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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Protek Two Sides of the Same Coin (1)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (2)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (3)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (4)
??? ??? Sammet Taming the Wolf
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Cap'n Cat Three-quarter Time
Immortal Xena ??? Joseph Connell  Tyger, Tyger
??? ??? Cheyne Two Cross Side (1)
??? ??? Cheyne Cheating The Pocket (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Time's Changes
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Xenaís Girl Tension (1) 
Release (2) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rachel2 Terror in the Amazon
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. Fox Take Two Tablets and Call Me In the Morning
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick HerBard To Catch A Scroll No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick D.J. Belt Tomb (The) (1)
Tears of a Goddess (2)
Legacy Of Britannia (The) (3)
Bad Day in Algiers (A) (4)
Riddle of Sappho's End (The) (5)
Valentine's Day Story (A) (6)
Legend of Ambrosia (The) (7)
Halloween Story (A) (8) 
Curse of the Rheingold (9) 
Aegean Mystery (The) (10) 
Treasure of the Amazons (The) (11) 
Anastasiaís Destiny (12) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Chryssipe Through The Looking Glass  No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Blue Dragon Together No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? Table dancer impresses bartender [90's] The Alias Writer Table Dance
Toni/Cynthia Women meet in snow storm on the road [90's] Shirley Roberts Tag Team
Taylor/ Natalie 1st woman Major League baseball player/ sports agent [90's] Grace Take Me Out...To the Ball Game
??? PWP Bluemoonwriter Take My Breath Away
Lady Xena/ Gabrielle Halloween tale Lariel Take One Head and Call Me In the Morning
Alex/Genevieve Pirate/ hostage [1700's] Michelle Frazier Take the Wind
Jesscia/Robin Basketball coach/ professor-fan [90's] RJ Take Time Out
Sam/ McKayla Rancher/ friend [90's] C. E. Gray Taken
Erin/Kellie Scottish barrister/ American newspaper writer [90ís] planetsolin Taking a Chance
Xena/Gabrielle ???/photojournalist [50's] Shana Taking Risks
Crystal/Kara Ghost/ young woman [90's] Shadowriter Tale from the Haunted Web (A) (1)
Shadowriter Tale from the Haunted Web II (A): (2)
Hart /Brynn Bare-knuckle boxer/ librarian [90's[ T. Walker (aka cornwel) Tales of a Librarian(1)
T. Walker When Pianos Try to be Guitars (2)
Alison/Brooke Dog breeders [90's] Raine Tale of Two Tails (A)
??? Computer seeks revenge [Horror] Carola "RyŻchan" Eriksson Tale of Woe (A)
Alex/Jessie New breed of Amazons [Fantasy] WarriorKat Tales of Amazonia
Tigh/Jame Warrior/ peace arbiter [Fantasy] Mindancer Tales of Emoria series [1-6]
Sheri/Dusty Lawn caretaker meets student [90ís] Robin Alexander Tales of Grass & Woe
Nikki/ Becca Freedom fighters [SciFi] BJ O'Donnell Tales of the 21st Century
Torienne/ Salenia Warrior [Fantasy] Blue Dragon Tales of the Kirgeur
Various characters Series of short stories Candid Eyes Tales of the Wishing Stone series [1-3] 
Andrea/Dani Writer helps neighbor [90's] Angelrad Talking Her Down 
Sydney/Brooke Pup Fiction: accountant/ bounty hunter Tara Kerry Tall Dark and Deadly
Shane/ Lucky PWP Jesse KW James Taming a Skittish Horse
Lazarus/Carter Star cruiser Cpt./ Communications Off. [SciFi] Kerry McCommon Tango (1)
Kerry McCommon Starbird (2)
Deb Woman questions loverís commitment [90ís] Ladyhawke Taste of Tears
Jesse/Phoenix Woman meets vampire [SciFi] Dragonspirit [aka Shadowriter] Tasting Desire (1)
Shadowriter Blood Vengeance (2)
