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November 30th, 2003

The Gift by Meghan O'Brien [alt/über/finished]
An erotic fairy tale, of sorts, about a warrior who is given a night with a body slave as a reward from the King she serves.

New eBooks
Extended Family - Mavis Applewater
Emma’s Journey – Erin O’Rielly
Growing Up Together - Ri
Welcome to Magnolia Manor - Sam Ruskin and Katherine E. Standell
Family Ties - Amanda Calkins
Clean Up on Aisle 9 – BluDreamscape
Poetry in Motion – Harley
Touchdown (there) - Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

November 28th, 2003

Added part 3 of Heart's Choice by Lois Kay

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

November 27th, 2003

Touchdown (there) by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman
Summary Pending

Added part 9 of Hammer and Nails by Lucid

November 26th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, BluDreamscape!

Clean Up on Aisle 9 by BluDreamscape [alt/über/finished]
How a mundane trip to the grocery store can become an extraordinary one

Family Ties by Amanda Calkins [alt/über/finished]
Sequel to Remebering Genevieve. Genevieve and Demitria have a little baby girl, but in the middle of all there happiness something goes terribly wrong with Genevieve's mother.

November 25th, 2003

The River's Edge by Denic [alt/über/unfinished]
Jenna Moss is a wreck. After a car accident that has left her emotionally crippled, she soon spirals madly down a path of addiction to prescription pills and bizarre dreams. Reality has left her and so has her only friend. Read on to join her on her wild ride and see where it all ends.

Added part 8 of Lucid's Hammer and Nails

Added part 6 of Tag Team by Shirley Roberts

November 24th, 2003

An announcement from Fortitude Press:

Fortitude Press wants to help you spread some holiday cheer with free books and free shipping (plus special savings on selected titles) available at our online store (

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Special Savings!
Save 35% on Conspiracy of Swords. Give the gift of suspense and intrigue for only $13! Alex and Teren track down the murderers of prominent liberal activists and find a conspiracy reaching back decades and across continents.

Save 25% on Hell for the Holidays. See how Devlin and Cassandra (and their demons) spend the holidays for only $10! More than just the turkey is DOA this year.

Give great gifts to yourself and others this holiday season!

All of us at Fortitude wish you a happy and peaceful holiday!

(Sale ends December 31)

Added part 3 of Phair's The Ridded

Added part 9 of Blindsided by Colleen

Added part 5 of CD McKendry's War, Peace and Understanding

November 23rd, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, tz!

The Way of Love

The Way of the Wolf

The Way of the Amazon

The Way of the Bard

The Way of the Child

The Way of the Mother

The Way of the Family

The Way of War

The Long Way Home (previously untitled Billie and Jewl) Part 5 by Katia Ruiz

November 22nd, 2003

One announcement from a happy munchkin across the Big Pond - Congratulations to the England Rugby Team for winning the World Championship!

Added part 25 (conclusion) of Poetry in Motion by Harley

Added part 2 of Phair's The Ridded

November 21st, 2003


We are getting a lot of notes asking about two ROOOLs in the Bard Challenge #10...let me, since I'm the one who writes the ROOOLs, clarify:

The song titles must be used in conversation or narrative but cannot be referred to as titles.  For example:

John sang White Christmas.  
About 12 inches of snow fell last night; looks like it is going to be a white Christmas after all. 
OKIE DOKIE ROOOL 8b was not intended in any way, shape or form to abscond with your rights as a bard to your characters and stories.  ROOOL 8b was born from the frustration of having stories entered into the challenges and then 2 days after the stories are posted, being asked to pull them.  Steph and the Munchkins go through a lot of work to put these contests together and code up the stories.  To ask them to pull them after 48 hours up, without a valid very nice.
We are very proud of these Challenges and the quality and variety of stories they generate. Therefore Roool #8b.  We will be happy to remove your contact/identification info...we will be happy to post it with a different name...but we will not pull them anymore.  The stories will remain on the contest page...forever.

As always, after the voting period, bards are free to post the stories anywhere they want.  They are after all, their stories.
We make no other claim to them.  We do not claim the characters or the stories.  We are just giving notice, via ROOOL 8b, that we are not pulling them off the contest page anymore. 


Wonder Xena by Amy Van Dyke [über/alt/complete]
Have you ever wondered just how someone gets the idea for a superhero? Well, you have to start by meeting one. But first you need a dynamic duo.

Added part 2 of Heart's Choice by Lois Kay

November 20th, 2003

Added part 2 of Intuition by KM

Added part 7 of Lucid's Hammer and Nails


The Royal Academy of Bards would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Annual Solstice Challenge. Every year we do a Solstice Challenge where we supply a list of things and ask Bards to cleverly work them into their stories...well, this year it's got a musical twist.

