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September 30th, 2003

Every wondered what happened to Shawn and Faith from Mavis Applewater's short story Whispering Pines? In Whispering Pines, Returning to the Manor Mavis begins a new series featuring the quirky psychic Shawn Williams and the cranky reporter Faith Charles. This short installment is a brief glimpse into what happened to Faith after her experiences that Halloween night and a look into how Anna and Catherine met. Part Three is coming soon and be sure to check out the bookcover by Calli http://surf.to/calli.

September 29th, 2003

Added part 7 of California Gold by Carole Giorgio

September 27th & 28th

Sorry guys, miscommunication messed up our schedule.

Ritual by Meghan O'Brien [original/complete/alt]
Just a short story about a little family discord, inspired by those people in our lives who seem to have us playing out the same scenes over and over again.

A Cry For Help by Debbie Dee [original/alt/complete]
Thoughts of a middle age woman thinking about her life and wondering..WHAT IF.... she had done things different

All of the following are part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series-

Blind Dates and Other Tragedies
A woman agrees to go on a blind date only to have her life turned upside down.

House Sitting
A young college student house sits for her boss she never expected romance to be a part of the bargain.

In The Bride Wore Blue which marks Mavis' 100th PWP [woo hoo Mavis! Congratulations!] , we finally find out how Lori from the popular PWP, Here Comes The Bride felt about what happened the night before her wedding. This isn't a sequel as much as a different look at the steamy story.

Michelle's Chance
Horseback riding lessons turns to romance.

Added part 7 of Carrie Carr's The Way Things Should Be

September 26th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, Robert Chicilo!

Guardian Girls [finished/alt/original-scifi]
Taken from earth and left on what was supposed to be an inhabited planet, Gail Green thought she had plenty to do to keep her head and survive. Then she was mistaken for a Guardian. Apparently the Guardians were a legendary race that went around making sure war did not break out in the galaxy. Now she had two choices: Convince everyone she wasn't a Guardian; or live, the best she could, the life of a Guardian and hope she did not run into any of the real ones.

Added part 14 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

September 25th, 2003

Abend by Keket (aka Tragedy 88) [alt/original/complete]
The dark haired, beautiful Mahu is a desert Tiva. Her life was relatively simple, till Jordan showed up on the edge of her Clan's land, with blood on her hands and a dead body in her arms. Can they save themselves and the world from GLOBAL, an organization bent on taking over the world? Or will they fall?

Added part 3 of The Retreat by Phair

September 24th, 2003

Modern Crusaders, Book 2: A Thousand Miles by PsiDraconis [original/alt/unfinished]
The second book in the Modern Crusaders series sees Ally and Evelynne hiding in plain sight. Attempting to maintain a low profile, they find that certain elements are drawn to them regardless, as Evelynne tries to fit into Ally's world.

I Won't Be the One to Let Go by Irish [postFIN/alt/complete]
A Post-FIN story that involves a test of faith, new friends, old friends and enemies. It's time for Xena to come back, but can Gabrielle and friends pull it off.

Added part 25 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

Acceptance Speeches from the Bardie Awards (Must XE-TV) -

Cutie Pie
<sniff> It was an honor just to be nominated. <sob, sob>

Hi Oz (and the rest of the academy)!
I just wanted to pass on this acceptance speech from Autolycus. He couldn't send it himself since he's currently on location in Antarctica filming a special In Search of....Penguins.
Here's Auto:
Thank you to the academy and all the voters who voted for me. I love working on "In Search Of..." and to receive this award is really icing on the cupcake - er, not that Cup Cake. Before "In Search Of..." my career had really hit the doldrums. I was typecast as the King of Thieves. Everywhere I went it was "Oooh, pick this lock, King of Thieves" or "Bet you can't steal this precious jewel, King of Thieves". I wanted to prove to the world that I wasn't just a pretty face with nimble fingers. Zuke gave me the opportunity to reveal not only my versatility, but my voiceover skills as well. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.zuke

September 23rd, 2003

Leather by S. Berry [alt/original/complete]
It was a hot summer night.  Love was in the air.  Well, actually, it was cigarette smoke, but darn it, it's my story and I'll call it whatever I like.  Two women meet. They dance — vertically *and* horizontally.  And one is decked out head to toe in tight black leather — what more could you want?

Added part 23 of Harley's Poetry in Motion

September 22nd, 2003

In Rules Are There To Be Broken, the follow up story to Mavis Applewater's Rule 47 from The Wednesday Afternoon Series, Rae & Sam are back for their final week of touchy feely camp and finding it harder to break the rules.

