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November 30th, 2001

Added part 14, part 15 and part 16 of Mississippi Blues by Blue Dragon

Added part 4 of Time and Time Again by Dimples

November 29th, 2001

Wyrm by Windstar
Set in a land where dragons and elves aren't the stuff of just fairy tales and myth. Where love can happen inthe un-likeliest of places.

Added part 7 and part 8 of Vertigo's Caution, Under Construction

November 28th, 2001

Welcome to a new bard to the Academy, UDK_Bard!

After the Siege: XWP Fic (Alternative)
A playful little vignette where Gabrielle wants Xena to explain her comments at the end of the episode "Amphipolis Under Siege". PG 13-15 maybe.

The Final Battle: XWP Fic (Alternative)
A very dark piece. Expect the worst. Just as the title says, this short story is about Xena and Gabrielle's last battle. Doesn't quite fit in the timeline of the series. Gabrielle fights with a staff AND her Sais. Rated NC-17 for violence and language.

Negotiations, Version 1: XWP Fic (Alternative)
Xena the Conqueror is out to get Caesar and she needs Pompey's help. Negotiations take a rather interesting turn upon the arrival of his recently acquired Grecian slave. Rated NC-17

Negotiations, Version 2: XWP Fic (Alternative and then some)
Same story as Negotiations Version 1, but Pompey actually gets involved instead of just watching. Rated NC-17

Sleepless Night: XWP Fic (Alternative)
This was my first ever attempt at Alt Fanfic. A month or two after the death of her husband, Gabrielle is having trouble sleeping. Xena tries to find a cure... Rated NC-17

Added the final four chapters of part four, plus an appendix, which concludes Lorimal's Chalice by Jane Fletcher.

Added part 12 and part 13 of Mississippi Blues by Blue Dragon

A Christmas To Remember by J. Gardner
Mel and Janice have their first Christmas


A Thanksgiving Dream by Ellie Maziekien

November 27th, 2001

Announcement from Advocate (Blayne Cooper)

Madam President is available at the Open Book Ltd ( Their site lists it as 'not released' by publisher but it IS released and ready for ordering (that notice will stay there until the Open Book gets their bulk shipment in the mail). It's also available on other online seller websites. If you don't see it at your favorite check another seller or check back in a couple of days - every site's timeframe is different for listings to appear (amazon's is the latest - the earliest). But they are out there.

Thanks,Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper)


Added part 6 of Grit's Fragments

November 26th, 2001

Symphony of Life by Doc
This is a HURT/COMFORT, POST FIN story that takes place on the voyage to Egypt. Gabrielle is experiencing difficulty going through the grief process.

Crying in the Rain, Dancing in the Sun by Leigh McEoghan
The events of 'Thank You' from Murphy's point of view.

If You Love Me by J Gardner
Xena wants it. Gabrielle is tired.

Added part 15 of Colleen's Seeing You Again for the First Time

November 25th, 2001

Added Part 3 of The Edge of Nowhere by Annemaart


by Terri Lyn Stanfield
Personal Failure
Obsessive Lover
Who's Laughing Now?
Haunted House Mates

November 24th, 2001

Added part 3 of Time and Time Again by Dimples

Added part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6 of Vertigo's Caution: Under Construction

Added Part 24 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Nightmare part 31
The Nightmare part 32
The Nightmare part 33
The Nightmare part 34
The Nightmare part 35

November 23rd, 2001

Better than any after Thanksgiving sale! S.X. Meagher's latest addition to the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series

Lifeline by S.X.Meagher

ebook version

November 22nd, 2001

For everyone in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving Day. There's a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, keep that in mind while you are standing in line doing your holiday shopping <g>.

Added the first four chapters of 'The Chalice' by Jane Fletcher.
Another installment in the 'Lorimal's Chalice' saga

November 21st, 2001

The Plaza Hotel, part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series
A short tale about a Governess and a Lady.

November 20th, 2001


Hi guys:
PHIL aka WarriorNutcase here...
As you know, the Bard Challenge rules offered extra points and a special prize to anyone using all 20 category items. I am very *happy* and *proud* to be able to intro the following story. *Happy* because the Bard allowed me to annoy, badger, coerce, drive, entice, force, get, hound, and induce her to write an entry...well you get the picture and, to think, I only had to go through a third of the alphabet. <.j/k.>  I think y'all will enjoy the result.

Actually, all I did was ask.  She graciously and ni....ummmm...niftily agreed. <.bg.>And then went the extra mile and included all 40 items, both lists,in a very special solstice story.Which brings me to the *proud* part...I am very proud to be able to call the Bard, my friend.  Thank you, "D".  <.BIG HUG.>

The story uses her characters, Randi and Gwen, first seen in "A Valiant Heart".  You don't need to read it to enjoy this one.  But if you haven't read it...I suggest you run, don't walk, to the Academy (click on the link above) and check it will be ever so glad you's a great story and a terrific read.  If you like it, please drop "D" a line at and let her know. 