We are supplying a list of Christmas Song Titles...25 to be exact. And you, the bard, only have to work in a measly 10 off the list. That's all...10.

You think there is a catch, don't you?

Yep...there is.

The can't use them as song titles or have your characters break out into song at really weird times and quote them in lyrics. have to use them in normal conversation.

Welcome to Academy Solstice Challenge #10: Do you see what I hear?

We have two categories of competition... Category 1: Best story (voted upon by the public) Category 2: Most overall song titles used (highest count/verified by the Academy Roools Committee)

For the first time this year we are allowing Bards (if they so choose) to participate without actually competing. The stories will be posted with their identification on it. These stories will only be eligible for a Category 2 win (not for Category 1 best story). As such, you will be allowed to use any characters that belong to you and can be identified with you. See Roool 3B for more detail.

The Roools and song title list are here:

As you will see...we want you to work in the most song titles you possibly can (after the required 10). They can be holiday or not...up to you. You can write a holiday story or not...up to you.

You'll find a really bad example at the bottom of the page...I wrote it. It sucks. That's why I don't play in bard challenges...I just torment y'all with them. <.bg.> will find everything you need to know on the Roools page (please follow them) and if you have any questions...send them to me: Deadline is December 17th. After that we will post everything up and let you vote.

Good Luck everyone.

November 19th, 2003

Welcome to the Academy, JS Connolly!

Opening Doors [alt/über/unfinished]
Tanner is a beautiful and successful lawyer whose life changed years ago when her wife and child were killed in an accident. Meg is her faithful and devoted assistant, and has been in love with Tanner for years. Can she get her to open her heart again or is it too late?

Added part 6 of Lucid's Hammer and Nails

Added part 9 of Jessica Casavant's Imperfect Past

New eBooks
Dying Woman's Lust - T. Walker

November 18th, 2003

Added part 5 of Lucid's Hammer and Nails

Added part 28 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

November 17th, 2003

Emma's Journey by Erin O'Rielly
An Odyssey From Darkness To Light...a tale of intrigue and suspense. Emma Sanders life went horribly wrong at age five when her house burned down leaving her and her crippled mother to cope with the family business on a lake. After the death of her mother, Emma the recluse finds herself befriended by a stranger to the lake, Cay O'Neill. Why is Cay there and why does she want Emma's friendship?

In Reading Between the Lines part seven of Mavis Applewater's series Whispering Pines, Anna is learning how to handle the Captain and Shawn must face her lover's unexpected appearance.

Added part 5 of Phair's The Retreat

Added part 4 of Hammer and Nails by Lucid

Added part 7 of What Mother Never Told Me by Leslie Ann Miller

November 16th, 2003

Added part 3 of Hammer and Nails by Lucid

Added part 5 of eToh's For Which the First was Made

War Zone - Goesome
I Never Knew - KG MacGregor
Sister (The) - KG MacGregor
All Hallows Peeve - Phantom Bard and Chelle
Christmas Magic - Sheri B
Watching Her - Gentle Rebel
All That We See or Seem - Zuke
Post (The) - GirlBard
Right Now - GirlBard
Homestretch - Girlbard
Day in Algiers - DJ Belt

November 15th, 2003

Ice Hole by Kiera Dellacroix has been removed on the author's request. on the author's request.

Dying Woman's Lust by T. Walker
A young cowgirl falls in love with a dying woman in 1976.

Extended Family
Sequel to 'Family Reunion'- Part of Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series

Desert Hawk by by Katherine E. Standell [über/alt/complete/revised]

Return of the Warrior (sequel to Desert Hawk) by by Katherine E. Standell [über/alt/complete/revised]

Welcome to Magnolia Manor by by Sam Ruskin and Katherine E. Standell [über/alt/complete/revised]
Second place winner in Halloween Challenge 2002 Bards Village

Added part 2 of Hammer and Nails by Lucid

November 14th, 2003

Here are three more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series

Time Heals All Wounds
A woman gets dumped, breaks her watch and still finds happiness.

Summer Sunset
Dakota remembers Summer Camp and her first love.

Family Reunion
A young teenager falls for another girl, unfortunately, the object of her affections is about to become her stepsister.

Added Stud 3 and Stud 4 from S.Berry

Hammer and Nails by Lucid [unfinished/über/alt]
This story is about a construction worker named Bernadette and a surf shop owner named Jump who meet when Jump dates Bernadette's brother.

