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July 31st, 2003

It's the last day of the "Feed the Bards" promotion. We've had a tremendous response this year! If you haven't written someone this month, it's not too late! In fact, it's never too late-try and keep this up year round. We'll be announcing our big winners very soon.

Memories of Love by Leslaureate[alt/über/complete]
Jessica McElroy turns to the Internet looking for love. But is she looking for love in all the wrong places? There she meets Cynthia Jarvis, who seems too good to be true. Jessica's past, present, and future all collide, leaving her to learn to trust, love, and laugh.

Added part 1 of Red Hope's To Find What is Mine and also the summary-
The adventure continues as we learn what's happened to Gabrielle and her family. Along the way, Xena makes a decision that'll change her and Lyceus's lives forever.

Added part 2 of Black's Magic by MJ and Cephalgia

Added part 12 of S.Derkin's Lad of Moss

New eBooks
Unbound – mindwalker
Of Love and Betrayal (revised) Erin O’Reilly
For Art's Sake – Ri
Powers of the Queen Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr!
Hearts and Flowers – Mavis Applewater
New Beginnings – Mavis Applewater
Like Porcupines – Anon2
Pit (The) AW
The Hawk Run Chronicles: Welcome Home Skippy

eBooks Removed
And I Saw Her ... Verity
Kiss Me Deadly by angharad governal
And The Strange Morning - angharad governal
Dawn of Change – Gerri Hill
Kara's Moon – Gerri Hill
Sierra City – Gerri Hill
Gulf Breeze – Gerri Hill

July 30th, 2003

Unbound by Mindwalker78 [alt/X&G/complete]
What could possibly make Xena so afraid that she would leave her beloved Gabrielle? And what did the elegant looking gentleman with the strangely elongated teeth have to do with it?

That Which One Desires by Amelia Sedley [über/unfinished]
It's the summer of 1912, and Jesse Tyson has disappeared in Mongolia while on an expedition. Annie Thomas and Ed Kearney set out to find her in a wild, dangerous country where all order has collapsed and bandits roam unchallenged.

Reposted Of Love and Betrayal by Erin O'Rielly revised

July 29th, 2003


Took down Gerri Hill's Dawn of Change, Sierra Mist, Gulf Breeze and Kara's Moon by request of her publisher.


Welcome to the Academy, Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr!

Powers of the Queen [alt/X&G/Complete]
Xena and Gabrielle first time story with a few twists and turns. Our story begins immediately following the Blind Faith episode in season 2. All the gods are still alive and kicking and several appear in this story. So, if you're looking for a rollicking good time with our favorite gals in a new adventure the likes of which TPTB were afraid to show, then join us. Note: this piece has some graphic loves scenes (ever so tastefully done ), so read please the disclaimers.

Of Love and Betrayal by Erin O'Rielly
This is the sequel to Possibilities.
Many people go through life with the feeling something is missing. They can look around them, see their families, jobs and possessions, and wonder why they aren't happy. Happiness relies on making a total commitment to the life one is living and for some that is difficult. Is Kylie and LJ's love strong enough to survive temptations and public opinion? Will their relationship bring them the fulfillment they both long for?

Added part 4 of ThingforGabrielle's Finding My Way

July 28th, 2003

Added the conclusion of The Hawk Run Chronicles: Welcome Home by Skippy

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

July 27th, 2003


From Debra
Gomorrah's Books ( and The Canadian Uber Addicts invite you to witness the marriage of Taylor Rickard and TNovan on Saturday, August the 2nd, 2003, high the bookstore.

The legally-wedded couple will chat with guests and Addicts alike at a small gathering immediately following the ceremony. Come and hear all the plans for Cavalier Press and DC BardFest from the source!. And I just bet TN will autograph any books you might bring along

And then we'll call Steph on the west coast of Canada. Timing should be about right

RSVP, direction and info: or by Thursday, July 31st, 2003.

Cool eh?

