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last updated: February 13, 2011

Waiting - J. Peterson available in ebook format
A college student anxiously awaits the return of her roommate and lover. Just a tiny bit of mindless fluff.

Waiting in the Wings - Ali Vali available in ebook format
G.W. Steinblack is in Paris trying to lure the elusive Gwendolyn Flora to sign with the family's publishing house. While in a cafe for breakfast a young American, Piper catches her eye. A chance meeting allows the pair to talk and G.W. begins to fall for the woman. Unfortunately Piper is on a holiday prior to getting married and reluctantly returns to America. A despondent G.W. finally lands Ms. Flora and returns to New Orleans where she finds out that Piper is her brother's fiancee... or is she?

Waking the Muse - PolRobin
Summary Pending

Wall of Silence - Gabgold available in ebook format
It was supposed to be an average bust. Minimal backup. Minimal trouble. But everyone has their limit and Foster Everett has just reached hers.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8 (conclusion)

War Between the Hearts - Nann Dunne
Self-centered and headstrong, Sarah-Bren Coulter becomes a Union spy working for the Confederate Army as a courier-scout. Unforeseen savagery spawns a lust for revenge that darkens her soul, while family and friends struggle to help her. Can an enemy be the one to lead her back to the light?

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11    Part 12    Part 13

War, Peace, Love & Understanding - CD McKendry [unfinished]
At the age of seventeen, Kristina decides she has to leave. She has to get away from her abusive father, indifferent mother and oppressive school. Twelve years later, she receives a phone call asking her to return to her childhood hell to care for her dying mother. There she has to face the past she has worked so hard to escape and the woman that pushed her over the edge...

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7&8    Part 9&10    Part 11&12

Warlock's Shadow - JH
Every family has its share of secrets and skeletons. The Morgan family is no exception. But one of those skeletons is about to be dug up and Casey Morgan is not at all happy.

Warlord Metal - click to buy

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Warlord Metal - Redhawk
A dark tale of the rise and fall of a heavy metal musician.

Fifteen     Sweet Sixteen     Senior Year     Eighteenth     Responses     Popularity     Turbulence     Vicious Truth     Awakenings - Xena    Awakenings - Uber


Warrior's Heart - Darkone available in ebook format
X-Files crossover. Ares is after a rock singer's lover who looks like a certain warrior princess.

War Zone - Goesome available in ebook format
[Academy 101 Story Premise] Lt. Karen Grant is a good and able leader of her men.  When wounded by a sniper in a war zone, she turns to her Sgt. asking him to contact her love, a sweet woman named Rennie.

Watching Her - Gentle Rebel
A brief story about 2 women and the importance of one moment in time.

Way Things Should Be (The) - Carrie Carr available in ebook format
Set several months after their commitment ceremony, Lex and Amanda try to settle down into a normal life. As usual, things don't go smoothly for either of them. Amanda struggles to come to terms with what she wants for the future, while Lex fights for everything that is important to her.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11 (conclusion)

Way You Look Tonight (The) by Bardaholic
Love at first sight during a party on a cruise ship, Titanic II.

We Do What We Can - Girlbard available in ebook format
This story follows I Know This Bar and Houdini's Box. This is the third (but not final) story in the series.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11    Part 12    Part 13    Part 14    Part 15

Wather Outside Is Frightful (The) - Akiela Xal

Wedding Woes - Akiela Xal

Wednesday Afternoon Series - Mavis Applewater

1. Home For The Holidaysavailable in ebook format
is about two ex-lovers reunited for the Thanksgiving.

A friendly game of cards presents an interesting jackpot
Water's Edge available in ebook format
Jobeth takes a long needed vacation at a cabin in the woods to find herself involved in a mystery.
2.I'll Be Home For Christmasavailable in ebook format
Tressa and Lindsey continue to rekindle their romance.
Deuces Are Wildavailable in ebook format
(Part Two of The Queen of Hearts) Regina tries her luck at in a game of chance.