Mysti: Mistress of Dreams by Sam Ruskin [über/alt/complete/revised]
Gillian dreads the nightly visits of the dream mistress. She has been haunted with the same dream for so long she often tries to avoid dosing at all. When a friend asks her to accompany her to a womanís group, Gillian looks into the eyes she has only dreamed about and finds Max. Life will never be the same for either woman, thanks be to Mysti. It is a love story that will leave you feeling as if you have known Max and Gillian forever. Who can say for certain? Perhaps you have.

Up the River by Sam Ruskin [über/alt/complete/revised]
Five years ago Mickey Lawton murdered Anna Stoner in cold blood. He got away with it—until now. Leaving an eyewitness to two of his most recent murders was not smart. It might, however, have been lucky...for the witness. Alexandra Abigail Stoner, Annaís twin sister, has been assigned to protect this witness for the next three days. Will the witness make it to the Grand Jury Hearing? Can Mickey Lawton resist the temptation to go after yet another Stoner? Who is the sexy blonde in the fedora and why is she smiling?

New eBooks
Kiddie Corral - Sheri B 
Murrook Farm - Lois Kay
Life's Twists and Turns - Gypsy and EpTalk
Lone Stranger (The) - Zuke
Channel Surfing - Tara Kerry

November 13th, 2003

Judith's on a roll! We have more 'Just Like Buttah!' Reviewed today are -



Growing Up Together by Ri [über/alt/finished/series]
Veba and Rickie continue to grow in their relationship as they tackle their toughest case yet.

Heart's Choice by Lois Kay [über/alt/unfinished]
Sometimes the boldest steps we take are to the choice that our hearts make, it will change our lives for better or worse. Come join the journey of Emma , a school teacher and Kyra a VP in her company, as they find the choices their hearts have made. Both of them are carrying emotional baggage from their pasts, but can their hearts move past that to make a life together?

Added part 4 of eToh's For Which the First was Made

Remembering Genevieve by Amanda Calkins [alt/finished/revised version]
Demetria Daniels, a hit country artist, goes in search for a brighter future for herself. On the way she finds old forgotten memories of a girl she'll always love. She also finds more than she expects in a woman who she never dreamed could love her.

November 12th, 2003

Updated Eileen Marks' Ultimate Über List

A Bad Day in Algiers by DJ Belt [Mel/Janice,alt/complete]
In this fourth in a series of Mel and Jan stories (after The Tomb, The Tears of a Goddess, and The Legacy of Britannia), Jan Covington and Mel Pappas chase a stolen artifact to Algiers and find themselves pitted against none other than Ares, god of war, in a fight which threatens Jan's life, her reputation, and her love with Mel.

Right Now by GirlBard [classic/alt/complete]
A first-time story

Added part 13 [conclusion] of Homestretch by Girl Bard

Added part 9 [conclusion] of At Last by Girl Bard

Added part 2 and part 3 of eToh's For Which the First was Made

November 11th, 2003

Today's update is in honor of all fallen soldiers everywhere. Thank you for paying the ultimate price for most of us to have and keep our freedom.

Added part 27 of Vertigo's Hidden Desires

November 10th, 2003

Remembering Genevieve by Amanda Calkins [alt/finished]
Synopsis pending...

November 9th, 2003

Orlando BardCon has two new lists. The old chat list will be eliminated shortly, so you need to subscribe to one of the new ones, if you want to stay informed:

BardConChat for those wanting sneak peeks at upcoming event info and those who want to participate in the exclusive online contests/games and open discussions about all things BardCon. Subscribe here: or

For those only interested in the sneak peeks at the event information, an announcement only list is available instead: BardConNews. Subscribe here: or

Orlando BardCon: The Write Stuff 5/29/2004
The website will be spiffed up in the next few weeks to include new info and links for BardCon 2004. Please stay tuned.

Added part 32 of Time's Fell Hand by L.J. Maas

November 8th, 2003

Added part 6 of What Mother Never Told Me by Leslie Ann Miller

Added part 3 of A Thousand Miles by Psi Draconis

November 7th, 2003

Ladies and Gentleman...
the President of the United States...
oh yeah, and the First Lady.
The Academy Marketplace is now home to some very Presidential merchandise. Authors Blayne Cooper and TNovan have graciously allowed us to access covers of their wonderful novels--Madam President and First Lady.
Check out the new items at Buy The Book.
You get some nifty stuff and help support the campaign against ALS.
Everyone's a winner!

Welcome to a new bard!
For Which the First Was Made by eToh [alt/unfinished]
Synopsis pending...