(PostScript: Please feel free to pass this along to any groups or individuals you think may be interested and able to attend)

From Verity
I felt like I owed a lot of people an explanation for this move, so here it is. I knew that Some Kind of love would upset people but I didn't know it would be to the extent that I'd be getting hate mail. And it is most definitely hate mail. While there were numerous positive responses the overwhelming amount of negative responses has been staggering. I had hoped to talk about real people, real issues, in the hope that people like myself could find characters that they can truly relate to. I guess people didn't want that much realness. I don't want people to think that my decision to remove my work is the result of a bruised ego but if that's what I have to do to respect myself then I will. I refuse to allow someone who doesn't know me try to judge me. My writing is one thing but to pass judgment on my morality is too much. I'm not abandoning writing altogether though, I'm just abandoning writing for the Xenaverse. I had thought that this was a place of support and acceptance yet it seems that a great deal of you are only accepting of things that aren't alternative to what you believe is normal.
I'm sorry to everyone who did enjoy my work, your support has been invaluable. You guys rock.


From Cate Swannell
Heart's Passage (the story formerly known as 'King of the Beach' will be published on the 5th of August and will only be available at the Academy until then, so if you haven't read it yet, hurry!

Please welcome AW to the Academy!

The Pit by AW [original/alt/finished]
Cassie is pushed beyond her normal comfort zone when her lover selects a public place to reward her for completing a special project. Just for fun - don't look for a plot.

Black's Magic by MJ & Cephalgia [Über/alt/unfinished]
British secret agent Addison Black is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American research scientist, but the straightforward mission is soon complicated by old enemies, the threat of global bio-terrorism and possibly a traitor from within. It's not just a simple case as Addison finds she is increasingly attracted to her objective, the intriguing Skyler Tidwell.

Added part 2 of Woman of My Dreams by Debbie Dee

July 26th, 2003

Today we're welcoming another bard, Skippy, to the Academy!

The Hawk Run Chronicles: Welcome Home by Skippy [unfinished]
It is a story about a woman who returns to the small town in which she was born. The womanís name is Maggie, the town is Hawk Run, Ohio, and in the course of the story love blossoms, murder is done, and Maggie finds a place where she belongs. I think it is a funny and an interesting story. and I do hope that you will want to read it.

Like Porcupines by Anon2
Here's an expanded updated version of my 'bard challenge' story the actress-1, revised and complete w/ new title, disclaimer, and epilogue. Hope folks enjoy it.

Added part 7 of Blindsided by Colleen

Added part 12 of Something I Said by Denic

Added part 11 of S. Derkins' Lad of Moss

July 25th, 2003

(Note: I was looking over all these stories today and talk about needing some Amazon Ice! Most should contain a "Do Not Read At Work" disclaimer!)

For Art's Sake by Ri
Two artist are drawn together by their work and find they have more in common then their talents.

Here are two more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series,
Hearts and Flowers (Welcome to the Neighborhood Part 2)
Gwen and Eden's first Valentines Day together is filled with more than a few bumps along the way.

New Beginnings
A young mother meets the mother of her daughter's classmate and finds something she wasn't looking for.

Added part 5 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Added part 17 of Murder has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley


July 24th, 2003

Added part 20 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

New eBooks
Learning to Trust - Jules Matthews

July 23rd, 2003

Added part 27 of Time's Fell Hand by L.J. Maas

Added part 2 of Letter of Discovery by V. Anderson

Added part 10 of S. Derkins' Lad of Moss

Added part 11 of Revolution by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

New eBooks
Possibilities - Erin O'Rielly
The Leader - Storm

July 22nd 2003

Welcome Storm to the Academy!

The Leader by Storm [alt/conqueror/complete]
Xena, the Conqueror, rules in a very harsh way. A resistance movement tries to oppose her power, but one of the members is captured. Xena dares the leader of the resistance to surrender, to save the captive's life. And a blonde woman arrives at Xena's palace...

Possibilities by Erin O'Rielly [original/alt/complete]
Events and people who constantly come and go shape our lives. Just as the universe is in constant state of flux so are we. As we continuously change and evolve, that which we swore we would never do, change as circumstances occur that make them possible. Will Kiley Wilcox and Dr. LJ Evans world's are about to collide.the outcome be nothing more than a learning experience or will it alter both lives forever?

July 21st, 2003

Human Interest by Cephalgia [Über/alt]
Journalist Cass Kendall has met her soulmate. She discovers that true love can be the greatest and worst thing in her life as she ponders her own fate.

Flygirl by BJ Gale [Original/alt]
A PWP about just how friendly Officer Friendly can be.