Undercover available in ebook format
Regan is a private investigator who ends up w/her own life being exposed. More smut <bg>

The Stakeout available in ebook format
part two of Undercover

3. Do Not Open Before Christmas
Continuation of I'll Be Home for Christmas finds the duo anticipating the festive holiday
Ring In The Old, Ring In The Newavailable in ebook format
Co-workers celebrate New Years Eve
Summer Sunset
Dakota remembers Summer Camp and her first love.
4. Happy New Year
Followup to Do Not Open Before Christmas

Coffee Break available in ebook format
Monica finally has some time only to find herself meeting someone she can't wait to spend her time with.

Dinner With The Family
(Coffee Break Part 2) Meeting the in-laws can be stressful.

Miss. Larilies Lesson available in ebook format
a young shop girl and the new school teacher strike up a friendship.

Stolen Moments available in ebook format
a follow up to Miss Larilia's Lesson.

Nellie's Quest available in ebook format
Nellie travels East to join Vivian, uncertain if she will be a welcome sight.

5. Cupid's Arrow available in ebook format
(Part Five of The Home For The Holiday's Series) Lindsey and Tressa celebrate Valentines Day.
Pizza, Pizza available in ebook format
A woman thinks all she wants from her Friday night, is just to relax and enjoy a pizza, until she meets the delivery girl.
Cast List
The director of a play falls for her leading lady.
6. Easter Surprise
An Easter Suprise reunites Lindsey & Tressa from The Home For The Holidays Series.

Home Improvement available in ebook format
A woman hires a sexy plumber who doesn't seem to notice her.

Cora's Gift available in ebook format
Part two of Home Improvement.

A Day At The Mall available in ebook format
Maggie encounters a very friendly sales girl while
7. By Dawns Early Light
Part Seven of Home For The Holidays. Tressa and Lindsey are back to celebrate Independence Day.

Danica's Dilemmaavailable in ebook format

The Cabana available in ebook format
Ginny is on a business trip and enjoys a poolside encounter with a beautiful blonde.

8. Long Weekend available in ebook format
(Part Eight of Home For The Holidays) Tressa and Lindsey are back for another Holiday.

Rule 47
A stressed executive is sent away on a retreat to relax.

Rules Are There To Be Broke available in ebook format
the follow up story to Rule 47 Rae & Sam are back for their final week of touchy feely camp and finding it harder to break the rules.

Truth or Dare available in ebook format
Playing everyone's favorite game at a slumber equals, PWP.

Blissful Surrender available in ebook format
or Truth Or Dare Part Two, reunites two women who shared a stormy romance in High School, now that they are all grown up can they make things work?

9. Holiday Cheer
Tressa & Lindsey are back for the last installment of the Home For The Holiday Series.
Fanning The Flames available in ebook format
A woman discovers that cooking a holiday meal can be not only challenging but rewarding as well

New Beginnings available in ebook format
A young mother meets the mother of her daughter's classmate and finds something she wasn't looking for.

Dashing Thru The Snowavailable in ebook format
A reporter and her camerawoman find themselves trapped in a snow storm. PWP. Winner of The Bards Village Snowed In Challenge.
Ring In The Old, Ring In The New
Co-workers celebrate New Years Eve

Fielders Choice available in ebook format
This one is A League Of Their Own done up Mavis style.

Spring Training (Fielder's Choice Part Two) In this lengthy sequel Bobbie faces life on the farm, a new season without Cherish and much more.

Let It Rainavailable in ebook format
Sequel to Dashing Thru The Snow once again unexpected weather brings some surprises.
Matinee available in ebook format
Two women share more than popcorn at the picture show.
The Drive-In
A woman reflects upon a past love.

A Woman in Uniform
Two naval officers find themselves locked up together in a very chilly enviroment.

A Call To Service
Part two of A Woman In Uniform. Mauve finally gets her rematch.

Jury Dutyavailable in ebook format
Walker finds that doing her civic duty can be very rewarding.

Reaching A Verdict available in ebook format
(Jury Duty Part Two)Now that they have reached a verdict Walker and Celine are free to explore their feelings for one another.

Rain's Journey available in ebook format
A western about a drifter and an attractive widow.

The Limo available in ebook format
Shares more than a ride with her limo driver

Tamara's Turnavailable in ebook format
Part two of the Limo.

