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January 31st, 2003


The Royal Academy of Bards would like to announce the opening of the Academy Marketplace...the RAOB logo store at Cafe Press. Follow the link provided and check it out. Any markups from the sales of these items will be donated to a charity which will be designated quarterly.
CLICK HERE: Academy Marketplace
In conjunction, we would like to announce a logo contest. 
(Thanks, Lil for the terrific idea)
That's right folks, we want to add one more logo to the ones that are already there. Of course, this being an Official RAOB Contest and me have ROOOLs. <.bg.> But only a few...and they're short...honest.
No blond haired, green-eyed or brunette haired, blue-eyed easily recognizable persons (don't give me that look--you know what I am talking about) in the submitted logo...Academy personnel do not want to go to jail. 
Do not use copyrighted material, written or graphic in the submitted logo...Artwork must be original or public domain. Academy personnel do not want to go to jail. AND we will take you with us if you try.<.bg.>
In your submitted logo idea, try to represent the essence and spirit of the Academy and it's master plan to take over the world via subliminal messages in it's posted fanfiction...
Whoops, sorry...forget that last part. <.bg.>
The Mighty Munchkins and OZ will carefully study, consider and evaluate each and every submission...and then declare a winner. If we can't decide...we will throw them out to you to vote on <.bg.>. We may do that anyway...just cause we can. 

ROOOL #5-All logos and artwork become the property of the Royal Academy of Bards. In other's ours...Ours...OURS! We shall plaster it on t-shirts, we shall plaster it on hats, we shall plaster it on mugs, we shall attach it to mousepads (we ran out of plaster) <.g.> and anything else we can get away with...
Get it? Got it? Good!
The winner will get their choice of any one of the items Cafe Press produces with their winning logo on it and the honor of adorning chests everywhere. <.bg.> 
Now, please submit your logo ideas to by March 1st
Please submit them in jpeg format (under 125k) but keep a hi-res handy...we will need that file if we choose yours as the winner.
OZ...over and out

- More about the raffle announced yesterday from Denise

Hi folks!
Just to answer a few questions we have already had...
If you want to pay by paypal and do not have an account, please go to and sign up for one. Then send your payment to marked PASADENA RAFFLE indicating the number of tickets you are purchasing.
If you simply wish to make a donation, you can do it through paypal or by sending a check or Money order snail mail to
Denise Byrd
253 E. Cherry St.
Groveland, FL. 34736
For those of you who will be in Pasadena--- we will be selling tickets at the Pup Breakfast at Shakers Restaurant on Saturday morning. The breakfast runs from 9-11, and the drawing will be at the end of the breakfast. If you find me before then, I may not have the tickets with me, but I am always willing to take your money. <g> I will however make sure your tickets get put in the bag to be pulled.
You do not need to be present to win, because I will not have the costume with me in Pasadena with me. We have found that traveling with this stuff is an invitation to bad karma happening. I will FedEx the costume to the winner. They have been very good to us.
Any more questions, please email me at
Thanks for helping make this a successful raffle!


January 30th, 2003


- from Missy Good

Hey guys -
I know this is short notice, but it's a worthwhile cause, and I think the end result will be a unique piece of Xena to whoever ends up with it.
A bit ago the Bardcon group had an online raffle, and one of the items did not make it's minimum. That was Gabrielle's ragtop bikini from FIN.
Now, I know lots of folks (including me) didn't like the episode, but how many ragtop bikinis did Gabrielle wear?
Since we still have this ragtop, I'd like to try and raffle it by the Pasadena Con. Denise will post details of tickets shortly.
This costume is sort of special. The proceeds from the raffle will go to someone (a specific person) who is battling cancer, and who could really use the help.
Because I promised the donor I would not reveal their identity, I really can't reveal who donated the costume to us for the raffle. However, I can say it has a note enclosed (a really cute one) from the original costume wearer, and to my mind, the note itself is probably worth more as a keepsake than the ragtop bikini is. (ggg)
So - the tickets will be:
1 for $5
5 for $20
20 for $50
50 for $100
The online tickets sales will run till late Tuesday night - and they can take credit cards. Denise will also have tickets available at the PUP BREAKFAST - but she is not electronic and can only take cash and money orders. We will have the ticket drawing at the end of the breakfast.
If you want to get tickets via paypal (using cc or whatever) = send it to - and put PASADENA RAFFLE in the header, and how many tickets you want. Denise will send back your ticket numbers since I waited as usual until the last minute to ask her to do this and she will probably kill me before the weekend is over.
This is a good cause, folks. We often donate for a big entity, such as the Heart Association, or Starship - but not that often for a single person who can have a difference made to them in this way.
So - anyone who wants in, go for it. I will reveal to the winner before they get the costume who donated it, since it will be obvious once they recieve it.


