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ForevaXena's Charity Birthdate Challenge

July 31st, 2001

Added part 8 of Infinitely Abstruse's What' Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Added part 5 of Erin Jennifer's Shadows

Deleted all files by Jaden Rose at her request.

July 30th, 2001

To Die by the Sword by Leslie Miller
Xena decides it may be time to alter her path before it's too late (pre FIN).

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

July 29th, 2001


Added Part 4 of Tempting Trouble By Snap


by Terri Lyn Stanfield
Desert Heart
Destiny Has Found Us
Sing To My Heart
Creatures of the Night

July 28th, 2001

No stories or updates today. I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the deadline to enter Tier I and Tier II of the Academy of Bards' Challenge. Get those submissions in! The prizes are incredible.

Also a special Happy Birthday to the Grand Poobah of the Contests, Phil!

July 27th, 2001

Update part deux

Added the conclusion (chapter 11) to the wonderful story The Challenge by Janet Lynne

Added the much awaited update of Beneath the Brambles by Savay part 22 and part 23

July 27th, 2001

Special update -- Advocate and T.Novan have yet another winner! Check out Road To Glory It is a wonderful wonderful story! I'll have another update later. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to read it now!

July 26th, 2001

Added part 25 (the conclusion) of Cold by Midgit

Added chapter 7 of Snap Shots Part II by MJ

July 25th, 2001

Added part 8 of Original Sin by Malaurie Barber

Added part 2 of Coincidental Meetings by Griffin


July 24th, 2001

Separated Erin Jennifer's Shadows into four parts. Part 1 - part 4.

Added part 7 of Mavis Applewater's Just One of Those Things

July 23rd, 2001


Hi Y'all...

I've been good, really I have...

I haven't bombarded you with rambling, slightly psychotic <.snort.>, cheesy commercial promos for the Bard Challenge 2...

I've kept relatively quiet, hoping that you would just take the idea and run with it.  


I mean everyone has an opinion on the ending episodes/series ender...things you liked, things you didn't like...things you would change if you had the chance...

I want to thank those who have already sent in their submissions.  You guys rock!  

And a question to everyone else:  So, why are you not writing, huh?

Top ten reasons why you should enter the Royal Academy Challenge II:

10) It may keep me from doing any more of these type announcements <.bg.>

9) There are 3 different formats you can enter in

8) You get to play "creatively" with the Warrior Princess and/or the Bard...while the other one watches <.eg.>

7) You have the satisfaction of knowing you wrote an original ending, not one that was...ahem...borrowed from another movie

6) there is no number six

5) You have the honor of having your story live forever in cyber space at the Royal Academy of Bards AND at the XWP: Alternative Endings Archive.

4) You get the recognition/congratulations/accolades from all your fellow peers, when you win.

3) You get the recognition/congratulations/accolades from all your fellow peers, when you win AND a dual signed (LL/ROC) picture and, if you are the overall top vote getter, a rare LL signed (mint in package) Xena action figure.  Plus we have an assortment of other goodies too...signed trading cards, Xena t-shirts, Xena/Gab action figures, photos, etc.

2) You get to show that you "get it" even when TPTB don't

AND the NUMBER ONE reason to enter the Bard's Challenge:

1) You can give Akemi exactly what she deserves <.beg.>

Premise is here:

Rules are here:

Entries go here:

Questions about anything go here: WarriorNutcase
(except for the question as to why the sky is blue...send that one to
Storybyrd, she knows that answer, I asked her already <.bg.>)

Slight adjustment to rules (because the Academy BC Committee lives to serve and we want everyone to participate):

1) You may enter in more than one format...but you may submit only one piece for entry in each format category (for a maximum total of 3 entries).

One outline and/or one script and/or one epic.

2) Due to popular request, the outline category has had it's deadline extended to 7/28/01

So, now you know the rules, you know the prizes and you *know* I will make good on my threat of cheesy commercials...

Your fate is in your hands...

Go write <.bg.>

Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase


Welcome Barderella to the Academy!

The Amazon Way
So just what were Ephiny, Solari and Eponin like when they were younger? Let me put it this way....Ephiny was not always so diplomatic, Solari was not always such a tease, and Eponin was not always....well ok, yes she has always been sorta stoic and grumpy, but she's sensitive too! (hehe) Follow their adventures as they learn all about life, love, friendship and "The Amazon Way".

My Dearest Friend
A very short and tender vignette.

Stirrings of a Dark Heart by Taleweaver
It's a piece written fromæa warrior'sæpoint of view as she reflects on how faræher traveling companionæhas come, and just how much she feels for her.