Under The Mistletoeavailable in ebook format
is a holiday about a dog walker who gets snowed in with her attractive employer.
The Promise
Set in Amsterdam in 1939. Glenna makes a promise that leads her life in a new direction.
Breakfast With Amelia
Reyna comes home to see her family before she is sent overseas.
The Postwoman Always Rings Twiceavailable in ebook format
Tess and Regina are back in the sequel to the very first Wednesday Afternoon Story.

Do Not Open Before Christmasavailable in ebook format

Strike A Pose
an artist and her model create more than art together.
The Beach available in ebook format
A woman finds herself caught in memories from the past while helping her brother repair an old beach house.

The Repairwoman available in ebook format
Things heat up for Sandy when her air conditioner breaks.

Cold Fire available in ebook format
(Repairwoman Part Two)
Max is back this time she heats things up for Sandy.

That Thursday Afternoon available in ebook format
A passionate first time story.

The Body Guard available in ebook format
A security specialist is assigned to protect a tempermental actress.

Babysitting Charlie available in ebook format
(The Body Guard Part 2)
Charlie is once again proving to be a handful.

Here Comes The Brideavailable in ebook format
A cocktail waitress entertains at a bachelorette party.

The Bride Wore Blue
which marks Mavis' 100th PWP [woo hoo Mavis! Congratulations!] , we finally find out how Lori from the popular PWP, Here Comes The Bride felt about what happened the night before her wedding. This isn't a sequel as much as a different look at the steamy story.

Second Chances available in ebook format
Gelya and Brenna get reaquainted. Part Two of That Thursday Afternoon
Happy New Yearavailable in ebook format

The Conqueror
The Conqueror is a little different instead of an Uber this one is a good old fashioned X&G Conqueror story.

Serving The Conqueror available in ebook format
(The Conqueror Part Two) [X&G Alt]

Gabrielle & Xena are still struggling to find a place in the other's world.

Special Delivery
A story proving that neither rain,sleet, or snow can prevent a MailWoman from delivering something special.
Laundry Dayavailable in ebook format
fluffing and folding has never been so much fun.
A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss
After chatting with friends a woman seeks out the first woman she kissed.

Test Drive

Crossroads available in ebook format
Part two of Test Drive.

Whatever Happened To . . .available in ebook format
Holly & Whitney discover that reunions can bring unexpected surprises.

One (The) available in ebook format
Whatever Happened To? Part Two) [Uber/Alt]

Whitney and Holly return home once again this time it isn't a happy reunion.

Breakfast With Amelia
Reyna comes home to see her family before she is sent overseas.
Just An Ordinary Day
A woman recalls her first love and deal with the present.

Welcome To The Neighborhood
Glenna's new neighbor turns her life upside down in some very interesting ways.

Hearts and Flowers
(Welcome to the Neighborhood Part 2)

Gwen and Eden's first Valentines Day together is filled with more than a few bumps along the way.

Trading Rooms available in ebook format
In this take off on Trading Spaces & Chaning Rooms, Ellie's sister convinces her that going on the popular television show and allowing their neighbors to redesign a room in their home is a good idea. She doesn't agree until she meets the designer
Something Different
Two friends find a new way to spend an afternoon.
Sing For Me
a woman learns that blind dates can be interesting.
Starting Over available in ebook format
Randy has just been dumped and is looking for something or someone to take her mind off of her troubles.

Island Dreams available in ebook format
Robbie Gunner is a carefree beach bum who makes a meager living flying pushy Americans around from the island paradise she calls home. Everything changes one day when she agrees to fly the most obnoxious woman she has ever met and they never reach their destination.

Back To Reality
(Island Dreams Part Two)
Robbie and Ginny are back for another adventure

Good Things Come In Small Packages available in ebook format
A woman discovers that good things really do come in small packages.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait available in ebook format
(Part Two of Good Things Come In Small Packages)
Teagan and Gayle are back and things heat up between them.

A shop girl meets a beautiful stranger on Halloween Night.

Finding Destiny available in ebook format
(Destiny Part 2) It is another Halloween and Destiny is back wondering if she will have another clandestine encounter?

Who Knew? available in ebook format
Anya flies back East for her college roommate's wedding. The only problem is she never told the bride she had a fling with her younger sister years earlier.