The Fast Ship by DJ Belt [alt]
Xena and Gabrielle, shipwrecked and near death, are plucked from the sea and restored to health by the crew of a sleek ship. They join the odd collection of mariners (including a Greek captain, a Thracian Amazon and an Egyptian mystic) on a desperate and bloody mission to 'right a wrong' and along the journey find themselves bound more closely than ever, as Gabrielle is forced to confront and vanquish the last of the demons of memory harbored in her deepest conscience.

Added part 11 of Outcome by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

Added part 3 and part 4 of Raging Horses by T. Stratton

January 29th, 2003

Raging Horses by T. Stratton [unfinished]
Jordan Martin realizes that she needs more than work to make her life complete. When she gets a letter from one of her late Grandmother’s friends she decided that it’s a perfect time to visit. Hoping to find some peace and quiet Jordan along with her friend Mary travel to see Marge Wilson. That’s not what she finds after she gets there. Between fist fights and fires she falls in love with a small blonde who just happens to own the ranch.

January 28th, 2003

Added Part 12 of A Thousand Kisses by GirlBard (Finished)

January 27th, 2003

Added Amicus Humani Generis the epilogue by SB Zarben

Added part 10: Memories of the Sword of L.M. Townsend's Daughters of Artemis 

January 26th, 2003

Wedding Story by Paully Adams
Xena and Gabrielle head back to Amazonia to get married, but first Xena has to pass a test that Lila picked out. Comedy and chaos ensues. 

Added Chapter 23 of Modern Crusaders: Adeptus Major by PsiDraconis

New eBooks
The Partner Trap by Scully
The Nearest Distant Shore by Little Mac
Her Majesty's Pleasure by Cephalgia
The Saddle by TC O'Neill
Ignorance Is Bliss by Carola Erickson
Mark of the Mermaid by Carola Erickson
Infinite Loop by Meghan O'Brien

Revised eBooks
On a High CLiff by BS Raven
The Right Thing by SX Meagher

January 25th, 2003

In part ten of Mavis Applewater's My Sisters Keeper, Jenny and Lizzie learn more about one another during a sailing trip.

Added part 2 of Blindsided by Colleen

Added part 10 of Outcome by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

January 24th, 2003


- from Cephalgia (this was in a note, I thought you guys would like to see it too - steph)

"Connecting Hearts" is going to be published by Limitless Dare2Dream, probably in March. MJ and I thank you so much for giving the story the exposure that made it possible.


Her Majesty's Pleasure by Cephalgia [PWP/original fiction]
Follow up to the stories The British Invasion and Body English. It continues and concludes Holly and Gina's story. 

Added part 16 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas

January 23rd, 2003

Where is Xena When You Need Her? by Diane C. Bonacci
Political Satire

Christmas for Santa's Little Helpers by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
A very short story about a sad little elf in Santa's workshop, a Christmas wish, mistletoe, and why it really isn't much fun to be a Bad Girl.

Ignorance is Bliss by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
Dash is a very unusual turtle. Not only is she very dangerous to any and all male turtles in the vicinity, but she tries to give her human friends some dating advice... it really isn't her fault that humans keep forgetting the important parts, is it?

Mark of the Mermaid by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
A dark and gory tale about the curse of the mermaid's flesh and the poor unfortunate souls that fall under it. The lure of eternal life comes with a heavy price, and even for those that attain it, an eternal life in solitude is no gift to cherish. So all that remains is to wander through life in search of the one, that one person that can share that unending life - the one allotted to you.

The Last Letter by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
The tale of a female King, and how she had spent her life loving the woman her father arranged for her to marry, only to one day realize that her bride may never come to share those feelings.

The Island of Beasts by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
The Island of Dr Moreau, über version. Mike has reached absolute rock bottom in her life when she's brought ashore on the small island that would be the focus of her nightmares, and what she finds might just turn her life around.

Added Amicus Humani Generis part 20 by SB Zarben


Removed at Authors Request:
B movie – K. Simpson

Moment in Eden – Casie Eve
The Deal – Paully Adams
Harvest – G.E. Birch
Courageous Hearts – T. Stratton
The Road from Kilimanjaro – KG MacGregor
Deja Vu - Alec Rene
Conquering Heroine – CN Winters & Amy 

China – Anne Azel
South Africa – Anne Azel
A Christmas Story – Anne Azel

January 22nd, 2003

The Road From Kilimanjaro by KG MacGregor [alt/original/finished]
For six months, Mary Kate Sasser trained for the ultimate quest of Uhuru Peak, the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro's glacial crater. The small-town Southerner was ready for everything - except perhaps for fellow climber Kristin Addison, who had another summit in mind.