Added the latest chapter of Amazon Queen Series: Part XVIII - "Source of Darkness" by L.M. Townsend
The Amazons are dying of a horrible plague which MelysÔ discovers is caused by a curse. Only by releasing the soul of an ancient warrior can this Darkness be lifted - but the AmazonsØ most ancient enemy is afoot - can the Three Queens lift the curse before the Nation is destroyed?

Added part 10 of Janet Lynne's The Challenge

Added part 3 of Denic's Past Tense of Love

Added part 5 of Seeing You Again for the First Time by Colleen

July 22nd, 2001


Added part 3 of Tempting Trouble By Snap

Added part 4 of Mountain Love by Psyche_b

Added With & Without By Jess

Added Love Me By Amber Andersen


July 21st, 2001



As most of you have probably already heard, members from the online Xena community are banding together to create a virtual seventh season of Xena: Warrior Princess. We currently have forty-six individuals working to make the virtual season a reality. Five episodes are in the process of being written with the season opener almost complete.

Our goal is to create a virtual season which mirrors the feel of the original series. The season will consist of 22 episodes which will be "aired" in script format following the original air schedule Xena followed. The first episode is due to air on September 24, 2001. Episode plots will reflect the events of the original series, picking up where the finale left off.

We invite each of you to visit the Virtual Season website at for more information. If any of you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you in September 2001.

Sincerely, The Virtual Season Team

**The Virtual Season is strictly a volunteer, not for profit endeavor.**


Added part 2 of Tempting Trouble By Snap

Added parts 4 through 10 (conclusion) of Barbara Buncle's Stochastic Resonance

July 20th, 2001

Tempting Trouble By Snap [unfinished]
Reeling from the incarceration of her mother and accustomed to a life on the streets, Raven Vlade is immediately ostracized from the clique of teenagers inhabiting downtown Thursville. Living with her lascivious Uncle is traumatic enough, but when coupled with her new school's evidently elitist system, the stunning vagrant finds herself in need of a dangerous diversion. Nicky Mayfair, an effervescent and popular cheerleader, is awed by the arrival of the enigmatic stranger, yet Raven's lowly status as 'trailer trash' bridges a gap between the would-be lovers. The class divide needs to be conquered, but does Nicky have the courage to succumb to temptation and defy the stifling conventions of her town? Or are the disturbing repercussions enough to deter her?

Dream A Little Dream by Greek Warrior
Another story of what happened after 'The Kiss', the one from the second season. æXena and Gabrielle return to the Amazon village and a certain blonde-haired goddess gets involved.

Shadows by Erin Jennifer [alt/unfinished]
Set during the 3rd season, Xena and Gabrielle are summoned to Eire by someone from Xena's dark past. There, they are thrown into battle against Caesar and the Romans, while a terrifying evil threatens to tear them apart. This is parts 1-4 of a continuing story.I didn't figure out where the parts were separated so as it is now, all 4 are condensed in one file.

Deeper Waters Than Most Think by Alexiares
Like many fanfic authors, I've always found Eponin very interesting... probably because RenPics never did get around to building up her character, apparently because the woman who played her disappeared from the acting industry after playing the role. I bet she's running a dojo somewhere, because she sure could do wild things with that staff. Anyway, this story gives a bit of a life story of Eponin, and explains a few details from other stories, although you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in this one.

AndBabyMakes . . .by Carole Giorgio
This new story is Not a continuation of the New Beginnings series - even though it seems like it is because it starts where the series left off, but this will be either a stand alone or a mini series in and of itself (if I continue on after the birth.)

Added part 3 of Stochastic Resonance by Barbara Buncle

Added part 49 of Jenah's Our Reunion

Added part 48 and part 49 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith

July 19th, 2001

Added part 16 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added part 2 of Stochastic Resonance by Barbara Buncle

Added chapter 6 of Snap Shots Part II by MJ

Added part 9 of Janet Lynne's The Challenge

July 18th, 2001

Stochastic Resonance - Part 1 by Barbara Buncle
Set in the future, Stochastic Resonance explores a time when nothing is left to chance. Humans are constructed for specific purposes, and designated by their jobs; forbidden to breed or touch each other because of fear of disease or dysfunction, their lives are spent tending the huge ships that take them from planet to planet. Only the ships have names, gobbling resources and alien civilizations as they go.

But not all aliens are such easy pickings, and perhaps some of those supposedly obsolete forbidden customs were not eliminated as successfully as the rulers would like to think. When the aliens begin to fight back, everything on shipboard begins to fall apart, leaving one researcher a chance to discover new things about herself and some of her crewmates. Meanwhile, a spy is abandoned on a hostile planet, just as she too makes a new discovery.

The Heart Of Aphrodite by Silence
'Dite helps the girls out.