I've Always Known [the follow up to Who Knew?]
Reunited as adults Anya and Colleen are finally free to explore their feelings for one another.

Happy Birthday Jen available in ebook format
Jen receives a special birthday gift from a beautiful stranger.

Storm Warning
Now that Carrie has been reunited with a woman from her past she wonders if she will ever get to spend time with her?

Final Exam
College roommates discover a fun way to study.

Overtime available in ebook format
Sometimes working late can be rewarding.

Time & 1/2 available in ebook format
Once again we find that working overtime can be fun.

Roll of the Dice
On a business trip to Las Vegas a woman discovers that luck is indeed a lady.

Sophie's Game
A softball coach and a college student come to an interesting understanding.

Sophie's Game Part Two
Cal and Sophie go on a trip

Sophie's Game Part Three
Cal and Sophie are back and this time they are faced with some very serious challenges.

Damsel in Distress

Snowy Night (Damsel In Distress 2)available in ebook format

Morning Frost (Damsel In Distress 3) available in ebook format
Ryan is once again in need of roadside assistance and Casey is more than willing to give her a helping hand.

The Cabana available in ebook format
Ginny is on a business trip and enjoys a poolside encounter with a beautiful blonde.

Businesss Dealings) available in ebook format
(The Cabana Part 2) Deidre flies to Boston to review Ginny's workplace.

Threshold available in ebook format
Simone has died and now must go back to make amends with a woman she hurt many years ago.
Lost Amazon Tribe (The)
A woman is the only surviving member of a airplane crash. She discovers an amazon tribe and possibly her heart.
Bedlam available in ebook format
Amanda wins the lottery and loses her mind or does she?
Time Heals All Wounds
A woman gets dumped, breaks her watch and still finds happiness.

Family Reunion
A young teenager falls for another girl, unfortunately, the object of her affections is about to become her stepsister.

Extended Family
Sequel to 'Family Reunion'

Road Trip available in ebook format
Veronica reluctantly agrees to do a favor for her boss that turns into a nightmare.

Adventure On The High Seas
A pirate and lady enjoy an adventure.

Blair's Bounty available in ebook format
(Adventure On The High Seas Part 2) Blair & Remington are back for another adventure.

The Night We Almost Met Madonna available in ebook format
Two friends go to a concert only to discover each other.
Living on the Edge available in ebook format
Kylie is making a routine delivery when a sudden snow storm and mysterious woman disrupt her plans.

A Short Vacation
Ashley is in love with her cousin's wife.

Coming Home available in ebook format
(A Short Vacation Part 2) Ashley and Leeanne are home and must deal with their families reactions to their new relationship.

Angel's Heart available in ebook format
Life in prison becomes interesting for Angel when she meets a young imate who needs her help.

The Plaza Hotel
A short tale about a Governess and a Lady.

Patience's Haven
(The Plaza (Part 2)Bonnie and Patience try to adjust to their new life.

Lady Dunnesbury
a young bride encounters a rogue who opens up a brand new world for her.

Saving For Tomorrow available in ebook format
A bank employee finds romance in the most unlikely places.

April Showers available in ebook format
April Fools day leads a woman to view a close friend in a different light.
Angel Unchained available in ebook format
Angel tries to set LuAnn free even though she doesn't want to let her go.
Gemini available in ebook format
on a business trip to the East Coast a woman encounters someone she is convinced is her former lover, only problem is that her lover died over a decade ago.

Questions and Answer available in ebook format
over dinner a woman confides in a close friend of how she first discovered and lost love

Asked and Answered available in ebook format
the sequel to Questions & Answers, Devon explains what happened after her affair with Andrea ended.

Blind Dates and Other Tragedies
A woman agrees to go on a blind date only to have her life turned upside down.
House Sitting available in ebook format
A young college student house sits for her boss she never expected romance to be a part of the bargain.
Michelle's Chance available in ebook format
Horseback riding lessons turns to romance.
Desperately Seeking Clark available in ebook format
A halloween adventure turns interesting when a young woman discovers that Clark Kent is a woman.
Hidden Agenda available in ebook format
An executive is searching for a spy within her company only to discover that one of her employees has a very interesting secret life.
King's Frolic available in ebook format
A trip to a drag show proves to be very entertaining.