Conquering Heroine By CN Winters and Amy
This is unlike any other Conqueror out there and took two years to make. A wide cast of characters in this unique piece with so many twists and turns it'll make your head spin

January 21st, 2003


Please buy my friend's book. Cold by Alison Carpenter (aka Midgit) is now shipping!

Open Book


Added several stories by S.Berry

PWP. Two women who meet outside and bar and... well, I think we can all guess what comes next. If PWP doesn't tip you off, do not read at work! 

Stud II
Takes place a couple weeks after "Stud".  Finally, the secret is revealed.Do not read at work.

Sequel to All the Way to Heaven Or Lesbian Parlor Games

Added the second section of part 9 of L.M. Townsend's Daughters of Artemis 

Added revised parts 1-4 and new part 5 to MelRC's Coincidental Meetings

January 20th, 2003

Quick Reminder -Auction ends tonight!!!
Limitless D2D has come up with 3 late entries to help out Redhawk. Since the auction is over, we are going to take the highest bid in the next 2 days for the following books- 
Omega's Folly by Carla Osborne Encounters I by Anne Azel (autographed) Encounters II by Anne Azel (autographed) 
Send your bids to with "Redhawk Auction" in the subject heading. Any other subject heading will not guarantee being seen! We'll let all participants know who the winners are. Bidding will cease Monday January 20th at 8 pm pacific time. 

The Truth Be Told by CJ Shoup [gen]
Xena "helps" Joxer drop his warrior look, but is it for the better? 

Added part 9 of Murder has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley

Added part 9 of Outcome by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

Added part 6 of By the Manor Owned by Phair

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

Ebooks Removed by Request from Author
Engravings of Wraith - Kiera Dellacroix 
Icehole - Kiera Dellacroix 
Fractured Tapestry - Kiera Dellacroix 

January 19th, 2003

The Saddle by TC O'Neill [alt]
Here's another Plot, What Plot? story that picks up where "Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage" left off. There are no other characters in the story except Argo. Xena and Gabrielle don't need anyone else... but you already knew that, didn't you? 

Added Chapter 22 of Modern Crusaders: Adeptus Major by PsiDraconis

Added part 3 of Life's Little Edge by Roselle Graskey

January 18th, 2003

An announcement
Limitless D2D has come up with 3 late entries to help out Redhawk. Since the auction is over, we are going to take the highest bid in the next 2 days for the following books- 
Omega's Folly by Carla Osborne Encounters I by Anne Azel (autographed) Encounters II by Anne Azel (autographed) 
Send your bids to with "Redhawk Auction" in the subject heading. Any other subject heading will not guarantee being seen! We'll let all participants know who the winners are. Bidding will cease Monday January 20th at 8 pm pacific time. 

January 17th, 2003

Missing You! by StaceyX [alt]
Xena and Gabrielle have been apart for a while and are reunited.

Courageous Hearts by T. Stratton [über/alt]
Dell Marshall had her life turned upside down. First the woman she loved leaves her and then her family is killed by a serial killer this all happens in the span of a couple of days. Almost killed herself Jay goes on with her life moving to a new town. When after a few years her ex-lover moves to the same town not knowing Dell lives there also and they meet by chance. Then the killer who slaughtered her family escapes from prison bent on finishing what he started. 

Added part 6 of Denic's Something I Said

January 16th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy T. Stratton!

To Protect and Serve [über/alt/finished]
Tyler Jones is hired by BJ Stanton to protect her from a deranged stalker. Unable to fight the connection she feels, Tyler falls in love with BJ. Will Tyler be able to keep the woman she loves away from a man who is willing to kill to be close to her? 

False Dragon By Mikael Helbo Kjaer
The fourth part of The Darkness and The Light series. Xena follows Gabrielle's tracks across Asia hoping to reach her friend that last she heard was struggling with an inner darkness. At last we learn why no one has heard from Gabrielle in two years. Note: nearly novel length. 

Tension runs high in part nine of Mavis Applewater's My Sisters Keeper.