Added part 10 of Kim Pritekel's & Alexa Hoffman's Revolution

Added part 2 of Phair's The Retreat

July 20th, 2003

Added part 9 of Lad of Moss by S. Derkins

New eBooks

Phone Numbers, Lies and Octopi - dabkey
Waiting - J. Peterson
Blair's Bounty - Mavis Applewater
Coming Home - Mavis applewater
Finding Destiny - Mavis applewater
Patience's Haven - Mavis Applewater
Who Knew? - Mavis applewater
Burden of Existence - SB Zarben
A Letter to my Lover - S. Lee

July 19th, 2003

We forgot to welcome PolRobin to the Academy yesterday, so here is a belated welcome <g> - and today's other welcome goes to Xenafyre!

The Boar Hunt by Xenafyre [Conqueror]
Bored with life at her castle, Xena the Conqueror embarks on a boar hunt while Darphus, her second-in-command plots his takeover of the throne. Injured during the hunt, Xena meets one of her subjects who ends up having a profound effect on her life.

July 18th, 2003

We have been forwarded the files of stories that were solely hosted on the Annals of the Conqueror website. If anyone knows with the following authors - we are trying to contact them to get permission to host those unique stories on the Academy.
The Leader by Storm
Mask of Courage by WhoMumbles
The Boar Hunt by Xenafyre


Waking the Muse by PolRobin
Summary Pending

Added part 8 of Lad of Moss by S. Derkins

Added part 4 of Lois Kay's Murrook Farm


Bozeman - Mickey
LA Metropolitian - R. Nolan

Removed at request of author
Hyacinth - angharad governal
Languedoc - angharad governal


July 17th, 2003

Added the text version of angharad governal's Annals of the Conqueror to our main index

Added part 7 of the revised, edited version of Our Reunion by Jenah (replaces chapters 31-35)

July 16th, 2003


Welcome to the Academy J. Peterson!

Waiting by J. Peterson [über/alt]
A college student anxiously awaits the return of her roommate and lover. Just a tiny bit of mindless fluff.

Added an enhanced version part 8 of Mountain Love by Psyche-B

Added part 7 of Lad of Moss by S. Derkins


[editorial comment - I received the following request for posting last evening. This is the kind of thing that saddens me. It's also the kind of thing that prompted the Feed the Bard promotion. Please, take the time to thank people for freely sharing their time and talents with us. Maybe some nice notes will make the difference and counter the bad things people hear. - steph]

- by angharad governal

i suppose this note is here as a means to explain the "disappearance" of the annals of the conqueror site as well as the deletion of my fan fic from several xenaverse archives. i have been getting several emails inquiring the whys and i guess this is the most efficient way of answering those questions in a collective, general sense, rather than resorting to typing the same answer in individual emails several times over.

the annals of the conqueror site has been online since 1998. since the beginning of the site's online life, i have been getting email concerning it. along with notes concerning story announcements and the occasional email in praise of the site, there have been a smattering of emails that emphatically found the content of the site (and the stories linked within it) to be offensive and unpleasant. the content of those letters expressed their views in stronger terms than i have chosen to describe them. those emails ("hate mail") have been a constant in my experience of the xenaverse since 1998. i have not publicly (nor privately as far as i can recall) made mention of those emails before now and only do so at this time with reluctance as a means of explaining the whys of the "sudden" disappearance of the aoc. the question of whether to keep the aoc online or remove it was not an impulsive decision on my part. indeed, it (along with the ever present appearance of hate mail in my inbox) has been in my thoughts since 1998. i had always hoped that with the growing popularity of xena the conqueror stories, the unpleasant emails would one day cease. to my dismay, it has not.

the recent events that revolved around my letter to the editor to Whoosh! and the resulting circumstances thereafter also played a small role in the decision to partially withdraw from online xena fandom. i wrote back to Whoosh! subsequent to the posting of my LTE/poem to address my alarm and surprise that i had received "hate mail" for writing a poem regarding the wrongness of censorship. i had hope that the explanation of the meaning and purpose of that LTE would stop more unpleasant emails from reaching my inbox. it, of course, did not. shortly after the publication of my "explanation letter", i received several accusatory, hate filed tirades.

those events were not the main reason why i have removed sites and stories, but they, along with 5 years worth of (what i believe to be) unwarranted unpleasantness is "what broke the camel's back", as the old saying goes. i have no true desire to "leave" the xenaverse -- despite all the negativity i have experienced over the past 5 or 6 years of having an "active voice" in the fandom (i.e. websites, stories), i still find xena online fandom to be an interesting and fascinating place to be. i have no true wish to "withdraw" from my xena related activities, but i felt that i had no other choice but to do so. i hope that by curbing my xena related activities to the Xena: Warrior Princess weblogs ( & and beta reading (for one fan fic author), i can, in some small way, still participate in online xena fandom without incurring the problems i have had in the past with the more unsavory aspects of online life. i apologize if the withdrawal of any and all of these sites/ stories has caused an inconvenience and i thank you for your understanding.