Home Stretch available in ebook format
During a long car trip a woman encounters, rain storms, traffic jams and romance.

Briars Creek available in ebook format
A saloon girl, a card game and a mail order bride brighten up a dreary mining town.
Parking Tickets and Other Annoyances available in ebook format
Parking tickets, snow storms and a cranky boss are all part of one woman's day. Things look up when she meets a very charming meter maid.
Bad Timing available in ebook format
Every time Bess enters Annie's life romance is out of the question.
Crossing Over (The Threshold Part 2) available in ebook format
The real Hilary has found a loop hole and gets her life back, Simone tries to intervine in an effort to keep Hilary from hurting the people she cares for.
Lessons Learned available in ebook format
A working girl takes a younger woman under her wing only to lose her heart.

Happy Birthday to Me available in ebook format
How would you spend your birthday? One woman decides to head off for a little vacation in Mexico only to discover a very unique gift awaiting her arrival.

True Hearts available in ebook format
(Happy Birthday to Me Part 2) Gena and Liora are together for Valentine's Day their plans for a romantic weekend change when Gena's parents arrive.

All in a Day's Work available in ebook format
Rumors at work put a young woman in an interesting situation.
Messenger (The) available in ebook format
A woman is regretting spending Valentine's Day alone until an attractive bike messegner litterally runs into her.
Party (The)
Lee throws a party and shares an interesting encounter with a stranger.
By Request available in ebook format
An older woman falls for a young college student.
Lucky Thirteen available in ebook format
college roomates discover that becoming addicted to computer games can lead to romance.
Easing the Tension available in ebook format
a masseur tries to keep a professional distance from an attractive client.
Detour available in ebook format
a truck stop waitress decides to take a chance on a mysterious stranger.
Living the Life available in ebook format
Do PWP's really happen in the real world? Shelia doesn't believe that they can until her friend challenges her to live out a PWP.
Can a woman who is the love 'em and leave type really change after a torrid encounter with a woman from her past? [original/alt]
Film at Eleven
Bettie & Becca meet on the day when gay marriage is finally a reality. Sparks fly when the duo meet during the historic event.

Rowan is a brave warrior with a secret to hide. She has been promised the hand of the Princess, can she keep her secret even on her wedding night? Or will the world finally discover that she is not a man? [original/alt]

Eternally (Everlasting Part Two)
In the sequel to Everlasting, Rowan is King and learning that wearing the crown is a heavy burden.

Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed
A fun filled trip to P-Town with friends turns into a nightmare for Aster when she wakes up the following day with the mother of all hang-overs, a tattoo and a wife.

After The Honeymoon
the sequel to Stewed,Screwed & Tattooed Glenda and Aster are enjoying wedded bliss except for one minor problem Glenda's parents have decided to visit.

Double Dating
Joan and her lover go on vaction with another couple the simple trip takes an unusual turn when her lover decides she wants to do more than just double date.
Just an Ordinary Day
A woman recalls her first love and deal with the present.

Welcome Home - Mia available in ebook format
This is a very short story of two people finding each other.

Welcome to Magnolia Manor - Sam Ruskin and Katherine E. Standell available in ebook format
Second place winner in Halloween Challenge 2002 Bards Village

Well, If You Hum a Few Bars - Zuke available in ebook format
Allison Peckham is not having a good day. She meets a beautiful stranger who tells her that she isn't at all who she thinks she is. Oh, and she dies. All she wants is a cup of coffee, but she has to deal with Dahok's return and the potential end of the world as we know it. Definitely not a good day.

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors - Infinitely Abstruse [unfinished]
Terri Kirkwood, a newly-appointed prison governor intent on personally reforming the corrupt justice system she has come to abhor, quickly learns that her naive ideologies are simply not practicable when faced with real criminals. Dealing with the heartache of helplessness and misogynist male colleagues is by no means an easy feat, but can gaining the trust of one wary inmate rekindle her faith? A poignant (and sometimes satirical) insight in to the prison service.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7    Part 8     Part 9     Part 10   

What She Needs - Daemon Rider [PWP/Please read the disclaimers!]
A old acquaintance in town calls for someone who knows exactly what she needs.