July 17th, 2001

Welcome to a new bard to join the Academy. A big rousing howdy to Wisdom's Cry. She has submitted three poems today and adds - "Most of my poems reflect my Christian Faith as a Roman Catholic Christian."

Lord of Love
Thoughts of the Bard

Added part 8 of Janet Lynne's The Challenge

July 16th, 2001

Added part 7 of The Challenge by Janet Lynne

Here are the latest three pieces from David J. Duncan - The Alti Returns trilogy.

Part 1 "Protecting One's Legacy" (Also the first installment to the new "Amazon Scrolls" series)(Gen):
In this piece, Xena and Gabrielle ride to Egypt in order to save Eve from Alti. During the journey, several questions arise between the two friends. After the battle, Gabrielle makes a big decision....

Part 2 "Dancing Before the Music Starts" (Gen/Uber):
This is a multi xover between Xena, Forever Knight, and "The Mummy Returns". The O' Connells unwittingly release Alti from her tomb. After trying to use the high priest Imhotep to stop her, Michael is forced to travel to 1990's Tucson and ask Dave and Xena for help.

Part 3 "Aftershocks" (Gen/Uber):
This Forever Knight/Xena xover takes place during and right after the ending of "Send in the Clones". In this piece, the cloned Xena stays with Alti and the two of them side with the Renegades and the En
forcers against the Duboises and their friends. Don't miss the ending as it sets up some items for the following installment!!


July 15th, 2001

Added part 3 of S.Lee's Ms. O'Connor Goes to Washington
Jordan's family holds onto each other while they wait for to be found. Big changes come to Jordan's life and her campaign as she re-evalutes her life as a result of the experience.

July 13th, 2001

Homes Don't Really Exist by R.G. Heller
A bartender named Kel tells about running into an old neighbor who is back in town due to unfortunate circumstances.

Added chapter 5 of MJ's Snap Shots part 2

Added part 14 (chapters 34 and 35) and part 15 (chapters 36-37) to White Nights by Minerva

July 12th, 2001

More original fiction from Jane Fletcher, author of The Wrong Trail Knife

The Leap: Rowena, Earl of Northwold, was not having a good day. The Queen's impossible demands were bringing civil war ever closer. It was Rowena's intention to keep Northwold out of it for as long as possible, however events were working against her. The last thing she needed was for the Queen's marshal to appear, bringing a prisoner who would stir up old memories and bring new problems.

The Queen of Magpies: A vengeful King, an inane Princess, several sullen guards and a priceless statue - just another day's work for the most famous thief in the world.

Added part 2 of Grit's Fragments

Added part 6 of Janet Lynne's The Challenge


July 10th, 2001

Added part 7 of the awesome story First by Kim Pritekel

July 9th, 2001

Engravings of Wraith by Kiera Dellacroix [alt/finished]
A woman of reluctant violence learns about life and love.

Added part 6 of Studies In Light-Fates And Destinies(Conclusion of Series) by Caina Q.Fuller

Added part 5 of The Challenge by Janet Lynne

Added part 4 of Seeing You Again for the First Time by Colleen

Added the latest and greatest update from Eileen Marks' incredible Ultimate Über List


Silence by Kate Edwards

by Terri Lyn Stanfield
Black Void
Heart of a Poet
Would I?
No One To Blame

July 8th, 2001

Added Parts 19 & 20 (Conclusion) of A Petal of the Rose by LJ Maas

July 7th, 2001

Added chapter 7 of What Goes On Behind Closed Doors by Infinitely Abstruse

Odd Jobs By RacerX [unfinished]
A Call Girl and her client spend...time...together. Sparks fly.

July 6th, 2001

Just a reminder to those who submit stories to the Academy. Please try and keep those submissions to 5 per week, thank you! The Academy

Heatwave by Erin Jennifer
On a hot day, Xena and Gabrielle find a nice spring to cool off in, though the heat doesn't end there.

Just a Little Drink byæXfjnky
It's hard to summarize something that has no plot, and trust me, this one fits into that category. æJust a shameless short little PWP.

Added part 4 of The Challenge by Janet Lynne

Added part 2 of Vigilant by Blitzgal

Added part 45, part 46, and part 47 of Reece's Faith by Vertigo

July 5th, 2001

First by Kim Pritekel [unfinished]
Lover, best friend, confidante, and simply next door neighbor. Beth has died, and now Emily must find some understanding and peace behnd their estrangement. (I didn't know this was unfinished, I am sure glad I didn't because I would have overlooked an absolutely FANTASTIC read!)

This is a Lonely Life by Beth
A short story about a musician named Laken and a conversation one night in a bar. It grew from listening to the song "Sylvia Hotel" by Cheryl Wheeler.