July 15th, 2003


Burden of Existence by SB Zarben [original/finished/very short]
I can't really say what this is about, its not even really fanfiction of any kind so I'm not even sure why I'm posting it. It's what came out when I sat down in an attempt to write something and get the creative juices flowing. I guess it's a reflection on people, life, and whatnot. Just read it. It isn't even two pages long. Won't take but a minute. I swear.


All works by angharad governal and Engravings of Wraith by Kiera Dellacroix taken down by the respective authors' request.


The "Feed the Bards" promotion is going well but that's thanks to a few people. I hope that people have been writing and just haven't been notifying us. As was the reason this began last year, I've had a few well-known authors tell me their feed back is low. Sometimes non-existent. Come on y'all, let's FEED THE BARDS and let them know how much we appreciate all the work they do to keep us entertained. I challenge everyone who reads this today to write just one note. Let's try and make a difference!

Congratulations to Evah for winning the Charani Award of Excellence for July 2003 for her story And They All Come Falling Down

July 14th, 2003

Here are two more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series.
Coming Home
(A Short Vacation Part 2) Ashley and Leeanne are home and must deal with their families reactions to their new relationship.
Who Knew?
(Anya flies back East for her college roommate's wedding. The only problem is she never told the bride she had a fling with her younger sister years earlier.

Added part 9 of Kim Pritekel's & Alexa Hoffman's Revolution

Added part 16 (Conclusion) of Jules Matthews' Learning to Trust

July 13th, 2003

Added part 19 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

July 12th, 2003

The New Adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess: Family Business by Ernie Whiting
Latest in the series...

July 11th, 2003

Sins of the Mother (7) -Fears by Crystal Michallet
Despite the love of her parents, Xena and Gabrielle, Ari's fears continue to haunt her as she struggles to overcome her past.

Added part 3 of Lois Kay's Murrook Farm

Added part 2 of Sweet Rapture by Jessica Michallet


Jessica Casavant's book launch for Twist of Fate is this Saturday, July 12th, at The Looking Glass in Toronto from 6p-9p. Details at her website.

July 10th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, Red Hope

To Find What Was Mine by Red Hope [alt/unfinished]
summary pending

Added part 6 of S. Derkins Lad of Moss

Added part 8 of Revolution by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

July 9th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy R. Nolan!

LA Metropolitan by R. Nolan [über/alt/complete]
Falsely accuse of molesting a patient and betrayed by her closeted lover. Dr. Kimberly Donovan heads for California in hopes of a fresh start at LA Metropolitan.

A Letter to my Lover by S. Lee [PWP/complete] *Do Not Read at Work*
Musings on a rainy night wishing my lover were with me. Is it written for anyone in particular or just a general lover? I'll let you make that conclusion.


-from S. Lee

Hi Everyone! I wanted to announce a new update/chat group I just started up called S. Lee's Li'l Darlin's. Get the update before it's posted!!! We're also going to do lots of fun things. Trust me, I'm a very fun person. I'd love the chance to get to know my readers better and this will give you a chance to get to know me as well. So, come on in. Mi casa es su casa. There's beer and soda in the cooler, margaritas in the blender and BBQ on the grill. So, let's kick back, turn up the music, and have a little fun...S. Lee If the link doesn't work, send an email to .

July 8th, 2003


Some Kind of Love by Verity [alt/über/unfinished]
This might upset people. It's very real, there's a lot of pain (physical and emotional), love falters, and happy endings are iffy. I would tell you guys more but there isn't really one thing that it's about. To sum it up — it's a tribute to life and love and all the excess baggage that comes along with it. Just read it. It's... different.

Added part 3 of Finding My Way by ThingforGabrielle


Jessica Casavant, author of Walking Wounded, has a new webpage —

July 7th, 2003

Here are three more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series.
Blair's Bounty
(Adventure On The High Seas Part 2) Blair & Remington are back for another adventure.
Patience's Haven
(The Plaza (Part 2)Bonnie and Patience try to adjust to their new life.
Finding Destiny
(Destiny Part 2) Destiny celebrates another Halloween.