When Arts Collide - Julie Baker and LA Tucker available in ebook format
Mackinaw artist, Claire, is off to meet with the greeting card company who uses her drawings. Along the way she stumbles into a copywriter, Lee, tired of the dreck she writes and desperately looking for inspiration beyond the endless sea of beautiful sunsets artwork.

When In Rome - Redhawk available in ebook format
...Do as the Romans. Enjoy a span of time in the notorious bathhouses with a beautiful woman.

When Souls Collide - Kim Pritekel
An auto accident causes one woman to dream of another who is lost in a coma.

When We Met - bsoiree [unfinished]
Sometimes when a day starts out poorly, the results can be surprising.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10

When We Were Together - CarmenKid available in ebook format
New Year's Eve, a honeymoon suite, and two women...what else could this be? That's right, a first time story!

Where Eagles Fly - Saggio Amante [unfinished]
Hanging Hattie Lonigan is a judge in danger. Lark Mingye is a federal agent on a mission. When these two collide, fireworks happen in more ways than one. Love, sex, adventure, and intrigue are the order of the day.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14

Whirlwind - Damnation [unfinished]
how much do we change, really? can change be measured by time or the distance that we have travelled? what happens, then, when we meet an old love from an old life? can we ever change enough to not let it matter anymore?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6

White Fever - Norsebard
Strong dames, fast cars, bad boys - WHITE FEVER. Working as an Enforcer for a crime family, Maeve Donnelly spends every night prowling the neon-lit mean streets of the Big City. On a seemingly endless night, she gets reacquainted with an old lover, Staci Hart, encounters a madman with a knife, and runs afoul of a pair of ruthless brothers intent on snuffing her out. Maeve and Staci soon have their hands full, but when the going gets tough, the tough just reload.

White Fever II - Dames Dollars And Death - Norsebard
For Maeve Donnelly (aka White Fever) and Staci Hart, the mean streets of the Big City just got meaner! When a new and merciless crew executes a series of daring raids against both the Donnelly and the Coluzzo crime families, Fever leaps into action to stop them - but then she receives a 'business offer' she can't possibly refuse...

White Fever III - Fever vs. The Carjackers - Norsebard
For Maeve Donnelly (aka White Fever) and Staci Hart, the mean streets of the Big City just got meaner! When a new and merciless crew executes a series of daring raids against both the Donnelly and the Coluzzo crime families, Fever leaps into action to stop them - but then she receives a 'business offer' she can't possibly refuse.

White Nights - Minerva [unfinished]
White Nights is the story of two women finding each other and themselves on the back drop of Minnesota blizzards with danger and jealousy not far behind threatening to tear them apart. Meet Michelle St. Jean, on the run from her old life and searching for a new one.

Learn about Dr. Bobbi Waszinski, a woman who has been apart of enough tragedy that it has changed her, seemingly irrevocably, making her devoted to her patients-- giving them so much that there is nothing left for herself or others. Minnesota is a small world for them, and Ivanhoe is even smaller, where they literally run into each other. Join them and a cast of eclectic characters on a journey you won't forget.

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3   Part 4    Part 5     Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10 Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15     Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24    Part 25   Part 26   Part 27   Part 28

Whitewater Rendevous - Kim Baldwin available in ebook format
Forced together during a wilderness adventure on a remote Canadian river, a shy and solitary kayak guide does everything she can to fight her inexplicable attraction to one of her clients-a workaholic redhead who seems to invite disaster wherever she goes.

Who Are You Now? - JSWrdsmth [unfinished]
This story picks up the lives of Annie, Mattie, and Harry where "Soul Possessed" left off.

Whole Burnt - S.B. Zarben
Three people come together under less than normal circumstances. Follow them as they work to uncover a mystery which has the potential to destroy their very world. (I'd say more, but I risk giving away the story line. Just give it a try.)

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3   Part 4    Part 5     Part 6   Part 7   Part 8     Part 9   (conclusion)

Why I Say It So Often - Sam Ruskin available in ebook format
The story, Why I Say it so Often, is very dear to my heart because it was inspired by someone I loved very much. Sadly, I never quite took the time to make certain they knew it. Sometimes people come into our lives and change it forever. This is to and about such a person.