Added part 8 of KM's Considerable Appeal

Added part 9 (chapters 16 and 17) of John S. Gerow's There Must In All Things Be Closure
In this segment: The Amazons struggle to deal with old wounds reopened by Raisa's allegations.

Added part 12 and the conclusion to Kawai's Change of Heart

Added parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and part 9 (conclusion) of Alix and Valerie by Dreams

Added chapter 6 of What Goes On Behind Closed Doors by Infinitely Abstruse

Added part 2 chapter 4 of Snap Shots by MJ

Added part 3 of Mountain Love by Psyche_b


by Terry Lyn Stanfield
Sea of Passion
Bad Moon Rising

July 4th, 2001

Vigilant by Blitzgal [unfinished]
This is an Uber-alt story which takes place in the present day. It centers around the character of Lana Wilson, a senior in high school who by chance meets a woman whom she is convinced is moonlighting as a real-life vigilante referred to by the press as the Urban Avenger. This is merely part one of the piece, to be continued as long as there are new adventures for this pair.

Added part 3 of The Challenge by Janet Lynne


by Terry Lyn Stanfield
Lost Long Ago
Stay the Course
Angelic Soul
I Don't

July 3rd, 2001

Please y'all...if you read a story and like it...send a note to the bard. I have heard a whole bunch of people as of late saying they are getting little or *no* feedback on stories. Let's give the writers some encouragement!

Here is part five, part six and the conclusion of Play It Again Sam by Ali Vali

Added part 6 of Minerva's Linger

Added part 12 of White Nights by Minerva


by ArdentTly
Words Enough To Say
timeless beauty
Life With My Xena

Ever After
Cool Clean Waters
the best man for the job
A Woman for All Seasons or Once Upon a Time in Greece


July 2nd, 2001

Rising Sun by Erin Jennifer
This story takes place after the events of "Friend in Need, part 1."

The Man Who Killed Xena by Richard B. Franke
The ancient Celts feared a Bard's wrath more that almost anything. A samurai discovers why.

Emotion by Idryth
Emotion concludes the story arc that began with Insight and continued in Realization. Kris and Sam have come to terms with what they mean to each other, now can everyone else? And, will the danger that seems to haunt their every step continue to plague them? Read Emotion to find those answers and more.

æWhite Water Terror by Blind Faith
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in "a little over their heads" as they try to help a village struggling to survive a flooding river near their homes. æAs the events swirl out of their control, Xena and Gabrielle are forced fight for their own survival.

White Water Terror 2: æKilaro's Revenge by Blind Faith
After surviving the harrowing events of "White Water Terror," Xena and Gabrielle double back to the town to discover if the villagers have survived the flood. æHowever, when they reach the village there is an even greater threat that awaits them.

White Water Terror 3: æThe Hunt By Blind Faithæææ æ
Xena and Gabrielle must fight for their lives to avoid Kilaro and her army. æThis is the concluding section of the White Water Trilogy.

Disaster at Styman Pass by Blind Faith
A surprise rock slide sends Xena over a cliff, and Gabrielle fights to rescue her. æThis hurt/comfort story shows the love and friendship between these two women. æ

æShark Island Salvation by Blind Faith
The setting of this story takes place immediately following the events of "Locked Up and Tied Down" from Season 4. æGabrielle and Xena try to recover from the events in the prison, and Xena struggles to shake the feeling of anxiety that has taken over her soul ever since Alti's vision of the crucifixion.

Ancient Amazon Secret by Dreamweaver
A short Star Wars/XWP CROSSOVER PWP story. It would probably fit best with conqueror stuff.

Mountain Love by Psyche_b
Two women from very different parts of the country are brought together by destiny and love. This is the story of the ætrouble they go though to be together. Set in the majestic Adirondack Mountains at the turn of the 20th century. A time when survivors of the War between the States still live to rehash old battles.

Part Six of Mavis Applewater's Just One Of Those Things.

Added part 24 of Cold by Midgit

Added part 2 of Janet Lynne's The Challenge

Added part 18 of A Petal of the Rose by LJ Maas

Added part 11 of Kawai's Change of Heart


Question by Kate Edwards

by ArdentTly
Full Figured Feelings
Haunting of Amphipolis
Under Noses
Betwixt and Between
Feast of Leavings


July 1st, 2001

Flashpoint By ArdentTly

Barfly By ArdentTly

A Destiny Denied By ArdentTly

Conversations With My Mother By ArdentTly

The Warrior Princess By ArdentTly

Scenes From a Relationship By ArdentTly

Within You and Without You By ArdentTly

After the Bath By ArdentTly

Poems by ArdentTly
Family Orchard

linear dreams

Woman in Chains

a part




The Forge

Place Show Win

Though Distance Seems To Part Us

And Nothing Else Matters






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