Shadowriter Balances (3)
Molly/Noelle Dean/ teacher [90's] Zoe Taught by Love
Zoe Summer of Love
Taylor/Morgan Woman lovers [90's] Genea Taylor Made Afternoon (A)
Taylor Woman fantasizes [90ís] amarice42 Taylor's Destiny
Xene/Clancy Security/ teacher [90's] HerBard Teacher's Pet No Longer Available-- beg for a copy
Toni/Susan Co-workers [90's] Vada Foster Team Players 
Jenn/Sue Baseball teammates [90ís] K. Darblyne Team Work
Sina/Gabrielle Young girls [90's] Verrath Tell Me Gabrielle series [1-15]
Sina/Lana Ex-cop/ journalist [90's] Verrath Remember When Gabrielle? (1)
Verrath Always, Gabrielle (2)
Harmonn/Erin Modern day Ares follower meets Elijian Leslie Miller  Temple of Rage
Gabrielle Young clerk's destiny is changed when she meets a strange man [90']s Emily Mills Tempting Faith
Raven/Nicky Trailer trash student/ cheerleader [90's] Snap Tempting Trouble
Ellen/Ginny Cheerleader/twin [1956] Mavis Applewater Tempus Fugit
Zeve/Ciannic Political activist/ govt. officer [SciFi] Lois Cloarec Hart TENEBRAE
Nessa/Maggie Wealthy philanthropist/ reporter [90ís] S Derkins Tenfold
Jessica/ Cameron Werewolves Sparky Territory
Chelsea/Kirsten Car saleswoman takes woman for test drive [90's] Mavis Applewater Test Drive (1)
Mavis Applewater Crossroads (2)
Damia/Heather High school students [90's] Vree Test of Love: High School Theater No Longer Available-- beg for a copy
??? ??? Lissa Testimony
Morgan/Canda Outlaw/Storyteller [1870's] Shandy Texas Revenge
??? Woman gives thanks Leigh McEoghan Thank You (1)
Leigh McEoghan Crying in the Rain, Dancing in the Sun (2)
Renee/Heather Girls on a bus trip [90's] Jean Thanksgiving Road Trip
Garrett/Danni Surgeon/ Trauma nurse [90's] K. Darblyne That Healing Touch series [1-4] 4 is incomplete
??? PWP G. S. Binkley That Kiss
Carlin/Helen Businesswoman/ lawyer [90ís] Erin OíRielly That Kiss
Laura / Ruby Mysterious woman/ ex-schoolteacher [1870's] J S Stephens That Texas Summer (1)
J S Stephens Revival (The) (2)
Frenna/Gelya College students explore feelings [90's] Mavis Applewater That Thursday Afternoon (1)
Mavis Applewater Second Chances (2)
Mavis Applewater Memory Lane (3)
Sally/Ann Military medics meet at gay bar[1976] J Rosestar That Was Then, This Is Now
Jenna/DJ Software Co. Mgr./ phone repairwoman [90's] GabGold That Which Does Not Kill Us...
??? PWP Kiki Hart That's How We Met
Jimmy/Beth Biker/ socialite [90's] Insane Englishwoman That's When I Fell 5.html
Talia/Marie Woman meet in theater [90's] JLNicky Theater (The)
??? erotica R. Simmons There I Was Again
Butch(xena)/ Kitty(Gabrielle) Women meet in the dairy section [90's] Leigh McEoghan There's Something About Dairy
Zena/Patricia Two psychiatrists with a unique patient [90's] AngelRad Therapy Session (The)
Larisha/Monica Pianist has fight with lover [90's] Eveh There Are Not Words. Just Only Feelings
Tess/Samantha Business executive/ artist [90's] Verda Foster These Dreams (1)
Verda Foster Enemy Within (The) (2)
Revised version with new material Verda Foster These Dreams [Rev] 
Erin/Kate Friends discuss dreams [90's] Nativebard These Dreams
Rebecka/Jayce Security Specialist/ retail store owner's sister [90's Shadylady Thief of Hearts
Kat/Randi Police Cpt helps out a fellow officer [9o's] Kaie Thin Blue Line
Nic/Nora PI/dame [parody[ Toutfolie Thin Woman (The)
Carlotta/Bella nurse/asylum internee [Horror] Nene Adams Thirteen
??? PWP Emyster Thirteen
Randy/ Ines Army Intelligence Officer/ Bosnian Security Officer Xenalicious Thirteen Shades of Gray
Stephanie/Laken Musician looses girlfriend [90's] Beth This is a Lonely Life
Riel/Emma Soldier/ madame [1860's] Bard WooHoo This is War (1)
Bard WooHoo Forsake the Devil (2)
Sklyar/Kori Bride-to-be/ homeless person [90's] Ambrosia This Moment On