Wide Awake - Kim Pritekel available in ebook format

Wild - Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman [unfinished]
Zac Mitchell returns after six years on the rails to her life in the woods in Maine, only to discover the young girl that occupied her mind and kept her sane has grown up. Abel Cohen, a 19-year-old college student, who remembers when she played at her parents' summer cabin as a child, finds that perhaps an old childhood ghost isn't a ghost at all.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3&4   Part 5&6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11    Part 12

Wildflower - Leigh McEoghan available in ebook format
A sort of fairy tale.

Will You Remember Me? - H.M. MacPherson available in ebook format
What happens when you attend a reunion after 20 years? Have you waited too long to receive an answer to the question that has been plaguing you all this time? Will You Remember Me? tells the story of Rhiannon and Angela who, after so many years apart, meet again at their 20-year reunion. The answers to the questions they seek and the trials and tribulations they face in attempting find their place in each other's lives will weave a tale that will have you reading till the end.

Winds of Change - L. Crystal Michallet available in ebook format
The story takes place after the XFile's episode, Nothing Important Happened Today, which Lucy Lawless starred in. It goes along the premise that Xena/Gabrielle never died in FIN, and are in fact immortal and still living today.

Wine, Minstrel and Song - Cheeyah
Captivated by a minstrel's performance at a local Inn, Gabrielle gets tipsy forcing a jealous Xena to confront a seldom revealed side to her.

Winning Touch - Kim Pritekel
A grief-stricken Olympic skater wants nothing to do with the coach her manager has hired for a comeback, especially since that coach was once her rival before an accident ended her Olympic dream.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 (Conclusion)

Winter of Discontent (The) - J.W. Heart available in ebook format
This is the 3rd in the Trace and Shannon series. I suggest that to fully comprehend what’s happening here, you might want to read….Summer of Need and Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Be Warned! strong holiday themes ahead. Altercations with vicious elves and children in the thrall of Santa's arrival make for some pretty ugly scenes.

Winter's Thaw - Midgit available in ebook format
An interlude to 'Cold' finds Joanna and Rocky sharing a 'warm' moment on a cold winter's evening

Wishing for a Warrior - Ri available in ebook format
Tabitha is feeling neglected so she makes a wish that we all would like to make... but hers comes true.

Witching Memory (A) - Carole Giorgio available in ebook format
Samantha, from 'Laguna Nights' is drawn to a coven on the beach and in the process recovers memories a past life.

Wishing Well (The) - Mavis Applewater available in ebook format
College student, Shannon is wondering how to tell her best friend and roomate Darcy that she is in love with her. She decides to follow the tradition of an old wishing well and it isn't until years later that she has the chance to see if her wish comes true.

With & Without - Jess available in ebook format
Summary Pending

Women on the Rebound - K.C. Kirkwood [unfinished]
Alex Harrison-Reider has a pretty cynical outlook on life. Forced into a loveless marriage, she adopts the role of a somewhat unconventional housewife, solely devoted to being a thorn in her husband's side. Richard, unable to tolerate his wife's infuriating antics, devises a supposedly cunning plan to sanction her. Unfortunately for him, being institutionalised does nothing to placate the headstrong Alex and only serves to hone her rebellious streak. Pushed to the edge and seeking escapism, Richard immerses himself in his thriving business and resorts to hiring a 'baby-sitter' for his wayward wife. While the cat's away, the mice will play, but taming a wary Alex is no easy task. Has the enigmatic Kerry Chapman, still reeling from an earlier ordeal, found an unlikely ally? Or does Alex possess the power to destroy her completely?