It was by mutual agreement that this entry not be eligible for voting, and ergo, any of the BC prizes...however, I can still deliver on the "bardly glory" aspect, with your help.  Please feed the Bard.

Well, guys...I give you "A Festival Story" by D.  


Added a new review from Judith in her Just Like Buttah Reviews - King of the Beach by Cate Swannell

Added part 10 and part 11 of Mississippi Blues by Blue Dragon

Added part 4 of S. Eliot's It's Only a Game Show


Redhawk - When In Rome
Redhawk - Wyoming
Carmen Kid - When We Were Together
H.M. MacPherson - Will You Remember Me?
Mia - Welcome Home
JP - A Rose In Blue


by Sandie
For My Love

November 19th, 2001

The Night We Almost Met Madonna by Mavis Uber/Alt
The Night We Almost Met Madonna, is another tale from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, where two friends go to a concert only to discover each other.

Adventure On The High Seas by Mavis Uber/Alt
Adventure on the high seas is another installment of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday afternoon series.  A pirate and lady enjoy an adventure.

Second Chances by Mavis Uber/Alt
In Part two of Mavis Applewater's That Thursday Afternoon, part of the Wednesday Afternoon Series, Gelya and Brenna get reaquainted.

November 18th, 2001

Don't forget, the Solstice Challenge ends today! Go to for details.

Added Part 18of Tempting Trouble by Snap

Added Part 2of Hallowed Crossing by Hunter Ash

November 17th, 2001

Don't forget, the Solstice Challenge is over tomorrow! Go to for details.

Added part 2 of Time and Time Again by Dimples

Added part 16 of First Light by Emily Duncan

November 16th, 2001

Phil wanted me to remind everyone that the Academy of Bards final challenge of the year, Yes, Amphipolis, there is a Xena Claus is soon coming to an end. The deadline is November 18th. Come on you bards, give it a shot! See the contest page at the Official BC#3 site:


Welcome to a new bard to the Academy, Candy!

Desperate Measures:
Mystery writer, Dru Warlord, finds out that researching an old murder case can be hazardous to her health and those she cares about. Kasey Lovett, a struggling proof reader meets the writer at a publishers' party. Her agent, Gregory Michael, needs Dru's latest book on his desk as soon as possible and feels she needs some help, and thus recruits Kasey to help the stoic writer. Sparks fly.

Extreme Measures:
Needing a break, Dru Warlord and her friend, Kasey Lovett, accept an invitation to a writers' retreat. Iggy Pinkerton would be their hostess. No one suspects what would befall them. Another mystery unfolds for the writer and proof reader. Dru's phobia of closed in spaces would be tried to its limits. At the same time both women realize the depth of their feelings for each other.

When The Night by Grit Jahning
Being mortal makes you vulnerable. Physically....and emotionally. A lesson Ares is about to learn himself.

Sophie's Game Part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series Uber/Alt
A softball coach and a college come to an interesting understanding.


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Nightmare part 26
The Nightmare part 27
The Nightmare part 28
The Nightmare part 29
The Nightmare part 30

November 15th, 2001

The Woman I Love by G.S. Binkley
A beautiful television star on vacation with her family who meets a writer who in turn challenges and changes her life forever as she finds true love in a cabin on the lake. Story rated: LS (includes descriptions of love scenes in some detail but nothing explicit) Uber (Alternative) Sexual content F/F with implied F/M relationship

Just Do It by K. Lee
It's about a woman just having a rough day.

Considerations by David J. Duncan
The latest story in the Dubois Chronicles Series.

In this story, Alti has been defeated and the Enforcers are no where near Tucson. But there is still a lot going on with the Duboises and their compatriots. What's going to happen when Dave and Angie find out about Deirdre? And what's going on with Eve? As the characters prepare for the final battle with Dijon and the Enforcers, there's some tremendous aftershocks to "Aftershocks"

Xena: Goddess of War by Dreamweaver
Perdicus unexpectedly returns to Gabrielle from war, for a wedding night of passion. But is it really Perdicus?

Added the last four chapters of The Traitor which is the third part of Lorimal's Chalice by Jane Fletcher

Added part 23 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris.


by Terri Lyn Stanfield
It Takes Two
Surprise Lover

November 14th, 2001

Welcome Phair to the Academy of Bards! Phair has three stories to share with us today.

The Consult: An all business psychiatrist learns the meaning of life one morning in the ER. This story is the first a series of loosely connected tales.

The Phone Call: Elisabeth must deliver the news of Thom's death to the one woman who cares more than herself; his ex wife. This is the second in a series of loosely connected tales.

The Appointment: Dr. O'Grady is back in the third installment of this series. Her work in the ER changed her life once already but by no means is her process of self discovery complete.

Blondes Wear Leather Too, which is Part 8 of the Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls by Shana and Kye

Soul Retriever by crow"> and Laesë(L.M. Townsend)
The sequel to "Ghost Writer".Celine and Lisa must travel to Land of the Dead to rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time - the problem? Where is he and can they find him before it's too late?