Updated S. Derkins Lad of Moss with part 5

July 5th, 2003

Updated S. Derkins Lad of Moss with part 4

July 4th, 2003

Added part 2 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay


Snapshots of a Life Half-Lived – M.A. Ward
Last Hurrah – JW Heart
Now What – S. Derkins
Flight of Shadows – Windstar
Dreamer (The) – SDerkins
Starting Again – Sunflower Brazil
This War is Over – Ré
Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken – KG MacGregor
Considerable Appeal – KM
Thirteen – Nene Adams

Removed by request of the Author:
1. Aurora the Midnight Star
2. Cycles
3. Homeward Bound
4. The Soul of the Sword
5. Until It Ends There Is No End
6. Xena: Defender of the Faith
7. Xena: Goddess of War
8. The Twilight of the Gods

July 3rd, 2003


I'm pleased to announce that the auction that D.S. Bauden ran got over $700.00 dollars! This is going to be going to the Odyssey Hospice in Nicole Giorgio's name. It's times like this I'm very proud to be a part of the Xenaverse..people helping others - it doesn't get better than this! Thanks Di and those who contributed!


Phone Numbers, Lies and Octopi by dabkey [finished/alt/original]
Sequel to Lederhosen, French Toast and Telemarketing The day after is idyllic for Darcy and Kim but the evening after brings something, and someone, Darcy isn't expecting...

Bozeman by Mickey (finished/alt/original)
Bozeman continues the story of Jesse and Jennifer started in Sweetwater and continued in Bannack. Jennifer's father arrives in Sweetwater to take her back east to an arranged marriage. Can Jesse keep her family together? Will Jennifer fight her father only to loose something more important?

Added part 16 of Murder has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley

July 2nd, 2003

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

Updated S. Derkins Lad of Moss part 3

July 1st, 2003


Murrook Farm by Lois Kay [über/alt/unfinished]
This is a sequel to The Reef. Jody and Sam are married and are enjoying each other,their life and being close to their family and friends. But a sudden turn of events brings danger to them all. Is the love strong enough? What about the friendship? And the nerves...?

A Friend in Need, Part IV by Bradley Danbrook
The second, concluding part to Bradley's FIN story. Xena, now resurrected in an unfamiliar body, seeks to now help Gabrielle deal with her own feelings a guilt. Aidan continues his evil plotting. Has Gabrielle been changed forever, and for the worse?


Do it yourself commercial...take one...

<.insert animal noises.>


Cut! Ummm...wrong animals...try again...we are in the jungle...k?

Do it yourself commercial...take two...


CUT! Ummm...big jungle...big animals...try again...

Do it yourself commercial...take three...


{{Snicker}}...if you recognize that last one, you are waaaaaay older than you are letting on...LOL


G'Day mates... shhhhhhhhhh...we are here in the mighty jungles of the internet stalking that illusive prey...the king of the keyboard, the queen of the of the written word...the best of the best...Yes...the bard.

Known for their bravery, outstanding wit, and incredible storytelling abilities...these bards are the highly sought after trophies. Methods of the hunt vary...but the Academy's stance is that if you feed them, they will answer. But if you catch'em you don't get to keep' must set them free again so that others may enjoy them (and their stories) for years to come.

Ahhhhh..but the thrill of the hunt... With that in mind, we have a little contest for you...

July is BAG A BARD month...I mean, FEED A BARD month. We are asking everyone who has been reading fanfic... that mean YOU...


the one who has been enjoying the stories and been meaning to thank the bards, or send comments to the bards, etc to make the time to do so this month.

When you send your email note...CC the feed the bard list.

We'll keep track and at the end of the month the person who has *individually fed* the most bards wins a prize.

What's the prize? I don't know. Steph doesn't tell me anything. <.bg.>

I'll get with the chief and let ya know. Anyway...

The contest starts July 1st and runs through the end of the month.

Just to be clear...*individually fed* means NO carbon copy form letter type email email, one bard, one at a time. Get it? Got it? Good!

You wanna continue to read' gotta continue to feed'em... it's the law of the internet jungle.

Don't forget to CC the grouplist:

Academy of Bards Staff

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