Gwen/Viola Saloon owner/ Actress [1870's] Dyin' Isis This Mortal Coil
Kate/Tersa Women run into each other again [90's] Moon This Thing Between Us
Toni/Laurie Govt. agent/ business woman [90's] Midgit This Time
Chase/Roni Mechanic/ writer-businesswoman [90's] Nyxie This . . . (Worlds Apart)
Reno/Scottie Gang leader/ camp counselor [90's] Nyxie Those Summer Time Blues (1)
Nyxie To Kiss or Not to Kiss (2)
Winnie/Eleanor Designer apprentice/ powerful woman [90ís] Erin OíRielly Those Three Days (1)
Erin OíRielly Nirvana (2) 
Jo/Fran Childhood friends reunite [90's] ROCShadow Those Who Wait
Merlin/Morrigan Bodyguard/ writer [90's] Taleweaver Thousand Shades of Feeling (A) (1) 
Taleweaver Thousand Shades of Success (A) (2)
Kat/Beth Country singer returns home [90's] S. Lee Three Days (1)
S. Lee Love Has No Pride (2)
S. Lee That Friend of Mine (3)
prequel S. Lee She Is (4)
??? ??? D Three Choices
??? ??? Jude Morgan Three Favors
Jo/Faith Singer/ English Prof. [90's] Dimples Three of Hearts
Cor/Jorrel General/ruler [Fantasy] Moon7U Three Snippets
??? Erotica in restroom B. Jay Three's A Crowd?
Ash/BB/Lily 3 friends share life [90ís] Anne Azel Three Women
Hilary[Simone]/ Gina Lwyer gets a 2nd chance [ 90's] Mavis Applewater Threshold (1)
Mavis Applewater Crossing Over (2)
Dunlaith/Aislinn Irish Warrior/ Orphan [1100's] Nene Adams Through a Glass Darkly (1)
Nene Adams Flesh of My Flesh (2)
??? PWP Boudica X Through Her Eyes
??? A woman's dreams Jera Through The Flames
Taylor/Jamie Anniversary celebration J. P. Gray Through the Years
Jadyn/Evie Lovers quarrel [90's] Nyxie Thru The Eyes Of Egan
Dawn/Gaelyn Woman on rebound gives a hotline a call [90's] Lois C Hart Thursday's Child
Ryan/Miranda Prostitute propositions a cad [90ís] Anne Laughlin Thursday Nights in Soho
Jamie/Kelly Friends experiment [90's] Blue Dragon Thus with a Kiss.... No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Tracy/Chelsea Executive accused of murder/ attorney [90ís] Lena Tides of Fate (The)
Anne/Shana Pro tennis player/ friend [90']s Bonnie Tie Break
Sam/Jill Tragic car accident [90's] Jesen Till Death Do Us Part
??? Drinking shots leads to more [90's] Deranged Buttercup Till Next Time
Julia/Teddy Ranch owner/ mother [90's] S. Anne Gardner Till There Was You
Beats/Warner Aunt/niece share a home [90's] Carol Timber
??? PWP Ladyhawke Time
Audry reporter has flashbacks [90's] Dimples Time And Time Again
Xena/Gabrielle Male professors time travel [Sci Fi] Theodore Williams Time For Us (A)
Danielle/Jess Surgeon goes back in time to meet woman in locket [Sci Fi] Stone Time Has No Meaning
Vayle/ Jeannie Accountant meets watch repair clerk  [90ís] Mavis Applewater Time Heals All Wounds
Ishmael Builds a time machine BalticBard Time Machine (The)
Taura/Ehlan Dangerous times bring two together [fantasy] W. R. Haley Time of Prophecy (1)
W. R. Haley Sword & the Staff (The) (2)
Sam/Annie mechanic/nurse [90's] Sue Hickerson Time to Love, A Time To Hate (A)
Trace/Nicole Struggling photographer/ magazine owner [90ís] JL Nicky Time to Trust
Andy/Katie FBI agent/ writer Goesome Timeless
Belinda/Connie Sheriff/schoolmarm [western parody] Nene "Quick Draw" Adams Tin Star - A Cayuse Comedy
Tina/Kate Teacher/student [future] Michelle Galea Tina
Anpo/ Kathleen Indian Warrior/ White captive [1760's] D. Jordan Redhawk Tiopa ki Lakota (1)
interlude D. Jordan Redhawk To the River (2)
Two cars Roadster/ Beamer Verrath Tired
Shannon/Kellie Animal control officer/ homeowner [90's] Jenah Title Needs Some Work (The) (1)
prequel Jenah Just Another Day (2)
??? Jenah Beautiful Moon Tonight (A) (3)
Barron/Jaimie Lovers spend nite in haunted house [90's] T. Novan TN's Unamed Story 
Victoria/ Catherine Operations VP/ messenger [90's] GreekWarrior To Be...Or Not?