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    

The Woman I Love series - GS Binkley

1. The Woman I Love - G.S. Binkley available in ebook format
A beautiful television star on vacation with her family who meets a writer who in turn challenges and changes her life forever as she finds true love in a cabin on the lake
2. A Woman Like You - G.S. Binkley available in ebook format
A WOMAN LIKE YOU is the second story in THE WOMAN I LOVE series. Lacy Levine and Gage Ballant continue their lives together while the actress makes a movie with the dashing Koda Kannon and Gage meets her partner's family. Unsteadily, Gage enters Lacy's tinseltown world as their relationship faces a turbulent sea of social stigma plus work and family concerns while several jealous storms rise. Lacy and Gage ride this rocky boat with Dani, Derek and the birth of the star's third child all the while holding steadfastly together. This story starts before the Epilogue in the first story The Woman I Love.
3. Here Comes My Woman - GS Binkley available in ebook format
Continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a few years later as the writer reveals more about her dark past. The dynamic duo work together on a movie while raising their family and someone from Gage's past makes an unexpected appearance. This is the third story in the WOMAN I LOVE series. The second story is entitled A Woman Like You.
4. Here Comes My Woman - Epilogue - GS Binkley
HERE COMES MY WOMAN'S Epilogue continues seven months after Hayley is born. The Ballant clan tries to cope with the newest member of their family as Lacy and Gage continue their lives together. Gage's mother reveals why she abandoned her daughter. This story follows The Woman I Love then A Woman Like You and Here Comes My Woman.
5. Woman In Love - G.S. Binkley available in ebook format
A Woman In Love is the fourth story in the Woman I Love series and continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a couple years later as the writer finally confronts all of her past.  A previous relationship is revealed that threatens Lacy and Gage’s union and one of their children experiences behavioral problems. 

Woman of My Dreams - Debbie Dee available in ebook format
Jamie and Casey become new neighbors. They fall in love while they are trying to figure out who is sabotaging things around them. Will they find out in time who it is or will they be to late?

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3 (conclusion)

Wordsmith (The) - Saggio Amante 
Two hot women, one cool boardgame, a little elevation, and lots of sparks.  A lot of heat and a touch of humor as Brooke and Dana take finding love to new heights.

Wrist Alarms and Baby Corn - Professor & Emyster available in ebook format
Sequel to Glow Sticks & Jelly Beans

Wrong Side of the Tracks - BlueMoonwriter
A short story that proves it IS better late than never.

Wrung - Siel Le Dain [unfinished]
I too late understood that letting go is not giving in. But when your love is tainted with fear, there's no way to overcome the constant gnawing doubts. I let my own fears grow unchecked until my heart was brutally slain. And I was left with nothing but guilt and more doubts about having made the wrong decisions.

Wyoming - Redhawk available in ebook format
A short (but long enough to call for a cold shower <g>) story by Redhawk. Emotions collide after an event occurs to throw the two women together.

Wyrm - Windstar available in ebook format
Set in a land where dragons and elves aren't the stuff of just fairy tales and myth. Where love can happen inthe un-likeliest of places.

Year in Paris (A) - Malaurie Barber available in ebook format
What happens to Chloe Jones when she comes to Paris to spend the year as an au pair, and is placed in the family of the very enigmatic Laurence Glairon?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15     Part 16     Part 17     Part 18     Part 19     Part 20     Part 21

Young at Heart - Muzza available in ebook format
A young girl whose family turns their back on her when she needs them the most, finds love in an expected place.

Young and Innocent - Deb Barry available in ebook format
On a visit to the family's summer cabin, Quinn meets Claris the niece of the neighbors.

Zeena and Bri Series - Cassandra and Bik

  Incident at the Antiq**s and Eats Truck Stop
A cashier (Bri) at a truck stop meets her soulmate (Zeena), a sometime monster truck driver. She leaves her cash register and rides off with Zeena in her Mustang.
  Life is a Two-Lane Highway
Picks up several minutes after the action of the first story. Bri realizes that she has in effect quit her job and has nowhere to go. She takes Zeena up on her offer to stay with her for now.
  Destiny Rides Again
Things are not moving fast enough in their relationship for Bri. She thinks maybe a movie will get her slow-moving friend in the right mood. After the movie they go for a drive; eventually they stop the car and look at the stars - for a few seconds anyway.
  Bri Said, Zee Said
Our two clueless heroines have their first real fight. But since they are soulmates, they will make up.
  The Beanbag Chair Incident
Zeena has a great day; Bri has a so-so day. But the day ends perfectly for both of them - finishing up with pizza.
  Not Going Fishing
Bri and Zeena plan a weekend getaway to do some fishing. However packing becomes more of a challenge than either of them imagined. The fish can breathe a sigh of relief.

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