mavis Applewater Sophie's Game II (2)
Mavis Applewater Sophie's Game III (3)
Daryn/Jane Pulp Fiction: Sorority sisters clash [90's] Dawn Lemanne Sorority Sisters
Alex/Christian Rancher/ singer  recall their past [90's] Carlisle Sotta La Luna
Ifan Halloween tale about a soul eater Lariel Soul Cakes
Hanna Troubled child Laura Mitchell [aka BlindzonElyzon] Soul Decision (A)
Jessica/ Rosalind Tragic tale of love ßara Soul Mates
Lawrence/ Amanda Man steals the body of another [Fantasy] Jas. Hook Soul of Ships (The)
Kass/ Julie FBI counter-terrorism agent/ journalist [SciFi] C. Paradee Soul Searching
Marla/Sandy Writer helps apt. neighbor [90's] Bonnie (Berlinpup) Soul Watchers
Talia/Kelly Fire fighter helps trapped woman [90's] Patty S Soul's Rescue
Robin/Jess Woman helps a girl return home [90's] Taiko Souls Intertwined (1)
  Reunited 10 years later Taiko Troubled Soul (A) (2)
Alexa/Heidi Nun/ oldest daughter [40's] Catkin Sound of Chakrams
JJ(Jeana)/ Beverly Bodyguard/ singer [90's] J. S. Stephens Sound of Love
Sam Rainy nite & changes [90ís] Ladyhawke Sound of Rain (The)
Mavi/Ana Roommates [90's] Stacia Seaman Sound of Snow (The)
??? PWP Alex Tryst Southern Summer Night
Brett/Dray Competing space racers [Sci Fi] contest challenge Idryth Space Race
Brett/Dana Competing space racers [Sci Fi] contest challenge Black Daemon Space Race: Only the Good Die Young
Pillar/Ianna Pirate/ young noblewoman  Mary G Spanish Eyes
Engilborg/Ceara Viking warrior/ Irish woman [middle ages] Patsbard Spark of Hope (A)
Kris bartender Shadowriter Speakeasy
?/Reid Lonely girl [Sci Fi] Nina Bergles Special
Regina/Tess Mail carrier/ librarian [90's] Mavis Applewater Special Delivery (1)
Mavis Applewater Postman Always Rings Twice (2)
Bailey/Annie Woman is stalked [90's] Erin O'Rielly Specter of Fear
??? Inherits a sexy ghost [90's] Redhawk Spectral Supplication
Adrian/Harper Tattoo artist/ poet-teacher [90's] Michael Salat / Joann Muscolo Speed of the Beat of My Heart (The)
K.J/Ketsy CFO and Scrabble champ meet at the behest of afriend [90's] Medora MacD Spellbound
Payton/Rachel Childhood friends [Veterinarian/ painter] reunite [90's] Deb Kern Spells Really Do Come True
Spiderwoman/ Mary Jane Woman fantasizes [90's] Blackstetson Spiders Weave a Web of Wild Tales
Bailey/Mary Jane Highschoolers [90's] C.E. Gray Spin the Bottle
??? PWP Debbie Dee Spirit Of The Soul
Sarah Death at sea Nene Adams Splendor to the Dead
Kate/Chase Sex crime detective/ IAD Lieutenant [90ís] Stone Split Second
Sloan/Lany Writer writes about psychic power [90ís] Robin Alexander Spooky
Belinda/Tricksy Lightening induce portrait spurs on friends [Horror] Nene Adams Spirits White as Lightening
Multiple characters Past Lives [SciFi] Diamonddog [deceased] Splinters of the Soul
Jordan/Jessica Music student/ actress [90's] Muzza Spotlight
Victoria/Jessie Students go on break [90's] LadyJ Spring Break
Nicky/Jay Hikers meet on Pacific Coast trail [90ís] Koda Graystone Stained Pages (1)
Koda Graystone Finding Your Dreams (2)
Koda Graystone Hidden Whip (The) (3)
???/ Emelie Obsessed lawyer/ actress [90's] Kamouraskan Stalker
Charlie/Sarah Highwayman absconds with lady [fantasy] Nene Adams Stand and Deliver
Jesse/Jackie Suicidal woman meets a friend [90's] Teagen2 Stand Off
Liana/Kelly Starship Capt/ Trader [SciFi] Caley Woulfe Star Struck
Julie/Kimba Teacher/ Lawyer [90's] Bibbit Starry Sky (The)
Randy/Shay Woman finds new love hustling pool in a bar [90's] Mavis Applewater Starting Over (1)
Mavis Applewater Just The Beginning (2)
Cat/Julie Cabbie/ young woman Kelly Aten Starting Over (1)
Kelly Aten Moving On (2)
Beth/Bailey Strangers help each other [90ís] djwood Starting Over
Alex/Jules Novice reporter/ drug dealer-enforcer [90's] Kamouraskan Stashed
Shelley/Angela College baseball players [90's] Pruferblue Staying In the Game
Brie/Tarie Construction foreman/ new young owner [90's] Wizzy Steel Free Fall (1)