Added part 13 and part 14 of Come, Sisters, Come by Scouterpup

Added part 8 (edited) of The Curse of Higuchi by Crystal Michallet

TN's Unnamed Story - T. Novan
Uber in a Nutshell - Beth Gaynor
Angel Unchained ° Mavis Applewater
Breakfast with Amelia ° Mavis Applewater
The Cabana ° Mavis Applewater
Gemini ° Mavis Applewater

September 21st, 2003

Added part 19 of Murder Has Two Faces by Tonya S. Coley

September 20th, 2003

Added part 17 (conclusion) of Ripples in Time by Lois Kay & Cbar

September 19th, 2003

Judy by Unnamed Bard [original/complete]
A story of Remembrance

The Gauntlet's Domino Effect by Ri [X&G/alt/complete]
Its an X an G story set after the India arc but before The Play's the Thing. It is about the effect the choices she made after the gauntlet had on others and how she reacts to the change.

In Asked and Answered the sequel to Questions & Answers part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, Devon explains what happened after her affair with Andrea ended.

Chaps and Hat to Go by S. Derkins
Another flight of fancy intended to entertain a friend who fancies cowgirls. Meet Jo, a gruff Montana rancher who stumbles upon a damsel in distress.

Added part 13 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Added part 30 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas


September 18th, 2003

Imperfect Past by Jessica Casavant [original/alt/unfinished]
Detective Jamie Saunders always held on to hope: hope that she could find missing children; hope that she would be able to be the protector she had been sworn to be; hope that she could find the predators that lived in her city. But this new case made it difficult to believe in hope; they only made her believe in hate. Imperfect Past is the third in the Boston friends' series by the author of Twist of Fate and Walking Wounded.

Rebirth by Patty S. [post-FIN/alt/finished]
I know soooo many Post FIN stories have been, er, posted, but this one is not like the rest. It is mostly a Gabrielle tale, following the bard back to Greece, where she retires her soulmate's ashes to the family crypt. But is that really the end? Can Gabrielle just walk away without even trying to bring her beloved warrior back? She is, after all, finally doing what Xena told her. But is it the right thing to do?

Actions and Consequences by JM Dragon [über/alt/complete]
summary pending

September 17th, 2003

Welcome, Austin Hunter Daniels, to the Academy!
The Story of Us by Austin Hunter Daniels [original/alt/complete]
This is tale of falling in love for the first time. It is told from the first person point of view of our heroine as she progresses from falling in love with a straight girl to realising the 'happily-ever-after' may not be that far away. Have those tissues ready.

All Our Tomorrows by JM Dragon [Über/alt/complete]
Summary Pending

In Pursuit of Dreams by JM Dragon [Über/alt/complete]
Summary Pending

Two Steps Forward, One Back by JM Dragon [Über/alt/unfinished]
Catherine and Jace are back! The twins are on their way, family problems and old questions are answered. This story follows All Our Tomorrows and will be the last of the Define Destiny series...well maybe.

In Questions and Answers, part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, over dinner a woman confides in a close friend of how she first discovered and lost love.

Added part 2 (revised) of Inevitable Destiny by Ken Rogers

September 16th, 2003

Added revised Part 1 & 2 (one file) and new part 3 of Irresistible Flame by DJWP

Added part 5 of Leslie Ann Miller's What Mother Never Told Me


Love Thy Neighbor   - A. K. Naten
Reluctant Love   - S. Derkins
April Showers  - Mavis Applewater
Woman of My Dreams  - Debbie Dee  
Stone Walls - S Derkins

Announcement from DC Bardfest

Sunday's lunch speaker will be Ru Emerson, author of Xena: Warrior Princess and D&D novels.


The deadline for purchasing ticket packages which include lunch and/or dinner has been extended to September 21.

Thanks to a generous donation by Claudia Christian, we have five autographed posters of Claudia to raffle. In the picture, she is in a rather provocative pose and is wearing very little. You do not need to be present at the convention to purchase raffle tickets or to win.

September 15th, 2003

In Angel Unchained, part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, Angel tries to set LuAnn free even though she doesn't want to let her go.

In Gemini, part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, on a business trip to the East Coast a woman encounters someone she is convinced is her former lover, only problem is that her lover died over a decade ago.

September 14th, 2003

Reluctant Love by S. Derkins [original/alt/complete]
This is nothing more than a short story written for a friend who always said she would never, ever, fall in love again.

Added part 10 (conclusion) of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 2 of Inevitable Destiny by Ken Rogers

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

September 13th, 2003

In April Showers part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, April Fools day leads a woman to view a close friend in a different light.