January 15th, 2003
A Moment in Eden by CasiEve [alt/finished]
While taking a trip to New York, travel writer Shelby Macgregor revisits her youth and rediscovers her true self within the walls of the city and the arms of the aspiring young comic, Taryn Osbourne. (Sequel to "Cityscape") Ý

Added part 14, part 15 and part 16 (the conclusion) of Mezzo's Moving On 

January 14th, 2003

Combined part 7 and 8 of Outcome by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

Added part 6(conclusion) of Immortality and Wizardry by Patricia Winterburn

Added part 11 of A Thousand Kisses by GirlBard

Fixed link for Canadian Uber Addicts subscription email to

January 13th, 2003

A Final Redemption by Nance Gice [classic; general]
Xena is haunted by the past, she thought had long-since been put behind her, when she battles a blood thirsty warlord who has vowed to take revenge by killing Gabrielle. 

On the High Cliff by B.S. Raven [revised version]

Added part 12 of Fate by DE Salsbury

January 12th, 2003

Harvest by G.E. Birch [original/alt/finished]
Set in the mid-west The Harvest is the story of 2 women (Carolyn and Elise) whose lives connect in a seemingly random way. After Carolyn's maiden aunt passes away, leaving the farm to her, Carolyn finds herself unexpectedly plunked in the mid-west. There - urban out lesbian meets an isolated asexual farmer. As the two women are drawn together each struggles with her own past to come together in the present to harvest desire. 

Déjà Vu by Alec Rene
The memory of one lover to another. A recollection of an ecstasy fulfilled fantasy shared between the two. Detailing just what can happen between two lovers on a stormy night when a fantasy is unleashed. 

A Game of Chess by Angharad Governal
Two people meet over a game of chess. Based on the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde written by Beroul. 

Reunion by Angharad Governal
Old classmates meet at a high school reunion. 

In part eight of Mavis Applewater's My Sisters Keeper, Jenny and Lizzie are confronted by the woman who tore them apart. 

Added part 2 of Life's Little Edge by Roselle Graskey

Added Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 of Modern Crusaders: Adeptus Major by PsiDraconis

Added part 8 of Murder has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley

January 11th, 2003

Added part 7 (Conclusion) of The Deal by Paully Adams

New eBooks
Cityscape by Casie Eve
Elana's Legacy by Patricia Winterburn

January 10th, 2003


A group for all the ubers, all the bards, all the time.
This is not just a 'praise the bards' group but a group which, with good manners in place and in mind, freely discusses what works and what doesn't work too. Discuss updates, stories and characters, share opinions, ideas and your favourites (and maybe not-so-favourites too). We are not devoted to one bard. Rather, we devote ourselves to all the brilliant and talented bards the uberverse offers.
Subscribe by sending an email to:
(No, you don't have to be a Canadian to join <w>)


Welcome to the Academy Roselle Graskey!

Life's Little Edge [original/alt/unfinished]
Callan O'Malley is everything Terri Barclay knows she should be afraid of. O'Malley freelances as a gun runner for a biker gang and Terri is hiding her own secrets. Thrown together by circumstance they find their lives turned into a certain chaos.

Added part 2 of Dimples' Through Thick and Thin

January 9th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, Casi Eve!

Cityscape by Casi Eve [original/alt/finished]
A writing assignment brings Shelby to Chicago where she discovers a new side to the city and gets more than a tour guide in Taryn.  If only every trip was so productive...

Elana's Legacy by Patricia Winterburn
In this very short story  Xena and Gabrielle get a gift from a couple of old friends.

Added part 23 of Tie Break by Bonnie

Added part 9a of The Daughters of Artemis series by L. M. Townsend

January 8th, 2003


Added part 16 of Lois Kay and Cbar's Ripples in Time 

New eBooks
Dawn of Change by Gerri Hill
About Artemis by BL Miller
The Black Jar by Dreamweaver
Here Comes My Woman – Epilogue  by GS Binkley
Chilled Out by Mindwalker 78
Wishing for a Warrior for Christmas by Ri
Devine Desecration by D. Jordan Redhawk

January 7th, 2003

The Redhawk Auction is almost over! January 8th is the deadline. There are some great items still at *very* reasonable prices. Heck, right now there are an authentic pair of gauntlets from the television show going for only 60 dollars! Go see what other bargains can be found!

In conjunction with the auction, Fortitude Press is having a "Redhawk Special" Warlord Metal by D. Jordan Redhawk + At First Blush by Anthology Contributors for the low....extremely low price...of 11.50. These books together usually go for $36.00! This special is only good until January 9th, 2003.


Added part 4 and combined parts 5&6 of Outcome by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

In part seven of Mavis Applewater's My Sisters Keeper, Jenny faces new challenges from her living situation and Lizzie's profession.

January 6th, 2003

Here Comes My Woman - Epilogue by GS Binkley
HERE COMES MY WOMAN’S Epilogue continues seven months after Hayley is born. The Ballant clan tries to cope with the newest member of their family as Lacy and Gage continue their lives together. Gage’s mother reveals why she abandoned her daughter. This story follows THE WOMAN I LOVE then A WOMAN LIKE YOU and HERE COMES MY WOMAN. 