Wizzy Free Falling Fate (2)
Shawn/Stevie Decorator meets a young woman [90ís] DK Ward Stevieís Room (1)
DK Ward Half Past Seven(2)
Aster/Glenda Wild nite leads to strange bedfellows [90ís] Mavis Applewater Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed (1)
Mavis Applewater After The Honeymoon (2)
Gracie/Maggie Wheelchair bound woman reflects [90ís] Devize Still Life
Jess/Lara Architect/ writer [90's] Felioness Still Loving You
Sarah/Brianna Young women [90's] Jude Still Thinking of a Title
Empress/ Dazell Empress/ Slave [2253] T. Novan Stitch In Time (A)
??? Constructed humans [SciFi] Barbara Buncle Stochastic Resonance No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Lia/Jessie Friends relationship changes [90's] Balticbard Stolen Soul No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Vonne Working ranch vacation [90s] KG MacGregor Stolen Souls
??? Fans of TV show [90's] Jera Stories
Angel/Renee Student/ lawyer [90's] damnation Storm (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Leah PWP Lani Radack Storm (The)
    Kim Pritekel Storm Chaser
Alex/Conner FBI Agent/ undercover cop [90's] KatLyn Storm Surge
Storm Uber Callisto Nyxie Storm's Debt
??? Young woman is terrorized S. Berry Stormy
Renťe/Cath Woman falls for a straight woman [90's] Siel le Dain Story (The) (1)
Siel le Dain Story Goes On (The) (2)
Casey/ Samantha Aerobics [90's] gabster82 Story of Love
Randi/ Mackenzie Driving Instructor/ nurse [90's] Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper) Story of Me (The)
Growing up Athenian Bard Story of My Life (The)
??? Woman recalls her 1st meeting with lover [90's] Austin Hunter Daniels Story of Us (The)
Alexandra/ Delicia Surgeon/thief Caley Woulfe Story Starter - A Fan Fic Parody
Val/Jaz Wounded fighter pilots [90's] Pamela Lord Strains of Wagner
Farrell /Jackie Pinkerton agent /journalist ala Nellie Bly [1890's] Bracer Straight Through The Heart
Val/Jaz Injured fighter pilots [90's] Pam Lord Strains of Wagner
Jamie/Sarah Cop strats off on wrong foot with doctor [90's] Dimples Strange Circumstances No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Cyber/Gaylon Futuristic sex [Sci Fi] LB Anderson Strange Days Ho' No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Motorcyle Xena/ Brie Motorcycle/ teenager [SciFi] BikerBard Strange Fate
Gina/Kelly PWP J Rosestar Stranger (The)
Zoe/Stranger Down on luck women [90's] Brigit M. Morgan Stranger and Zoe (The)
??? Discussion about a garden Claire Withercross Stranger In the Garden
Xena/ Sara(Gabrielle) Protector/ ex-mafia wife [90's] Sword'n'Quill Stranger In Your Eyes (The) (1)
Sword'n'Quill To Stand Together Through the Storm (2)
Xena(Taylor) Candace (Gabrielle) Gabrielle's soul inhabits another [Time travel] Kandis Glasgow Stranger Paths series [1-3]
Cody/Piper Travelers [90's] Moogy Strangers on A Train
Liz/Alex Writer & stalker victim/ police detective [90's] J. A. Bard Strangers Until We Meet (1)
J. A. Bard Getting To Know You (2)
J. A. Bard Rewrite: Assignment: Sunrise
J. A. Bard New Friends and Old Enemies (4)
Randy/Brittany Graphic Designer/ mag. Columinist [90s'] Ri Strangers When We Meet
???/Cait Serial killer/ FBI Agent [90's] Pallas Strangle the Heart
??? Commercial break [90's] Fantasy Bard Strapped For Love
Pam/Carolyn Women meet in produce section [90's] S/ra / Ms.T Strawberry Wine
JC Camping  [90's] J.M. Wockler Stream (The)
Jocelyn/Sammy Social worker/ homeless woman [90's] Larisa Street People
Taylor/Chris ???/mechanic [90ís] Claire Lanham Strength Inside (The)
Tess/Rebecca Model/ artist [90's] Mavis Applewater Strike A Pose
Jacqueline/ Evelyn Biology Teacher likes student's mom AK Naten Strike Out
Chase/Striker New employee of bowling alley meets daughter [90's] Larisa Striker
Kelly/Jessie Friends & roomates [90's] Inyx Strings Attached
Slick/Sadie Club owner/ dancer [90's] L. B. Anderson Strippin'