Added part 6(edited) of The Curse of Higuchi by Crystal Michallet

Added part 9 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 3 (conclusion) of Debbie Dee's Woman of My Dreams

September 12th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, A.K. Naten!

Love Thy Neighbor by A. K. Naten [über/alt/complete]
How 'neighborly' can you get with people who live close to you, especially when you discover that what you think you know about them is wrong? A story about finding hope and love in unexpected people and places.

Added part 2 of Untitled (Billie and Jewl) by Katia N. Ruiz

Added part 12 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Reflections On The Past - Erin O'Rielly
End of Our Journey (The) - D.J. Belt

The Exam – Black Dragoon

September 11th, 2003

In Breakfast With Amelia part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, Reyna comes home to see her family before she is sent overseas.

Added part 24 of Hidden Desires by Vertigo

Added part 8 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

September 10th, 2003

In The Cabana part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, Ginny is on a business trip and enjoys a poolside encounter with a beautiful blonde.

Added part 7 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

DC Bardfest Update
This canvas is truly one-of-a-kind, and a must for the true Xena: Warrior Princess fan. The canvas is hand illustrated with the Chakram and Sais, and signed by Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.
There is a touching story behind the creation of this unique piece. When we all thought T. Novan had just a short time left with us, she received the canvas as a gift - a memento for use at her funeral. TN hand carried it to the 2001 Pasadena convention, where many saw her in her wheel chair. There, the three stars met with her and signed the canvas. The piece is framed in a museum quality mount, with a photograph of Rob, Lucy and Renee standing in front of Rob's Folly in Auckland, New Zealand.
This unique piece is 28" by 48" and weighs approximately 20 lbs with glass and frame.
Our minimum bid is $1,200.
We will conduct a silent auction for this incomparable piece, giving individuals who are not in attendance at DC BardFest an equal opportunity to acquire this magnificent creation and contribute to a fine charitable cause. We will accept on-line silent bids at auction@dcbardfest.com.
We will post the highest bid received each evening. Bids will remain open until Midnight on Saturday, October 4th, and participants at DC BardFest will have the opportunity to submit silent bids as well. At Midnight, we will review all bids, both on-line and those submitted at DC BardFest and announce the winning bid Sunday morning.
TN is in full remission and she feels this very special object should go to helping children facing the same risks she did - and we hope that the contribution helps at least one child find the same kind of miracle TN did.
A picture of the canvas can be viewed here: http://www.dcbardfest.com/canvas.htm

September 9th, 2003

Coming Home by WhoMumbles [conqueror/alt/complete]
Sequel to The Mask of Courage. Summary Pending

Added part 4, part 5, and part 6 (conclusion) of A Place to Dance by Ali Vali

Fixed the links for Parts 7 & 8 of War, Peace, Understanding and Love by CD McKendry


The Academy would like to thank everyone for their past support of the Academy Marketplace and our charity endeavors. Thanks to you we were able to make various donations to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation and will now be sending out a donation to the Odyssey Hospice of Dallas Texas (in honor of Nicole Giorgio). 
The Academy Marketplace has designated a new charity for this quarter...We will be making donations to an organization supporting the fight against ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)--Lou Gehrig's Disease).
You can learn more about this disease and the ongoing research at: http://www.alsa.org/
Every dollar helps. It's amazing the number e-mails we've received about this choice of charity. So many people have been touched by this condition. We dearly appreciate the feedback we've gotten. I'm glad this has made a difference to some of you.
We will be adding a few new designs over the next few weeks, so check back every now and then. The most recent new designs you will find in the Dar and Kerry Shops. You just never know where that lil' critter is gonna show up next... <.g.>We also have Academy Logo merchandise and some new items of Merpupwear..check it all out at:                           
Academy Marketplace

If there are any items you would like to see added or would like to have any items personalized with your name...contact PHIL728@aol.com before ordering and we'll see what we can do for you. :o)

September 8th, 2003

Added part 5(edited) of The Curse of Higuchi by Crystal Michallet

Added part 6 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 5 of Thing for Gabrielle's Finding My Way

September 7th, 2003


A Saving Solace by D.S. Bauden has been released. Congratulations Di! The book is available through Amazon.com, LimitlessD2D Publishing and can be ordered from any bookstore.

A Saving Solace tells the story of Kelly Cavanaugh, a regional manager for a posh chain of clothing stores, and Susan McGovern, a social worker helping the homeless. Though their circumstances are vastly different, both women are dealing with issues of loss, abandonment and the need for finding a family connection.

Go buy one today!

A new offering from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series.
In Lady Dunnesbury from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series, a young bride encounters a rogue who opens up a brand new world for her.