Added part 20 (conclusion) of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Added part 2 (conclusion) of The Matter With Primes by Crème Brûlée

November 6th, 2003

Added part 24 of Poetry in Motion by Harley

November 5th, 2003

The Long Way Home (previously untitled Billie and Jewl) Part 3 by Katia Ruiz

Reworked version of Sins Of The Mother, chapter 1-Introduction by Crystal Michallet

November 4th, 2003

Anyone wishing to contribute to a group donation from Xena fans to help the American Red Cross provide assistance for victims of the California fires can
do so through Sword-and-Staff.  Please be sure to make your checks payable directly to the AMERICAN RED CROSS. You can mail them to:

Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002

All donations will be forwarded to the Red Cross chapters in California in the name of Xena fans. Each donation is going directly to the Red Cross and is tax deductible to the donor. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.  Best, Mist.

All Hallows Peeve by Phantom Bard and Chelle [alt/complete]
This story is a Halloweenish misadventure, involving an inept vampire in New York City.  It features guest appearances by characters from Chelle's "Alternative to Uber", and Phantom Bard's "Real Vampires".  Disturbed humor for adult readers; a collaboration written for Halloween 2003.

Threshold - Mavis Applewater
Cast List ­ Mavis Applewater
Human Interest 2 - Recovery ­ Cephalgia
Rendezvous (The) - Debbie Dee, Shadylady & T. Stratton

November 3rd, 2003

An announcement from Crystal L. Michallet
The following titles were added to the Charani list for Ethnic or Religious Diversity.
An Affair of Love by S. Anne Gardner hts
Blue Oblivion by JP hts
Cold Lonely, Lovely Work of Art by S. Anne Gardner
Doggie Door Follies by Nyrdgyrl
http://xenafiction. net/scrolls/nyrdgyrl_ddf.hts
Luck be a Lady by Nyrdgyrl
Thirteen Shades of Gray by Xenalicious

"Doggie Door Follies" by Nyrdgyrl was award the November 2003 Charani Award for Ethnic Divesity, which can be found at:
The wording for the award is as follows:
"I never laughed so much as when I read this tale! Doggie Door Follies is a hilarious adventure of one woman’s antics as she tries to help her sister who has just gone into labor. Doggie Door Follies is not only an entertaining story, but it also incorporates ethnicity so subtly that it allows the reader to empathize with the characters, yet never overlooks the main characters ethnic makeup. It is for this reason that the Charani Award for Ethnic Diversity goes to Nyrdgyrl’s tale, Doggie Door Follies."
-L. Crystal Michallet- Romero

The Rendezvous by Debbie Dee, Shadylady & T. Stratton [Über/alt/complete]
Gwen has a chance encounter with a stranger that opens her eyes to new possibilities. Lacy always watched Gwen from a distance. Till one day she got the courage to follow Gwen and history changed forever.
Mature audience, consensual sex between two women Non violent, Uber, Romance

Human Interest 2 - Recovery by Cephalgia [Über/alt/complete]
This is the sequel to Human Interest. Cass Kendall has survived a traumatic time in her life, but now she needs to learn how to live again

Added part 5 of Tag Team by Shirley Roberts
It has been a long time since the last chapter, and I wanted everyone to know that I will finish this story as these two characters mean a lot to me. As some of you who have contacted me know, I own my own business and have been very busy this summer. Things are slowing down a bit and I now have time to get some work done on my story. I promise the next chapter will be along as soon as possible! :) -Shirley Roberts

Added part 2 of A Thousand Miles by Psi Draconis

November 2nd, 2003

Vardoulacha has been removed from the 2003 Halloween Stories on the author's request.

November 1st, 2003

Lucia of the Month Club
Lucia's new image for November is up...Peter Pan.
And this image rocks! :o)

These items will be available until the edition limits are met or November 30th, whichever comes first.

Dracula (October's image) is now retired and removed from public sale. Thank you to everyone who supported StoryPlus (and Project Literacy) by purchasing Dracula image items.

PHIL, Orlando BardCon Staff

In Dark Skies part six of Mavis Applewater's series Whispering Pines, Catherine faces the morning after and Shawn and Faith begin working together again.

Added part 19 of Murrook Farm by Lois Kay

Added part 3 of Sinagua Skies by S. Derkins

Needing Her - frotu
Second Generation – Littlespit
In a Heartbeat - R. Nolan
Maestro - Patty S.
A Friend In A Funk – Verrath
Snowbound - Margaret A. Helms
Surprises Can Be Fun...Or Not - D.S. Bauden
Service Call - BJ Gale
Bacchae Night - Jim Yuen
Lost Amazon Tribe - Mavis Applewater
Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss - Mavis Applewater


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