Infinite Loop by MeghanO 'Brien
"Relucantly dragged to a straight bar by two co-workers, shy software developer Regan O'Riley never expected to meet the perfect woman. Mel Raines never expected to *be* anyone's perfect woman, at least for more than a night, but when the stoic cop becomes involved with Regan she finds that she's considering something more meaningful than casual sex for the first time in her adult life. When tragedy strikes Mel's life, the two women are propelled along in their tentative friendship and growing love by way of an impromptu road trip to the American Southwest. Along the way they encounter a series of adventures, confront their pasts, and forge a new future...together." 

The Black Jar by Dreamweaver
This is a post FIN fiction (which I swore I would never do), can't say too much without giving it away as it is so short. A 'what if' story. It won't depress you, I don't think. No more subtext than the show.

Added Part 10 of A Thousand Kisses by Girlbard

January 5th, 2003

Wishing For a Warrior For Christmas by Ri
Tabitha was very lonely on Christmas Eve, she wished for someone to talk to. Puffs of smoke appeared and her friends Xena and Gabrielle were before her. Hands on hips and maternal frown on the warriors face she asked the little girl, "Tabitha, did you bring us here?" 

Captain of Her Heart by W. Brad Danbrook [Über; unfinished]
The story sees a landing party from the Enterprise encounter a resurrected Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Zeus. Zeus has hatched a plan, with a complicit Ares, to hijack the Enterprise to reprise the "Age of Gods." Needless to say, Kirk has a problem with this. Inititially Xena is bothered by the brash Starship Captain. In time, a spark of romance is kindled. 

Echo of Distant Thunder by Emily First [Alt; unfinished]
Following an undefined trail,Xena is moving through the hinterland of Poteidaia when she runs into a little bit of bother... 

Chilled Out by Mindwalker 78 [Über; alt]
A lonely cottage, two people, the perfect place to do just that - chill out. 

Added Chapter 19 of Modern Crusaders: Adeptus Major by PsiDraconis

Added part 19 of SB Zarben's Amicus Humani Generis

New eBooks 
Sierra City - Gerri Hill
Tears of a Goddess - DJ Belt
The Last Conqueror - Lariel & Kam
Love the Way You Love Me - Paully Adams
Kissing You - Paully Adams
Somewhere Down the Line - Paully Adams
The Show - BL Miller

January 4th, 2003

Added part 15 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas

January 3rd, 2003

Sierra City by Gerri Hill [original/alt]
Chris McKenna gladly escaped the crowds of Yosemite to work as the new Search and Rescue in tiny Sierra City, nestled just west of Lake Tahoe. Always a loner, she didn't mind the seclusion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Jessie Stone, a successful but reclusive writer, is haunted by memories of her childhood and finally returns to Sierra City after sixteen years of estrangement from her mother. The odd assortment of residents of this small mountain town bring them together but it is Annie Stone, a woman Chris has grown to admire and a woman Jessie still feels hatred for, that binds the two. Through lies and deception, they still cannot deny the growing attraction that will brighten both their lives . . . if only they will allow it. 

Added part 5 of Denic's Something I Said

January 2nd, 2003

Tears of a Goddess by DJ Belt [Mel&Janice/alt]
In this sequel to The Tomb, Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington are invited to France by their old friends Mack and Sallie, who have discovered a cache of priceless ancient documents, Gabrielle's previously unknown writings among them. Jan is confounded by the shocking content of the writings, and the mysterious specter which haunts her as she ponders their puzzle. The papers disappear and Jan is arrested for their theft. 

As she languishes in a jail cell, Mel summons help from the shadowy depths of the postwar "intelligence" community. A motley collection of characters emerge to attempt Jan's rescue as Jan unravels the mystery of Gabrielle's latter days and the identity of the odd specter which visits her. 

Added part 16 of Harley's Poetry in Motion

Added part 8 of Mountain Love by Psyche-B

Added part 5 and part 6 of The Deal by Paully Adams

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

January 1st, 2003 

Hello 2003...!

From Crystal Michallet

The January 2003 recipient of the Charani Award of Excellence in Fiction for Ethnic or Religious Diversity goes to Archangel for Desert Hawk.


The Deal by Paully Adams[unfinished]
In an alt-time period, the "Twilight" is about to happen. Xena and Gabrielle ask Ares to help them. He will....for the right price. These are the first four parts of a 7-part series. 

Added part 11 of nyrdgyrl's Culture Clash

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