??? Instant sex [90's] Sarah Berry Stud series [1-6]
Future Xe/ Gabrielle Sailor/ pre-med student Harker Study As She Goes
Morgan/Julie Director/ actress [90's] Lynn Ames Stuff Legends Are Made Of (The)
Diz/Jazz Cops [Gun Shy parody] Carrie's AJ Stun Gun Shy
Brenna/Alannah Rewards for studying [90's] Fantasy Bard / BlackStetson Subdued
Group 50's diner patrons chat with a girl from the past Kamouraskan Submitted For Your Approval
Samantha/Jude PWP JL Nicky Such is Love
Lian/Sabrina Cook/ waitress [90's] Katherine Smyth [aka Cheshy] Sugar and Spices (aka All Things Come)
??? ??? Texbard Suicide Blonde
Roo/CB Lovers on summer day [90's] Boo's Roo Summer and Lightning
Vannessa/Ellie Artist/ student-waitress [90's] Dee Summer Between (The)
Danni/Cody Gardener/ student [90's] MJ Summer Heat
??? PWP Lessa Summer Holiday
Carol/Quinn Swim coach/ high school graduate [90's] S. Lee Summer Love (1)
Paula/?? Woman dressed as Xena kidnaps a sane person [90's] Lariel Summer Madness
Trace/Shannon Ranch hand / ranchwoman [90's] J. W. Heart Summer of Need (1)
J. W. Heart Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (2)
J.W. Heart Winter of Discontent (The) (3)
J.W. Heart Last Hurrah (The) (4)
Jordan/ Gwenneth knight/ queen [Medieval] Kaia Summer Reign
Iliana/Meri Partners reminisce [90's] JM Dragon Summer Revelations of Prejudice
Two women On commuter train [90's] LacePriest Summer Train
Summer/Alison Circus owner/ journalist [90's] Barbara Davies Summer's Circus (1)
Barbara Davies Summer Reunion (A) (2)
Dakota/Bianca Former camp counselors reunite [90ís] Mavis Applewater Summer Sunset
Melissa/Ezra Freedom fighters [SciFi] Eveh Sun Angel in Training
??? PWP Lessa Sunday Interlude
??? A couple reminisces about Valentine's Day meeting [90's] Troubleshooter Sunday Mornings
Cathelin/ Madrigal Knight/ slave [1100's] Nene Adams Sunne in Gold (1)
Nene Adams Sunne in Scarlet (The) (2)
??? PWP Lyraine Surface Tension series [1-4]
Diana/Charlie Ex-operative/ lawyer [90's] Paul Seely / Jennifer Garza Surfacing (1)
Paul Seely / Jennifer Garza Persistence of Memory (2)
??? BDSM B. Jay Surprise Visit
Julie/Caroline Mothers converse [90's] F.J. Davey Surprises
Carmen/Judith Marketing consultant/ travel agent [90ís] K. G. MacGregor Surreal
Taylor/Jen Detectives undercover in high stakes poker [90ís] Stone Surrender
??? ??? Jenah Surrounded by Love
Crow/Bronwyn Vampire helps a young girl Jordan Falconer Survivor
Corey/Rachel FBI agent/ serial killer victim [90's] Lynka Survivor (The) (1)
Lynka Terror from the Net (2)
Cass/Allison FBI profiler/ suspect [90's] RescueWarrior Suspect(The)
Susan/Comfort Researcher / blues player  Nene Adams Sweet Comfort Blues
Toni/Maria Woman's car breaks down [90's] Lesley Thomson Sweet Chicago Nights No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
???/Laura Broken-hearted woman is befriended at an inn [90's] Kim Pritekel Sweet Dreams Are Made of These No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Nicole/Ariana [90's] D. Virtue Sweet N' Juicy
Blaire/Joely Squabbling partners get pulled into musical world [90's] Ambrosia Sweet n' Sour
/Alessandra musicican/ art archaelogist [90's] Jessica A. Michallet Sweet Rapture
Cassie/Andrea Young women in love [90's] Katia N. Ruiz Sweet Surrender (A)
Jesse/Jennifer Western women unite [1880's] Mickey Sweetwater (1)
Mickey Bannack (2)
Mickey Bozeman (3)
Mickey Rolling Thunder (4)
Mickey Fireweed (5)
Mac/Truman Private Detective/ inventory clerk [90's] Larisa Swing Time
Taryn/Mia Partner swapping leads to something more [90's] Ambrosia Switch (The)
Randgrid/ Megan Viking Leader/ earl's daughter [700] Jera Sword of Odin (The)
Sydney/JT Fan gets to meet a favorite singer [90ís] JL Nicky Sydneyís Serenade
???/Leah Investment banker/ painter [90's] Xenalicious Symbiosis
Giovanni/ Evelynne Bartender/attorney [90's] T. Harley [aka Harlequin] Symphony