Time And Time Again By Dimples [unfinished]
Summary Pending

Added part 8 and part 9 of Mississippi Blues by Blue Dragon

November 13th, 2001

Caution: Under Construction by Vertigo [unfinished/alt/über]
Summary Pending

November 12th, 2001

Final Exam by Mavis Uber/Alt
Another addition to Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series. College roommates discover a fun way to study.

Added part 13 of Anam Cara by Moonchild

Added the updated version of Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

November 11th, 2001

Echoes From the Mist by Advocate
The sequel to Cobb Island!

November 10th, 2001

The Summer Between by Dee
This is a story of an college student working for the summer as a waitress in a small resort coastal town.  There she meets new friends and makes the acquaintance of a famous although reclusive artist.   The events that transpire are those of personal growth and discovery. It is however primarily a romance between two people, and the fateful circumstances that pulled them together.

Destinyby Mavis Applewater
A short Halloween Tale from the Wednesday Afternoon Series, a shop girl meets a beautiful stranger on Halloween Night.


by Terri Lyn Stanfield
You've Made Your Bed
Desperate Wife
Savage Struggle
Final Curtain
Queen of the Night

November 9th, 2001

Added part 51 of Jenah's Our Reunion

Added the first four chapters of The Traitor which is the third part of Lorimal's Chalice by Jane Fletcher


Freedom of Thought by Ellie Maziekien
Worth the Cost by Ellie Maziekien

A Day Away by Ellie Maziekien

November 8th, 2001

Added Chapters 1 - 11 of the revised White Nights by Minerva

Added part 2 of Eye of Sieves by Descatain

Added part 6 of A Call to Arms by Laststarlite

November 7th, 2001

Added part 4 of Linda Crist's The Eyes of Eire

Added part 24 of Beneath the Brambles by Savay

November 6th, 2001

Heatwave by Midgit. [unfinished/über/alt]
It's not often you get a blistering heatwave in England. So Dani Collins decided to make the most of it, and heads for the coast with her two friends. What she finds in those brief few days could change her life forever.

Paternal Instinct by PhantomBard
From her earliest days, the hand of the God of War was a factor in the life of the Warrior Princess. But what is a father's love, and what lengths will a soul go through to right a wrong done long ago?

Dear Diary by Hermes [general]
A tale is set as if the series had simply continued on into another year beginning in Egypt since that was where we were told Gabrielle and the spirit of Xena was headed for. The author describes Gabrielle's life while accompanied by Xena's ghost. However it is Gabrielle who does most of the work. But not all. It is written in the form of a diary kept by Gabrielle.

Added part 14 of Colleen's Seeing You Again for the First Time

November 5th, 2001

Happy Birthday Jen by Mavis Applewater part of The Wednesday Afternoon Series.
Jen receives a special birthday gift from a beautiful stranger.


A Beginning by Grit Jahning
Ghost Writer by Crow
Moonlight Wonderings by J Gardner
Xena & Gabrielle Deceased by Mark Annettes

November 4th, 2001

Moonlight Wonderings by J. Gardner
Our favorite pair is celebrating their anniversary. One is awake remembering their lives together. Guess which one is awake?

November 3rd, 2001


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Nightmare part 21
The Nightmare part 22
The Nightmare part 23
The Nightmare part 24
The Nightmare part 25

November 2nd, 2001

Added part 6 to the revised edition of  Patsbard's story Lost Heart

Added chapters 5, 6, 7and 8of The Sorcerer by Jane Fletcher

Added part 12 of Moonchild's Anam Cara

Added part 10 of Janet Lynne's Phoenix Rising

Added parts 5, 6and 7of Omega's Folly by Alexiares

November 1st, 2001


From Katherine Smyth-

Beta reader/s wanted for mental torture and general aggravation with just a touch of backside prompting. Interested? Then keep reading. I'm an Australian bard (K.Smyth) previously published on the net and I'm in need of some support in the beta dept. as my previous reader has had retire. All takers welcome, but it would help if you'd previously read "Sugar and Spices" and not totally hated it! If you're game, e-mail me


Added several new entries in Judith's Just Like Buttah reviews!

Here is part 14 of The Binding Tie by Maderlin Bidmead

Ghost Writer by crow"> and Laesë(L.M. Townsend)
For Celine, the terror begins with "Girls' Night Out". She arrives home, hoping for an intimate chat with her lover via the computer, but the conversation is interrupted by an unknown entity - the "Ghost Writer" - who is it and what does it want with Celine?

Added the conclusion to Maleficent Beauty by Creme Brulee
Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover - a Xenaverse fairy tale for Halloween.

Added the revised edition of Patsbard's story Lost Heart [unfinished]

Gabrielle and Xena (deceased) by Mark A
post FIN


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Nightmare part 16
The Nightmare part 17
The Nightmare part 18
The Nightmare part 19
The Nightmare part 20

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