Hawk (RamsesIV) /Sarah Pharaoh/ slave [BC] Ali Vali To Capture A Heart (1)
Ali Vali Promise Me Forever (2)
Ali Vali Sex, Wives and Misunderstandings (3)
Parker/Bailey Princess/ guard captain [Sci Fi] T. Stratton To Conquer The Heart And Capture My Soul
Zoe/Abby Two women meet in a bar [90's] Nickie To Find What I Wasn't Looking For'tlookingfor.html
??? Prehistoric hunters Zuke To Herald His Return
Helen/Samantha Web design mgr./ graphic artist with cancer [90's] Raine To Know You (1)
Raine To Love You (2)
??? PWP Cherokee echols To Love Again
Louis 15 min. of fame Rab Donald To Look for America
Robin/Jena Reporter/escort [90's] MerryAngel To Love Her Forever
Tess/Chiem Manor lord/ slave [Sci Fi] Phair To the Manor Sold (1)
Phair By the Manor Owned (2)
Phair From the Manor Taken (3)
∆lfwynn/ Ceinwen Middle ages fairy tale [Fantasy] Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger To Melt A Frozen Heart
BJ/Tyler Actress/ personal security specialist [90's] T. Stratton To Protect and Serve (1)
T. Stratton To Protect My Heart (2)
T. Stratton To Protect My Soul (3)
Belinda/Danni College students share more than a course [90ís] JM Dragon & Erin O'Rielly Today Was the Day
Lucy/Emma Reporter/ Student Muzza Today's Sadness, Tomorrow's Happiness
??? ??? A Tietz Together Alone
??? Car crash [90's] T. Stratton Together For AlwaysÖ
Jackson/Erin Coming of age at Wi. Resort [90ís] DS Bauden Tomahawkíd
Tasha/??? Time travelers sHaYcH Tomorrows Passed
Tanner/Adrienne Reclusive Naval Commander/ young socialite [90's] Radclyffe Tomorrow's Promise
Jennifer/Karen Cooking up souls [Fantasy] Jera Too Many Cooks
??? Diary entries [90's] DS Bauden Too Much (1)
DS Bauden Too Far (2)
Mitch/Gret Butch/butch enter into a business agreement [90ís] Evecho Top Down
Cash/Houston Wealthy woman/ driver [90ís] T Stratton Torn to Pieces
Kenyon/Krista Women explore pleasures of love D. K. Ward Torture of Time (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
???/Karol Captain/ watch officer [90's] Shadylady Touch Of Her Hands
Virginia/Elora Screen writer/ advertising director [90's] Alex Tryst Touched By Love
Palmer/Kent Female football player/ cheerleader [90's] Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman Touchdown (there)
Steele/Sarah Landowner/escapee [90's] Shana and JenX Touching Steele
Jess/Mattie Outlaw/ schoolmarm [1870's] Della Street Toward the Sunset
Jolyne Cyber-human experiences feelings [SciFi] Sandra Barret Traaken (The)
Ellie/Carrie Woman meets decorator via a TV show [90's] Mavis Applewater Trading Rooms
Mike/Katrina Women meet on a train and in their dreams [90's] Alex the Cat Train Ride
??? Women meet while exercising [90's] Cath, Bard Training Zone
??? Erotic flying dream [90's] Shadylady Traveler (The)
??? A womanís sexual adventures around the world. Evecho Travellerís Tales
Riley/Nicola W. Indian pirate/ shipwrecked french girl [1640's] Inyx Treasure of Serpents Isle
??? Women drawn to a tree Jera Tree No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Two trees Perennial/ Sapling Joanna Tree Grows in Mesopotamia (A)
Avery/Jillian Oil rig worker/ inspector [90's] Ali Vali Tree Huggers, Children & Broken Decoys...