Added the conclusion of Revolution by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

Added Parts 7 & 8 of War, Peace, Understanding and Love by CD McKendry

September 6th, 2003

A Place to Dance by Ali Vali [alt/Über/unfinished]
How do you build dreams? For Jolly Andolini it was easy. They started on her drafting table and came alive under her talented hammer. Jolly is an architect who finds her true love at an art exhibit opening, or does she? "A Place To Dance," is the story of Jolly and the women who make her life both interesting and complete.

Added part 8 of Blindsided by Colleen

September 5th, 2003

Announcement from the Academy

Thanks to all of you who have purchased things from our Academy Marketplace we have done a great job this quarter for the Odyssey Hospice.
We are now going to try and contribute equally as well to the next charity. This quarter we will be making the donations to an organization supporting the fight against...ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)--Lou Gehrig's Disease). You can learn more about it at: http://www.alsa.org/ This disease needs to be eliminated! Unfortunately, it won't be soon enough but we seriously hope out little bit can help somehow. Right now, Cafe press is running a sale on tanks, baseball caps, golf shirts and mousepads are on sale. So go to the Academy Marketplace and buy something. With each purchase you are helping someone, one dollar at a time can fix a lot!


Reflections On The Past by Erin O'Rielly [original/alt/complete]
Relationships, if they are to be successful, need to be nourished and cared for with diligence or they are sure to fail. In a world that was unfriendly to their lifestyle, LJ and Kiley worked hard every day to make what they had together thrive. They knew that together they could face and conquer any obstacle in spite of the difficulties in their way.

Added part 5 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 11 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Added the re-edited version of The Exam by Black Dragoon

Fixed eBook File
The Price of Fame – Lynn Ames

September 4th, 2003

The End of Our Journey by D.J. Belt [alt/X&G classic/complete]
In this "what-if?" story (what if Xena had lived? What might their end have been?), Xena and Gabrielle find themselves growing old and seek to settle down in obscurity and quiet, desperate for just a little peace. Xena, however, still has a Roman price on her head. They are betrayed into Roman hands, only to be rescued by a most unlikely friend and ally, one who sees them to 'the end of their journey'.

Added part 4(edited) of The Curse of Higuchi by Crystal Michallet

September 3rd, 2003

Added part 3 and part 4 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 23 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

New Ebooks
Mask of Courage - Who Mumbles
Fallen (The) - S. Derkins
Fixed Links
Keeper of my Soul – Alex P


Congratulations to Nene Adams for winning the September Charani Award for Ethnic or Religious Diversity for her wonderful stories The Sunne in Gold and its follow up tale, The Sunne in Scarlet.

September 2nd, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, Lynn Ames and Harpy and HkdonXetG

The Price of Fame by Lynn Ames [über/alt/complete]
What is the price of fame? For television news anchor and overnight national phenomenon Katherine Kyle the cost just might be everything. For Time magazine reporter Jamison Parker, the price could be the other half of her soul. Follow Kate and Jay as their lives intertwine, leading them on a journey to love and happiness, until fate and fame threaten to tear them apart.

The Conqueror: Sceptre of Fate Part I: 
When Destiny Meets Fate by Harpy & HkdonXetG 
A young farm girl named Gabrielle leaves her village and enlists in the Army of Xena the Conqueror. Xena finds herself captivated by this rather bold and idealistic young woman and offers her a job as her personal assistant. Xena soon realises that Gabrielle possesses an unconventional wisdom and comes to rely upon Gabrielle for advice and friendship as she leads her army in a campaign of conquest. After conquering Athens, Xena becomes Empress of Greece and all of the Greek territories, previously controlled by ruthless warlords and petty kings, are united under her rule. Her ambitions do not stop there. It is Xena's self-proclaimed destiny to rule over a vast empire, and so she looks toward Rome as her next conquest. In the service of the Conqueror, Gabrielle goes from being a na´ve village girl to the Empress' most trusted advisor and friend, much to the annoyance of Xena's second-in-command. Through Gabrielle's friendship Xena realises that her quest for personal glory does not have to come at the expense of her personal happiness. Along the way, they realise they were fated to be together.

Added part 2 of Stone Walls by S. Derkins

Added part 4 of Xena and the Fairy Folk by Sam King


New Ebooks
The Price of Fame – Lynn Ames

September 1st, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, Who Mumbles!

Mask of Courage by Who Mumbles [alt/conqueror/complete]
Summary pending.

Stone Walls by S. Derkins [alt/original/unfinished]
In the sequel to Duster, the relationship between Duster and prison guard Sandra Yunez builds, bringing both joy and heartache. Where they end up depends on the Muse and her readers.

  Added part 7 of Pathfinder by Windstar and sparky

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