Evin/Sydney Lawyer / law student [90's] Troubleshooter Trial of Conscience
Rita/Hailey Public defender/ minister's daughter [90's] Stoley Trial of Truth (A)
??? PWP FJ Davey Trials and Tribulations
??? Threesome indulge in sex [90's] Zoe Triangle
Lee TV childrenís show host [90ís] Dreams2Fly Triangles
Kalla(Dark Sky)/ Garland (GoldenSun] Princess/commoner [Fantasy] Teagen2 Tribe That Time Forgot (The)
Lena/Marielle Meet at halloween party [90's] Vada Foster Trick or Treat 
Jane/Jennifer College professor/ physicist [90ís] KatharosXG Trip Around the Sun
??? & June/Christa Soldier/ American & Writer/ biker Anima Triptych Sex (1)
Anima Triptych Home (2)
angharad governal Strange Morning (3)
Sara/Jeni Space station-keeper/ shuttle pilot  [Sci Fi] D.J. Belt Triumph of Love (A) (1)
D.J. Belt Magic of Solstice (The) (2)
Dan/Brittany Coach/girlfriend [90's] contains gay supporting characters Alex Tryst Triumphant Love
Dar/Kerry CIO / operations mgr. [90's] Melissa Good Tropical Storm series [1-8]
Melissa Good V-Day
Halloween story Melissa Good Ghoulís Night Out
parody Merwulf Summer Heat
parody Merwulf TS: Detroit Incident
parody Merwulf TS: The Rescue
parody Merwulf HW: Lost Chapter
Taelor / Kamryn US Navy Cpt./Landscape photographer Snowolf Tropics
Tyrah/Allison Bus tour driver/ day care mgr. [90's] Cephalgia Trouble with Ancients (The)
Jess/Robin Ex-drug user/ writer [90's] Taiko Troubled Soul (A) (1)
Taiko Souls Intertwined (2)
Melanie/Karla Rainstorm causes shelter in a truck J.S. Stephens Truck in the Rain
TJ/Mare Disabled CEO/ veterinarian [90's] Pruferblue and Karen Surtess True Colours (1)
Pruferblue and Karen Surtees Many Roads To Travel (2)
Mara/Brin Young Lovers killed [90's] Melanie Rutman True Love
Eve/Sara A revisionist view of paradise  Emily Mills True Story of Adam and Steve (The)
Sean/Jamie Guilt-ridden woman /veterinarian [90ís] Just J True Test of Love (The)
Tamsin/Verity American Heiress/ librarian [1898] Nene Adams Truth in Love
Ryan/Jenna Two women play a game [90's] Meghan O'Brien Truth or Dare
Paige/Wynne Reunion leads to memories of party game [90's] Mavis Applewater Truth or Dare (1)
Mavis Applewater Blissful Surrender (2)
Devlin/Sarah Range Rider / prairie woman [1880's] L. J. Maas (deceased) Tumbleweed Fever
Shiloh/Kody Fellow scientists caught in intrigue [90's] Larisa Tundra
Bobbie/Penny Art dealer meets her grade school nemesis [90ís]  Mavis Applewater Turn Around
Madison /Allison VP/ Asst. HR Director [90's] A.K. Naten Turning Tides
Drake/Toni Mentally challenged / ex marine millionaires [90's] Frances Spinella [deceased] Tweety [aka 15th Floor (The)]
Taylor/Corridan Caterer's helper/ Mrs. Claus in mall [90's] Colleen Twelve Days (1)
Colleen Two Hearts (2)
Colleen One Foggy Night (3)
Ryan/Mackenzie Lovers Valentines day is interrupted by business [90ís] D Twenty-Four Hour Valentine
Christine/Wilow Singer / Nurse [90ís] Kim Pritekel Twilight
Roarque /Tita Govt. agent/ car thief [SciFi] T. Harley [aka Harlequin] Twilight Age
??? PWP Cheyne Two Cross Side
Jess/Dani Pool player meets woman in a bar [90's] Alex Two Halves, One Soul (1)
Alex ...But Now One Soul (2)
Skylar/Kyra Singer / song writer [90s] Colleen Two Part Harmony
Lee/Mia Lesbian/ pregnant woman [90's] Stoley Two Roads, One Path
Tressa/Bryg Criminal psychologist/ Pulitzer prize author Irish Two Shorten The Road
Sam/Eve Pulp Fiction: alcoholic detective/ secretary Anon 2 Two to Tango
Lil/Erin Beginning ballroom dancers pair up [90's] Sheri Two to Tango
Solly Vacation is interrupted Msprism Two Weeks at Wandanna Beach